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The Health of our Planet is of Worldwide concern. As an industry we need to take responsibility for our practices to ensure a greener future for events. Corporate events generate over a trillion dollars globally, and so we are a significant group in the global market. It is of the upmost importance that we take stock and alter our approach, securing the future.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do here at Table Art. A guiding principle, we have honed our practices to ensure a greener future for the event industry. Our focus is providing packages that quickly and efficiently transform an event space.

Electric I.D Buzz

Sustainable Props & Centrepieces

The core of what we do is inherently greener than your standard centrepiece and prop fare. Our objective has always been to provide state of the art centrepieces and props that not only blow guests away, but that work smarter for events. Everything we create packs down into its smallest components. We take great pride in our custom flight cases that house multiple centres and props. In minimising the space our products take up; we are reducing the heavy carbon footprint of production, transport, and storage.


In June 2023 we finally made the move to our first fully electric vehicle. CLICK HERE to see our van in action! Our equipment has always been designed to fit into the smallest space possible but this would be a new challenge with our events happening all over the UK.

We decided that the right van for us was the fully electric ID Buzz Cargo. Range was the biggest issue for us with most of our events being in London, Manchester and Liverpool and around the U.K, as we needed a range of over 200 miles.

We plan on using the van for events of up to 30 table centres, instead of using our usual 3.5 tonne vans and be much more environmentally friendly whilst doing so. This eco-friendly vehicle is a step in the right direction towards reducing our carbon footprint and helping the environment. We’re excited to offer a more sustainable option for our customers and contribute to a cleaner future.

Vehicle charging

The Right Choice for the Environment

Now onto production. Most of our products are made right here in Leamington Spa. Many of our products are made with the help of our CNC Machine. With careful programming and design, everything is cut with minimal waste. We also source our materials locally where we can and do our upmost to carbon offset the elements sourced further afield. Not only that but most of our team are based within just five miles of the warehouse and those living outside of that commonly car share.

We have made the switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products. Cleanliness of our products is of upmost importance to us and so we rely heavily on cleaning materials.  The switch to Eco products has meant that the chemicals used to keep our products looking top class, are also top quality for the planet. 

Green Policy

We have a stringent Green Policy in place, available by request. The objective of our policy is to smarten up our practices and streamline. Our team ethos is reduce, reuse, recycle, repair and rethink. We aren’t there yet but we are striving to become a fully carbon neutral company. We understand that this is a huge undertaking but it’s a great help that the core of what we do already green.

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