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Become An International Partner! Join our growing network:


Table Art are offering you an exciting opportunity to become an International Partner. As a Global company, our accessibility internationally is at the core of what we do. With an aim to offer our services to every corner of the Globe. We search out the very best event companies to work with. Are you an established events company? Consider this opportunity to add Table Art to your portfolio.

Become an exclusive supplier of Table Art in your region. Offer your clients our amazing range of centrepieces, all enabled with the latest DMX technology.

For an idea of what we can offer, take a look at our list of highlights below:

What we can offer:

taicon-2An exclusive partnership with Table Art in your market

taicon-2The opportunity to become the market leader 

taicon-2The chance to offer desirable eco-friendly, wireless, cutting edge technology to high end clients

taicon-2A 3 Year lease

taicon-2Access to a large range of stock photographs at top European venues

taicon-2Help and support with marketing.

taicon-2Our own Research and Development Team will ensure your company stays constantly ahead of the competition.

What do I need to do to make it success? 

As with any events business, dedication and drive is the main ingredient for success. A team will need to be headed by a passionate individual that loves Table Art as much as we do. Their passion for the product will drive the franchise. 

Proven a success, we already have agreements in place with Dubai, France, Scotland and Ireland. There are also developments in South Africa and Australia. With an ever-growing franchise list, we are becoming masters of the franchise service. We can happily put you in touch with our partners direct so you can get a sense of life as a Table Art Franchise.  To be part of this growing community then get in touch today. Our team are ready and waiting to talk you through the process. 

What our Clients say…

The best reflection of a company is what their clients have to say about them. Letting our reviews speak for themselves, we recommend you take a look at these Trustpilot and Google pages.

The Table Art brand is ever evolving. As market leaders in the UK, we are looking to become internationally recognised within the event industry.. Let’s work together to make that a reality. 


Discover DMX

State-of-the-art lighting technology.

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