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Perfect Candle Table Centres

Perfect Candle Table Centres

Perfect Candle Table Centres are the prefect way to decorate any event. And what’s more you don’t need to worry about fire regulations or wax mess. All our candle centrepieces use super realistic artificial candles. They are so good, they will fool everyone!!!

At Table Art, our aim is to help our clients create the best events. We offer high-quality décor and event planning services. Our table centrepieces are the talk of the town because of their uniqueness and exquisiteness. They look stunning and are specially created for different kinds of themed events. This means that whether you are looking for props for a formal or a casual fun event, you will find it all at Table Art.

One of our most popular collections is the candlelit collection. We have a wide range of choices available for events of all kinds and types. Whether you want to go extra formal or keep it simple and fun, we’ve got you covered.

Décor Ideas for Candlelit Events

 Here are some of our best-selling candle table centres for your candlelit events.

1.       Windsor Candelabra

If you want to create a romantic atmosphere at any event, then nothing beats our Windsor Candelabra. It has a stunning narrow silhouette and comes with tapered candles. The candles have a hyper-realistic flickering effect gives each table a stunning romantic light. The Windsor Candelabra is the perfect centrepiece for masquerade balls and weddings. It makes the atmosphere graceful, romantic, and stunningly beautiful. You can use these  candle table centres for any kind of event and make it memorable for your guests.

candelabra windsor centrepiece
candelabra windsor centrepiece

2.       Acrylic Candelabra

Acrylic Candelabra is one of our most stunning and iconic designs. These beautiful candle table centres are designed to spellbind your guests. Made from clear acrylic, it gives the illusion of floating candles. It is one of our most popular designs. It goes perfectly for both formal and casual events. Our team will work together with you to create the perfect lighting. It gives your venue a magical look and feel. Your guests will fall in love with your décor and will not be able to help but praise you for your efforts.

acrylic candelabra candle table centres Table Art

3.       Candlestick Low

Another great choice for candle table centres, our Candlestick Low is one of our most popular table centrepieces. The best thing about this centrepiece is that it doesn’t disrupt your line of vision when you are sitting with guests on a table. The classic candlestick design comes with hyper-realistic flickering candles. It creates a perfect intimate atmosphere which makes your guests go wow. The candlestick glow table centrepiece is ideal for any romantic events. It can also be used for a Hollywood-themed event. 

4.       Frosted Candelabra

Our design team never fails to impress us. They have come up with a new twist for the popular candelabra collection we have at Table Art. Want to add a candle table centre setting to any winter-themed event? Opt for our Frosted Candelabras. These stunning table centrepieces are made from acrylic. They give the impression that they have been sculpted from solid ice. Frosted Candelabra centrepieces look stunning in different kinds of events. They come with LED candles that have a hyper-realistic flicker. It offers a stunning silhouette that your guests will definitely notice. If you want to add a stunning icy effect to your event, then opt for our frosted candelabras and your guests will not stop praising you.

frosted candelabra table art
frosted candelabra table art

5.       Candlestick Tall

Looking for something traditional with a modern touch for your event?

Opt for our Candlestick Tall table centrepiece. It has the same traditional silhouette of a candlestick but the look is thoroughly modern. With ornate detailing and stunning beauty, the line of vision of the guests is not affected at all. Our lighting team will create the perfect lighting for these candlesticks to complete the look. The candlesticks also come with a hyper-realistic flickering candle. To complete the look, talk to our design team and they will suggest some other stunning décor items matching your theme.

6.       Masquerade Candlestick

Want to create a perfect 15th-century ambiance at your event? Opt for our Masquerade Candlestick table centrepiece. The beautiful Venetian Masquerade Ball candlestick comes with a romantic flickering candle. It sets the perfect tone for an event filled with romance and intrigue. If you are planning a masquerade ball, then this is the perfect table centrepiece for you. The centrepiece also has delicate but stunning acrylic masks wrapped around its silhouette.

masquerade warwick university venetian candlestick lit table centre

These are some of the best options we have put together for your candlelit event. Choosing the best décor items, props, and table centrepieces for such themed events is not an easy task. Thankfully, our team has done all the hard work for you. You just need to pick the table centrepieces and décor items you want for your event and our team will set it up for you.

Table Art is one of the leading names when it comes to event planning and décor. We have helped many clients with setting up successful events. Our clients always admire us for our professionalism and attention to detail. Get in touch with our team and know all the options you have for your next event.

Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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