It’s time to experience Table Art


Beautiful, Contemporary Table Art

Unique Centrepieces and Styling that will put the WOW into your event!

Table Art produces compelling and innovative works of table centre art. Our products are designed from start to finish in-house at our eco-friendly workshop. We tailor make designs and technical art to your specifications, incorporating logos and branding. Table Art has brought style and sophistication to events the Global Ocean Event, The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala, Pride of Britain Awards, The MOBOs and BAFTA Games Awards. We pride ourselves on our boundless imagination, technical expertise and worldwide presence.


We love to push artistic boundaries by combining the newest trends and innovative technologies. With strategic oversight by MD Gary Martin, our team brings the client’s desires fully to life. We love to make clients events the talk of the town. We are excited to provide our clients with the highest level of care and attention as we create table centre art with the greatest of intricacies and complexities.


Looking for branding opportunities in the centre of the table? Table Art brings a unique way of banding in the form of table centrepieces. Our experts have worked hard to create the perfect table centrepieces for you that not only look stunning but are also great for branding. Whether it is a new product launch or an annual corporate event, branding is very important for your business. It not only instils a sense of pride in your employees but also give the guests an idea about how serious you are about your brand.


Our objective is to get the events industry to approach events thinking about technology. That’s why we offer DMX lighting technology, allowing you to control centrepieces at the touch of a button. Working in harmony with the on-site AV, we can create phenomenal effects throughout your venue. Nowadays, guests want to be blown away by sudden, dramatic changes in atmosphere. The use of DMX lighting technology is the perfect, most cost-effective way of doing so. From waves of colours across a room to the sudden black-out to create anticipation for your awards ceremony, the variations are endless, and the effects are stunning.


Our latest innovation is to have animations and websites which will go with the creations. It would give our clients the ability to select a full-range of event styles out of a catalogue, anywhere in the world.


Motivated by both the new and the efficient, we are immensely proud of the care we give our Table Art, ensuring a stress-free transfer to the venue site. Transporting is just as important as the art itself. Process and art together give a great effect, and delivering it efficiently is at the core of what we do. It’s this capability that allows us to travel globally, respond quickly to requests. The next stage in our plan is to expand across Europe and into the US.