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150 Event Theming Ideas That You Can Truly Pull Off

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150 Event Theming Ideas That You Can Truly Pull Off

When it comes to designing an event, nothing will tie together all your ideas or make planning easier than having a good theme in mind. Whether it’s a conference, product launch, office party, or a wedding, the theme you build your event around will create coherence, atmosphere, and a natural structure.  

A theme gives guests permission to really become involved on the day and it can generate plenty of excitement beforehand.

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There aren’t any rules when it comes to picking a theme and as long as it’s well-planned and thoughtfully executed, guests will get on board with it. However, picking a theme that has the right tone and is appropriate for your event or venue can be difficult.

Here we’re trying to get your inspired with 150 event theme ideas that you can truly pull off. These ideas can be put together to make an unforgettable night. Don’t be afraid of running with an original or unique idea and look out for novel ways of tying a theme to your event.

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1. Under The Sea

There are two main approaches you can have with an under the sea theme. You can go for a more family-friendly aquatic adventure event filled with ocean creatures and seafloor scenery. Or you can capture the tranquil atmosphere of the ocean with a floating and light design that makes good use of deep blues and gentle lighting.


2. Ibiza

Ibiza is the holy land for party goers and it makes for an audacious twist on a typical club-style event or beach themed party. The Ibiza theme allows you to go overboard with lasers and lighting while giving guests permission to completely relax.

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3. Dream Circus

A dream circus theme will give you a completely unique event that provides an adult take on the circus with a surreal twist. This theme draws on classic circus tropes such as candy stripe designs, elephants, and stilted performers. This heightens their natural weirdness so that your event makes guests feel as though they are walking through a dream.  

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4. Roaring 20s

Flapper-style parties from the 20s have become infamous the world over and been immortalised by novels such as the Great Gatsby. The opulent, art deco style they’ve become associated with has made them a perfect them for ambitious designers.


5. Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Based on Lewis Carroll’s classic novel ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme allows you to have wacky and wonderful designs in order to create a fun but relaxed event. Designs and decorations will be inspired by classic Victorian tea parties with a mad twist. Teapots, playing cards, mushrooms, and top hats should be a familiar sight.


6. Copacabana Beach Party


The Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro is known for its nearly year-round beach parties and a Brazil-inspired event can make for a festive but relaxed event. You can use the green and yellow colours of Brazil’s flag and use a range of paper lanterns, palm trees, and Mardis Gras inspired decorations.

7. Steampunk


Steampunk is a popular theme even if not all of your guests will be aware of what ‘steampunk’ is. It’s an aesthetic that takes the style and architecture of the 19th century and reinvents it with fantasy technology. Your venue should end up looking like the parlour room of a mad Victorian inventor. Include lots of brass finishing and spinning cogs.

8. Moulin Rouge


The Moulin Rouge or a generally 19th-century cabaret theme is a good choice if you are looking to create both a refined atmosphere with a strong party element. The most striking feature of Moulin Rouge is the dark reds and the use of drapes and satin. You might also want to use roses, candles, and lots of feathers.

9. Ballroom


Many events feature a ballroom or formal dancing but a ballroom-themed event celebrates the grandiosity of the ballroom. You want to inspire awe in guests with elegant chandeliers, regal colouring, and Renaissance-inspired decorations.

10. Space Voyager


Not everything to do with space has to be science fiction. Space travel can make for an engaging theme that will go down well in high-tech venues. As part of your style, you want to use white craters, starscapes, planets, and glow-in-the-dark decorations.

11. Time Traveller

If you have a lot of props at your disposal and you want to get really creative, then you can use time travel as a theme for your event. Try to recreate the lair of a time traveller with strange trinkets from across time laid out in your venue and you might want to use a steampunk vibe with lots of clock decorations.

12. Halloween


Halloween is one of the all-time great party themes. It comes with a huge range of decorations, colour schemes, and costume ideas readymade. Typically a Halloween party will be held around October but you can take some of its spookiness and use it for a birthday party or product launch.

13. Black Tie Ball

It doesn’t get more classic than a black tie ball, with all of the expected sophistication and glamorous decorations. If you are planning an event which needs all of the elegance of a wedding, then black tie is a safe option. It also benefits from the fact that black tie decorations will come standard in any party planner’s kit.

14. Grease

Grease is allegedly the most watched film of all time, and its 1950s musical setting makes the perfect backdrop for a lively party or event. Think vintage diners, Cadillac convertibles, jukeboxes, and a dangerous amount of pomade.  

15. Christmas

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Like Halloween, Christmas is a very robust theme and not only can it be used comfortably through November and December but you can even opt for a Christmas in July party. There’s an enormous variety available with a Christmas theme from the colour scheme to whether you choose a traditional Christmas setting or a Santa’s grotto. 

16. It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

Five O’clock means the end of the working day and it’s always five o’clock somewhere. This is a theme that allows you to draw on decorations and styles from all over the world. Also from a variety of different industries. It’s an ideal theme for an international event where many different cultures will be celebrated.

17. Book Club

Books have given us the characters and settings we’ve come to love and they make a brilliant theme for events. You can choose styles from a variety of novels or stories for different tables and incorporate books into the designs you use around the venue.

18. Ugly Sweater Party

Ugly sweater parties have been gaining in popularity recently. Guests adorn the ugliest jumper or shirt they can find and creating great conversation starters. You can take this theme into your event style with knowingly garish table design and delightfully twee decorations. Colour blocking, cats, and thick-knit fabrics are a must.

19. A Royal Affair

Royals have traditionally thrown the most extravagant parties and whether you’re choosing to mimic the Windsor’s or the Romanovs, it is sure to give you some regal inspiration. Gold and purple are the classic royal colours and you can choose to decorate with iconic pieces such as chandeliers and luxurious flower arrangements.

20. Star Wars

Star Wars is beloved the world over and adults and children alike will be enthusiastic about seeing their favourite characters and settings brought to life. Neon lights, spaceship interiors, and backdrops of the galaxy will fit in well here.

21. Welcome To Valhalla

Many parts of the UK have strong Viking heritage and it’s a fun theme to use when you want guests to get involved. You can use banquet tables laden with goblets, dragon-headed longboats, and the vibrant colours that Vikings wore on their shields and outfits.

22. Psychedelic

A psychedelic themed party is an opportunity to get really creative and wild with your decorations. Colour and lighting are very important with neon swirls and waves of bold colours surrounding your guests. This is a good choice if you are looking for something different.

23. Murder On The Orient Express

150 event themes that you can truly pull off - murder on the orient express event theme

A murder mystery is a classic party theme and Murder on the Orient Express is one of the most well-known murder mysteries out there. It gives you the opportunity to decorate with beautiful art deco furnishing and to create a refined but playful event for your guests.

24. Cinco de Mayo

Every year on the fifth of May, Mexicans the world over celebrate their nation and it’s a fantastic theme to base any party around. You don’t necessarily need to hold a Cinco de Mayo party but you can use bright colours, piñatas, and other glorious Mexican-style decorations at your event.

25. Anime Mania

Whether it’s via anime, manga, or cosplay, this fun Japanese cartoon culture has an enormous fan base. For the right crowd, it’s the ideal theme and it allows you to use a mix of traditional Japanese style with adorable characters.

26. Mardis Gras

Mardis Gras celebrations are some of the most fabulous parties and festivals held each year and they provide ample inspiration for a themed party. You might want to use a green and purple colour scheme, plenty of beads, masks, and wild costumes.

27. Cinderella

If you want to throw a fairy tale themed ball, then there’s no better source material than Cinderella. Pumpkin carriages, glass slippers, and blue silk decorations will make this a sophisticated but fun event. It’s perfect for children’s parties, end of year events, or school leaver parties.

28. Titanic

The Titanic was a picture book vision of an opulent party and it provides a great model for styling your event with nautical and Edwardian decorations. It will be a mix of a black tie ball and a fantastical, almost steampunk, setting for guests to revel in.

29. Hygge

‘Hygge’ is a Danish word that roughly translates to ‘cosy’ and is used to describe the type of feeling you get when sitting by the fireplace while wearing a thick jumper. It’s a good autumn or winter theme for an event and it allows you to combine autumnal colours with thick-knit fabrics, fairy lights, and earthy wood furniture.

You can learn more about the cultural phenomena of hygge here.

30. London

Cities always make for a strong theme – whether you are holding the party in the themes namesake or not. A London theme party allows you to incorporate icons such as Big Ben or telephone boxes while using the colours of the Union Jack to light up your event.

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31. Pool Party

Pool parties are the ultimate summer event and it’s a theme you can use both indoor and outdoor. When planning a pool-themed party, think lots of inflatable objects, water features, tile decorations, and a fully stocked cocktail bar.

32. Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

Life after the apocalypse is a familiar scene in pop culture, whether it’s escaping zombie hordes in the Walking Dead or battling for survival on the Planet of the Apes. This is a very creative theme that is perfectly suited for millennial audiences.

33. Frozen Kingdom

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A frozen kingdom theme is similar to a winter wonderland but it’s not tied to the winter months and it can make room for more fantastical elements and elaborate ice sculptures. Guests will be amazed at the slowly-melting decorations and a few simple lights can go a long way here.

34. Pirates

Whether you’re an adult or a child, a pirate theme will always go down well. Your decorations can make great use of netting, planks, stressed wooden furniture, low lighting candles, and treasure chests. An additional bonus is that most people can fashion a pirate costume out of their current wardrobe.

35. Ibiza

Ibiza is the holy land for party goers and it makes for an audacious twist on a typical club-style event or beach themed party. The Ibiza theme allows you to go overboard with lasers and lighting while giving guests permission to completely relax.

36. Geek Extravaganza


With the huge success of superheroes and Star Wars, geek culture has become mainstream and ‘geek chic’ parties are growing in popularity. Some crowds may find the ‘geek’ label patronising but you can still celebrate all that is fantastic about geek culture while keeping guests happy.

37. Cops And Robbers

‘Cops and Robbers’ is a popular children’s game and also a common party theme. It might be too audacious for some corporate events but at the right place, guests will enjoy the chance to dress up. For decorations, you can use black and white stripes and install a police line-up area for guests to take photographs in.

38. Australia Day

Post-New Years events can be difficult to get excited about early in the year, so Australia Day, held on January 26th, is a fantastic theme for a relaxed and fun event in winter months. It might similar to a pool party theme but with kangaroos, barbeques, and plenty of southern crosses flying.

39. A Night In The Woods

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A woodland theme will fit well with many different types of events and it’s an excellent theme for when you really want to transform a venue and tell your guests a story. Fairy lights, lanterns, ivy, flower arrangements, and a variety of woodland critters will make for a magical evening.

40. Four Seasons

If you want lots of variety at your party, then a four seasons theme is ideal. Your styling will represent spring, summer, autumn, and winter and different types and areas can be transformed so that guests feel included in the theme.

41. Labyrinth

The 1986 cult film Labyrinth is great inspiration for a party thanks to its iconic masquerade ball scene and the many memorable characters that feature in it. It is fantasy meets fine-dining and you can even include a labyrinth of your own for guests to explore.

42. Sports

rugby player sports table centre art led dmx centrepiece centre decor event awards.6

Whether it is basketball, rugby, football, or tennis – sports make for a solid theme choice. You can base the colour scheme on any featured teams and there is an obvious angle to take with decorations and centrepieces.

43. Mad Men

A Mad Men themed party is a 60s party but a very specific one. It turns its attention to the high fashion and sophistication of 1960s New York City and gives way to a smouldering and very stylish evening. Guests can get particularly excited about the wide range of cocktails that are usually present.

44. Up The Punks

You’ll still find many punk rock parties happening around the world but a punk rock-themed event gives you a great opportunity to get creative with your style. You can opt for a DIY aesthetic with stressed furniture, graffiti, leather, and plenty of safety pins.

45. Buddha Lounge


Sometimes you want an event to be more relaxed in order to allow guests to unwind and talk. A Buddha lounge theme is all about deliciously warm lighting and creating a truly Zen space for your guests to float around in.

46. A Day At The Zoo

Animal themes are a designer’s dreams because there is a wide range of animal prints and textures that you can incorporate into an event. It might be a zoo, a safari, a jungle, or just an animal theme – all of them are sure to give you some brilliant inspiration.

47. Disney

A Disney theme might not be ideal if you are planning a large ticketed event where copyright might be an issue, but you can certainly make a magical cartoon themed party wherever you want. The Disney canon is full of wonderful characters and scenes that will make a brilliant backdrop for the right event.

48. Science Fiction


Sci-fi is a broad theme that incorporates horror, space, and neon-lit industrial scenes but it’s a good starting point for planning a design. You can narrow the theme down to a particular area of sci-fi and run with it – it’s a very good choice if you are looking to experiment with lighting.

49. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of the most iconic Roald Dahl stories and it lends itself very well to events and parties. The two film adaptations give you a good visual map of what the factory might look like with its chocolate fountain, candy furnishings, and fresh colour scheme.

50. Arabian Nights

The ‘Arabian Nights’ are a collection of Middle Eastern folk stories and it is the original source of the characters Aladdin, Sinbad, and Alibaba. You can style your event in traditional Bedouin tent style with draped ceilings, low-lying tables, marvellous rugs, and warming lanterns.

51. Saturday Night Fever


Keep the spirit of 70s alive with a Saturday Night Fever themed event. If you’re looking for an event that focuses on the dance floor and makes good use of disco balls and flashing lights, then this is a good choice.

52. Looney Tunes

The Looney Tunes series has created some of the most memorable characters in history since its inception and it makes for a fun theme to a party. You can style your event using cartoon staples such as banana peels, comically large dynamite, and the famous ‘that’s all folks’ sign.

53. Cavemen

Prehistoric times offer ample ideas for ways to theme your event. You can recreate interiors to look like caves, create decorations out of bones, and make liberal use of animal prints. If you don’t care about historical accuracy, then you can also bring in dinosaurs and other trappings from the Flintstone’s universe.

54. The 1980s


We’re at a point in time where a large section of the workforce has very fond memories of the 1980s and it’s a decade that is well suited to theming an event. Neon lights, hot pink, sweatbands, and early video games work to make a lively backdrop.

55. Black And White

Choosing a monochrome theme is a good way to make a bold statement. You can make designs really that stand out and it’s a relatively simple theme to implement. The idea is to have all of your furnishings in black, white, or shades of grey between the two.

56. Glam Rock

A glam rock party is an 80s-themed party taken to the extreme. You want an atmosphere that says big hair, spandex, and harsh coloured lighting inspired by musicians such as David Bowie and Alice Cooper. This is a good theme if you want to use fog machines and intense lighting arrangements.

57. Knights Of The Round Table

Medieval themed events can work very well if you have the right historic venue or outdoor space to work with them. You can work with rich colour schemes, large banquet tables, and a variety of fantastic props. If you want to keep this theme updated you can turn it into a Game of Thrones theme.

58. Peter Rabbit

A Peter Rabbit party is different from a regular animal themed party. It takes inspiration from the original illustrations in Beatrix Potter’s books for a quaint and pastel style. It’s a good theme if you are looking for a tea party style event that is tasteful but fun.

59. Masquerade Ball


Masquerade balls are famed for their opulence and are an excellent choice if you want a regal feel to your events. Traditional balls take their inspiration from Venetian and Italian design with chandeliers, balconies, and deep red and white colours.

60. Where’s Wally

Where’s Wally parties are often a hit because the costumes are simple and relatively easy to assemble; however, they also make for a fun theme when styling an event. The theme will have the essential red and white candy stripes and can incorporate furniture and features that Wally would have collected on his travels around the world.

61. Shipwrecked

A shipwreck theme allows you to choose from a wide range of ideas an inspiration. You can use nautical decorations such as anchors and boat decks, you can incorporate elements of a tropical island, and you can also bring in some parts of a pirate theme.

63. Toyland

‘Babes in Toyland’ was a story about a land filled with living nursery rhymes and toys. The idea is to incorporate large vintage toys into your design including tin soldiers, teddy bears, and model trains. It’s a good design for family events but it can also appeal to the nostalgia in an adult audience.

64. The Great Outdoors

A general outdoors theme can be very strong – especially if it is an event celebrating an outdoor company or nature-focused event. You’ll want to focus in on a specific biome such as the woods or the mountains and consider incorporating tents, campfires, and rustic looking decorations.

65. Circus


The circus is always a popular theme for events and parties aimed at all ages. When people think of circuses, they tend to think of those popularised by PT Barnum. This includes candy stripe tents and many elements of a travelling carnival. One of the big advantages of a circus-themed event is that it will fit well with many types of entertainment.

66. Wizard Of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is a very good pop culture theme as you can draw from the Emerald City and the yellow brick road to create a lively venue. You can also incorporate rainbows, straw men, and any of the other strange creatures and beasts living in Oz.

67. Bollywood

A Bollywood event allows you to celebrate Indian culture and to bring all the excitement of a Bollywood musical. You can use bright primary colours, drapes, palm leaves, and sequined patterns to create an energetic event that will get people on their feet.

68. Art Deco


An art deco theme differs from a Great Gatsby party as the focus is on the design and architecture of the 20s. This includes dark colours, brass and silver decorations, leather furniture, and bold cubist and modernist designs. Many large hotels and older theatres already have some art deco design and are perfect venues for this theme.

69. Luau

A luau is a Hawaiian-style beach party which creates a relaxed and open type of event. Tiki patterns, bamboo, flower chains, and palm leaves are all staples of a Luau themed party. A prominent Tiki bar is essential along with streamers and straw skirting.

70. Mayday

If you are looking for a traditional British theme that doesn’t rely too much on the Union Jacks or London landmarks, then a Mayday theme is a good alternative. It’s a theme based on the village green, countryside celebrations, and Morris dancers. You’ll want to use a white and green colour scheme and have ribbons, bells, and a maypole central to the design.

71. Wild West

150 event theming ideas that you can truly pull off - cactus table centrepiece for a wild west event theme

The Wild West is a classic theme of parties and pop culture. There are many icons you can include such as an old saloon, poker tables, desert landscapes, cactuses, and giant wagon wheels. The Wild West is an excellent theme if you are also using an outdoor space as a few hay bales and some bunting can quickly transform it.

72. World War II

World War II isn’t always a theme for celebration but the Blitz spirit and the 1940s can provide lots of inspiration for a tasteful and interesting event. It’s especially powerful if the venue has historical ties to World War II or it’s a recent anniversary. Think olive and brown colours, improvised decorations, and hallmarks of the early 20th century.

73. Back To School

A back to school theme makes for a playful event which will really get guests involved as they take a trip down memory lane. You can choose to do it in the style of a school disco or go for a total transformation into a classroom with chalkboards, wooden desks, and decorations from your school years.

74. Ancient Egypt

An Ancient Egyptian theme gives you true license to transform a venue into a pharaoh’s palace. Expect to use a lot of gold decorations, as well as sphinxes, columns, palm leaves, and hieroglyphics. This is a good theme if you are going to be hosting an event with indoor and outdoor space.

75. Alien Encounters

If you are hosting an event in an industrial or modern-looking venue, then an alien theme is well suited to parties or product launches. It’s a great opportunity to use lasers, neon lights, and lots of glow-in-the-dark decorations. You can draw from the wide history of alien pop culture including E.T., Area 51, or Futurama.

76. Magic Circle


A magician themed party can go down very well if you have the right venue and entertainment to match it. Your main style inspiration could be early 20th-century vaudeville designs and you might want to include playing cards, fog, and dark red drapes and furniture.

77. Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock directed some of the most iconic films of all time and his work creates great material for styling an event. You can include designs from classic American hotels, bird decorations, murder mystery props, and even a silhouette of the man himself.

78. Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia tell the story of an enormous kingdom but the part of Narnia most people remember is the winter setting from the ‘Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe’. Styling events with a Narnia theme in mind can be a lot of fun, besides a typical winter wonderland setting you can include a wardrobe entrance, period-piece lighting, 1940s-inspired designs.  

79. Welcome To The Jungle


A jungle theme gives you lots of opportunities to transform a space and to encourage guests to explore a venue in new ways. You can use a range of tree, plant, and animal decorations to create your jungle world and having a dappled lighting effect to create a rainforest atmosphere.

80. Blade Runner

1982’s Blade Runner had a big impact on the fashion and design world and it makes great inspiration for a lively and stylish event. You can try to recreate a neon-lit futuristic bar and take ideas from the cyberpunk world with lasers, intense lighting displays, and fluorescent decorations.

81. County Show

Across the UK every year, there are large events celebrating the countryside and local agriculture. If you are putting on an outdoor event, then you can use these shows for inspiration as you create a style that brings to mind wax jackets, fresh mud, quaint baking competitions, and farm animals.

82. Mods

Mod is a fashion-conscious subculture which began in the late 50s and continues until today. It captures the excitement of the swinging 60s in London along with a passion for mopeds and parka coats. You can base your colour scheme on their famous red, white, and blue colour scheme and decorate with props from the 60s.

83. Candy Land

A world made of giant pieces of candy is a common theme in children’s stories and it can make for an excellent theme for family events or those working with confectionary. Ultra-bright colours are a must and you can create your own sweet shop for guests to visit during the event.

84. Hard Rock Party

guitar rock god frosted musical rock roll centrepiece bar mitzvah table party band musician table art 5

There is a lot of iconography surrounding the world of rock ‘n’ roll and it’s an excellent theme for events with live music or a lot of energy. Guitars, drums, and other musical instruments should find their way into your design and you can recreate the excitement of a rock concert for your guests.

85. Ninjas And Samurais

Ninjas and samurais have a strong presence in pop culture and they make a surprisingly strong event theme. You can base your style around Feudal Japan with paper screens, cherry blossom petals, and the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

86. Underground Bar


There’s nothing cooler than an exclusive club or hidden away speakeasy and it makes for a strong event theme. Imagine you are designing your own bar and try to fill it with all the character you’d expect it to have, this can work particularly well if you are hosting your event at a venue which might not typically have a bar.

87. Peter Pan

Trying to recreate Neverland at your venue is a strong transformative theme and it can allow you to use a wide range of props and decorations. Your theme can include pirate ships, tepees, clocks, London, and general fantasy icons.

88. High Fashion

The world of fashion and supermodels provides ample ideas for designing an event. You can create your own catwalk, install spotlights, and design your own range of avant-garde and beautiful decorations to bring a sense of high fashion to your event.

89. Hollywood


A Hollywood party theme allows you to celebrate the greatest films of all time and you there is a huge range of props and decorations to choose from. These include classic actors, film reels, director’s chairs, and clapperboards.

90. Glow In The Dark

Using fluorescent lights and glow-in-the-dark paint you can create a sophisticated event with all the energy of a rave. Specific furniture may not be as important here as the use of lighting, fluorescent decorations, and lasers.

91. 90s Hip Hop

The 90s is a good decade to base an event’s design on and using 90s hip hop as your central inspiration will give you lots of room to be creative. Think lots of candy colours, strange squiggly lines, colour blocking, and plenty of gold chains.

92. James Bond


James Bond is a common theme for events as it’s a great way to get guests involved and it gives you a refined atmosphere without being too high-minded. Generally, a James Bond event will be similar to a black tie event but with some spy props around a fondness for martinis.

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93. Block Colour

Picking a simple colour as your theme can be very powerful when taken to the extreme. Choose a colour that is appropriate to your venue or event and then try to tastefully style your furniture, decorations, and tableware to match your theme colour.

94. Golfing Tournament

Golf clubhouses have a style all of their own and using golf as a theme gives you an opportunity for a playful but polished event. Your basic style can be modelled after elegant clubhouses and you can decorate the venue with golf clubs and putting greens to complete the effect.

95. Toga Party

150 event theming ideas that you can truly pull off - toga party event theme and styling

Toga parties are a staple of the American college experience but you can put your own twist on a Roman or Ancient Greek theme party. Opt for busts of Roman emperors, large crumbling columns, and ivy twisting around door frames and centrepieces.

96. St. Patrick’s Day

Even if it’s not near St. Patrick’s Day, an Ireland inspired theme will always make for a lively event. You can choose to use emerald greens and shamrocks, or you can opt for a more subdued design modelled on traditional Irish pubs.

97. Best Of British

If your event is going to be celebrating a British event or is significantly British in some way, then a best of British theme can be a good starting point. You can use the Union Jack colours as your main colour theme and make use of British icons such as double-decker buses, beach huts, and red post boxes.

98. Fantasy


A fantasy theme is a strong creative theme which allows you to use a broad range of props at your event. Lord of the Rings inspired high fantasy, fairytale fantasy, or the gothic fantasy of Transylvania are all options.There a lot of inspiration to choose from..

99. Edwardian Elegance

The Edwardian era was a short-lived period of time after the Victorians and before the First World War. It’s a time well-known for its elegance and is well suited as the basis for a period-piece event.  Your event should pull from Edwardian tea parties, large gowns, and pastel colours.

100. Quizshow

If your event is going to feature some form of a quiz, then what better theme is there than quiz shows? You can model your event after a tv set and include plinths, spinning wheels of fortune, and large jackpot signs.

101. Superheroes

150 event theming ideas that you can truly pull off - superheroes event theme and styling

Superheroes are more popular than ever and they make for a colourful event theme. You can draw on both films and comic books to use cartoonish decorations, iconic characters, and well-known superhero settings such as the bat cave or New York City.

102. Beatniks

Beatniks are a subculture strongly associated with 1950s New York City and they’re well known for their thick-rim glasses, turtleneck sweaters, and challenging poetry. As a theme, you can try to replicate an edgy New York club with a smoky jazz feeling cutting through it all.

103. Mafia

The image of the mafia popularised by films such as the Godfather is a good source of ideas for an event. You’re looking for an event with the feel of a backroom poker game as you decorate with Tommy guns, fedoras, and a black and white colour scheme.

104. Casino

Viva Las Vegas Package

Casino nights are a common theme for events. They are especially well liked as you can set-up a selection of your own casino games for guests to play risk-free. Dice, blackjack, roulette tables, and fruit machines should be your main well of inspiration.

105. Cluedo

Cluedo or murder mystery themed parties are an excellent choice for events being hosted in manors or a similar historical building. Typically they will be held in a 1920s setting and will include chalk outlines, obvious clues, and plenty of pipes and feather boas for decorations.

106. Robots

Everyone loves robots, especially our adorable pop culture version of them. If you choose this theme, then you can create some of your characters and have a venue strewn with wayward machine parts and a silver colour scheme.

107. Teddy Bear Picnic

A teddy bear picnic theme makes for an adorable event and it is the perfect way to make a simple outdoor celebration. To create the full teddy bear picnic atmosphere you will want to use gingham-print picnic rugs, large hampers, and of course plenty of teddies.

108. Russian

A Russian themed event can be ideal for the right crowd and the right venue. You can draw from classic Russian designs and colours using deep reds and pinks and choose decorations inspired by the Kremlin or Russian dolls.

109. Railway

Using the railway as a theme for your event can give you a very novel and creative looking design.  Consider recreating a classic dining carriage for your guests using an art deco style and complete the illusion with a miniature railway or train tracks.

110. By The Seaside

150 event theming ideas that you can truly pull off - by the seaside event theme and styling

The seaside is a light and fun theme for an event and it can be used to make the most of summer or to put a new twist of winter events. When styling the event you might want to take inspiration from traditional British seaside destinations such as Blackpool or Brighton. Make the most of pastel colour schemes, candy stripes, beach umbrellas, and bright, warm lighting.

111. The Himalayas

If you are looking to bring a sense of adventure or wonder at your event, then a Himalayas or mountain climbing theme can be an excellent approach. You can use a range of charcoal and stone colours that contrast with bright streamers and Tibetan prayer flags; for decoration, you can turn to vintage climbing and camping gear for a ring of authenticity.

112. Singing In The Rain

Classic Hollywood musicals are a fantastic theme for a light-hearted and engaging event, and few others offer better inspiration than ‘Singing in the Rain’. You can draw from the glamour of 1920s Hollywood and complete your design with a lamppost lit sidewalk and plenty of umbrellas.

113. Stars In Their Eyes


The show ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ gave ordinary people a chance to feel like celebrities for the night and as a theme, your party can do the same. Your event will carry all the sophistication of a Hollywood award evening while celebrating iconic stars such as Cher, Elvis Presley, and Madonna.  

114. Shakespeare

Whether you use one of Shakespeare’s beloved plays such as ‘Romeo and Juliet’ or ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’ as the basis for your theme, a Shakespeare-inspired event gives you plenty of opportunities to transform a venue. You can make the event look like a stage, complete with props and red theatre curtains.

115. Welcome To America

An American themed event gives you lots of ideas and icons to pull from to make a vibrant evening. You can include replicas of landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty or the Hollywood sign and use colour schemes and decorations from different states or periods of American history.

116. Mad Max

The Mad Max films created some of the intriguing designs and landscapes found in cinematic history. For your event, you can create your own Bartertown using olds pieces of machinery and a metallic colour scheme. Make sure to pay homage to Mad Max’s wild punk-inspired costumes.

117. Tudors

The Tudors are famed for their opulent feasts and regal style. A Tudor theme can really bring the right venue to life and makes good use of indoor and outdoor space. Your decorations should use a lot of warm colours, dark wooden interiors, and lavish flower arrangements.

118. Unicorns

If you want a loud, family-friendly event, then a unicorn theme is the ideal choice. You want to go over the top with rainbows, glitter, pastel colours, and adorable decorations. A unicorn styled event works particularly well when you want a simple way to wildly transform a stuffy venue.

119. Parisian Party

Paris is a city that is known for inventing its own style and it has a unique atmosphere that translates well into an event theme. You can choose to begin decorating with iconic French and Parisian landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, and incorporate the high-fashion and meticulous design that Paris is known for with ornate decorations and a monochrome colour scheme.

120. California Dreaming


A California theme makes for a laid-back but stylish event and goes well with venues that have a modernist and relaxed atmosphere. A California theme should try to capture the design and feel of millionaire-homes resting along Big Sur with 60s-inspired minimal designs and a light and airy colour scheme.

121. Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is arguably the most well-known adventurer around. The Indiana Jones films make a great backdrop for an exciting event. You can use props and decorations that bring to mind hidden tomb and  lost treasure. 1940s furniture or designs from all around the globe add to the theme..

122. Comic Strip Party

Comic strips have a style all of their own and you can turn to both the artwork and the characters to construct an event with a unique feel. Whether it’s the Dandy, Garfield, or Peanuts, there is lots of room to be creative. You might want to make use of panel designs, bright colours, speech bubbles, and other comic flairs when dreaming up decorations.

123. Dr Who

Dr Who might be the most iconic British show of all time and for the right audience at the right venue, it’s the perfect theme. With Dr Who, you are aiming for a mix between the staple lasers and spaceship interior decorations of a sci-fi theme. You might include Daleks and police boxes alongside pieces of furniture from across all of history and time.

124. Harley Davidson

The life of a biker carries a strange romanticism with it and it is ripe material for a themed event. There is the obvious motorcycles and motorcycle paraphernalia. You can draw inspiration from terrifying tattoos and classic America dive bars.

125. Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey has been an enormously popular show. Its backdrop of an early 20th-century country estate is good inspiration for an event. The style of the event should be more reserved than you might normally have at a 1920s event. The design should create the atmosphere of a stately home.

126. Dinosaurs

If you are gearing your event for families or your venue has a rugged outdoor space, then a dinosaur theme will fit well. As well as the eponymous dinosaurs, you can create a volcanic or jungle backdrop. This will help to transform your venue into the Jurassic period.

127. National Celebration


Picking a nation or country as the theme for your party is usually a safe choice and it will fit well whenever you are trying to welcome guests from afar. You can opt for a complete conversion of a venue to mirror the architecture of that country. Or you can pick a national animal and a few other icons to base your decorations on.

128. Olympics

It doesn’t need to be an Olympic year in order to host an Olympics themed event. It will go down well if your venue already has a sporty element or when you’re celebrating an achievement of Olympic proportions. You can decorate with elements from the different events as well as plinths, torches, and gold medals.

129. Prom

The American-style school Prom is meant to be one of the most memorable events of a lifetime and it’s a great style model for an event. You can choose for a traditional black tie event. Or go for a truer school prom feel by converting a simple venue into a grand ballroom with streamers and balloon decorations.

130. Vegas Party


Going to Vegas is always an event and you can make guests feel like high-rollers with a Vegas event. As well as the usual decorations you’d expect from a casino night, a Las Vegas themed event welcomes the use of over-the-top lighting and monuments from all around the world in one location.

131. Cockney Knees-Up

A Cockney knees-up is a makeshift party full of dancing and singing which would typically be found in a tiled pub in the East End of London. If you are hosting an event in a traditional-looking pub, then a Cockney Knees-Up theme is relatively simple to implement. You want to emphasise on kitsch British design and live band using traditional instruments is a must.

You can learn more about the history of knees-up party’s here.

132. Disco Boogie


A disco event is perfect for end of year celebrations and you can decorate it with the funkiest adornments you can find. This will give you an excuse to use wild light displays, lasers, and disco globes of all sizes.

133. Secret Garden

Styling a garden party even can be difficult given the natural constraints of being outside. A secret garden theme allows you to work with what you’ve already got. The idea is to lead guests into a secret garden before reaching a party that appears to have magically appeared. You want to use subtle designs that give your event a twinkling and slight fantasy feeling to it.

134. Dickensian Party


A Dickensian themed party allows you to create an event that has a highly stylised Victorian feel. You can take inspiration from all of Dickens’s work, whether it is Miss Havisham’s decaying dining room or a scene from ‘A Christmas Carol’.

135. Monaco

Monaco is home to the Grand Prix, massive polo competitions, enormous casinos, and is James Bond’s favoured hangout. If you want to go all out with a display of luxury and high-class sophistication, then Monaco is good inspiration for an event. Make good use of chandeliers and baroque style decorations.

136. Barbecue Party

A barbecue is an event all of its own but you can take this further if you want an outdoor event that will truly impress. Take your inspiration from the American south with a large pit fire, gingham picnic tables, and the worship of grilled meats.

137. Summer Of Love


1967 in San Francisco was known as the summer of love as hippies the world over gathered to celebrate unity and togetherness. Remember to make great use of love hearts, peace symbols, flowing drapes, and lots of tie-dye colours.

138. Heavy Metal

A heavy metal themed event celebrated big hair and big personalities. If you’re having live music at an event and you want a lively atmosphere, then this is a good way to go. Your design should make good use of flames, industrial colours, and a dark, foggy atmosphere.

139. Funfair


A funfair makes for a winning theme because it contains elements guests will get nostalgic for and it’s a simple style to mimic. You want to decorate with candy stripes and circus tents.

Jazz takes on a life of its own and it manages to capture an atmosphere that is both very relaxed and buzzing with energy at the same time. A classic jazz club look is a dimly lit with smouldering candles and intimately-sized tables. The jazz theme will work particularly well in a venue with a 1930s or art deco style.

140. Haunted House

If you’re hosting at a venue that has a naturally spooky vibe, then putting the touches on to make for a haunted house is a natural approach. To go with a haunted house theme you want decorations that appear to be decaying,.For example you may choose low-light candles, and lots of cobwebs and ghouls.

141. A Day At The Races


The Royal Ascot is one of the most well-known celebrations in the UK each year and it provides lots of inspiration for an event. You want to create a look that is well manicured with a strong emphasis on floral displays. Don’t be afraid to include designs of ludicrously sized hats.

142. Beauty And The Beast

‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a great theme when you want a princess-perfect event that mixes sophistication with more light-hearted fantasy. To get the Beauty and the Beast look you should opt for a black tie or baroque look and include roses, candlesticks, and full tea sets.

143. Winter Wonderland

A winter wonderland theme doesn’t just need to mean Santa’s grotto and Christmas trees.You can try to transform your venue into a beautiful snow-filled landscape that allows for a relaxed festive event. Your focus should be on a white and blue colour scheme. Also with snowflakes, candlelight, and seasonal flower arrangements.

144. Vaudeville

Vaudeville is the name for the variety shows put on around the USA in the early 20th century before the advent of cinema. As a theme for an event, you can draw on early circus designs, burlesque, and 1920s culture. It’s an excellent theme choice if you are going to be staging your own variety show for guests.

145. Surrealist


When you are looking to be creative and to challenge your guests, a surrealist theme can be an excellent choice. The idea is to create the feeling of being in a living dream by using designs and decorations that use everyday objects. This will create a strange but intriguing atmosphere for guests.

146. Goth

The Goth subculture isn’t always associated with cheeriness but as a theme, it can make for a captivating and fun event. A Gothic theme might use macabre decorations such as skeletons or witches but it’s not a haunted house. You want to use black interspersed with bright reds and purples as your colour scheme.

147. Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is the most well-known beer festival out there. It’s a theme that allows you to encourage guests to have a good time while celebrating German culture. To style the event you want large benches and tent-style decorations.This will  generate the feeling of a beer hall and decorations that bring early 20th century Bavaria to mind.

148. Tropical Island


A tropical island theme doesn’t need to include Hawaiian shirts or giant sunglasses. You can transform your venue into a relaxing beach resort while still keeping things refined and tasteful. Use lighting to create waves of pink and blue while completing the illusion with palm trees and a cocktail bar.

149. Rodeo

An American rodeo is like the ultimate funfair. It’s a good theme to give guests something new when you are working with an outdoor space. To capture the rodeo feeling you can use cow prints, hay bales, and a general mix of Wild West and funfair decorations.

150. New York, New York

New York City has many different styles involved but when it comes to a theme people will immediately turn to the art deco feel of Manhattan. Black and gold are the natural colour scheme for New York City. You can make nods to landmarks and icons such as the Empire State Building or yellow taxi cabs.

Getting The Right Theme For You: 150 Event Theming Ideas You Can Truly Pull Off

There are hundreds of fantastic themes to try out for your next theme. It will take careful consideration to make sure you pick the right one. Think carefully about your budget, your guests, your venue, and the purpose of the event. Then you can land on the perfect theme.

At Table Art, we have years of experience designing and organising a wide range of themed events. All of these images in this are taken from parties, conferences, and ceremonies that we’ve helped to style.

We don’t just try to make a theme come alive – we try to elevate it into an experience for your guests.

If you want help making any of themes come true or you have even an even more wonderful theme you’d like to pull off, then book a consultation with Table Art now.


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