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15 Sporting Event Themes That Will Deliver A Knockout Night

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15 Sporting Event Themes That Will Deliver A Knockout Night

Whether you are hosting an event to celebrate a sporting achievement or you just want an event theme that will pack some serious excitement – a sports themed event is a good choice.

There are lots of props to choose from, there’s an obvious opportunity to get guests active, and you can rally guests together around their favourite team. It’s also a good choice if your venue is attached to or part of a sporting arena.

We’ve created a list of 15 fantastic sporting event themes that will give you plenty of inspiration when planning your next party, award evening, or ceremony.

If you want to see more sporting events in action, then take a look at some of our previous creations.

1. Football

football boot table art

Football is the world’s most popular sport and thanks to its many iconic features such as the kits, gear, and stadiums – it makes fantastic inspiration for an event theme. You can find out your organisation’s favourite team and decorate using their colours or make use of football paraphernalia in your designs.

2. Boxing

An exciting boxing match is an event that gets the whole world watching. Decorating your event with a boxing theme, allows you to combine some of the excitement of Vegas with boxing gloves, head guards, and a well-lit ring in the centre that can act as a stage.

3. Formula 1

racing event hire

Formula 1 race cars are glamorous enough on their own to be the inspiration for your event and when you combine Champaign podiums, racing colours, and the buzz of the racetrack, there is a lot to draw from.  

4. Sailing

Sailing can be a battle against the elements on the open sea, a tightly-fought race across a lake, or an opulent weekend on a yacht. Nautical themes always make for fantastic events because there are so many props to make use of and it gives you a natural pairing for catering and design.

5. Polo

horse racing event styling

Polo is often seen as an aristocratic sport and you can embrace that with a theme that makes good use of famous polo tournaments found in well-heeled locations around the world. You can decorate with race tracks, dinner party galas, and big hats in mind.

6. Ice Hockey

In the colder parts of the world, ice hockey is enormous and its iconic masks, rink, and props are well known the world over. You can recreate the excitement of an ice hockey game with ice sculptures, skates, and a well-stocked bar.

7. Rugby

rugby vase centrepiece

At the right venue and for the right audience, a rugby theme will go down very well. It’s a good opportunity to decorate with the local team’s colours and to make good use of rugby props and images.

8. Baseball

Even though many people in the world have never attended a baseball game – they are well aware of what to expect at one. Rowdy fans, pinstripe outfits, wild mascots, and hotdogs. This is a good theme if you want to make use of interesting props and you can incorporate other elements of American culture.

9. Surfing

Surfing is a lifestyle as much as it is a sport and the beaches, oceans, and surfing culture give you ample inspiration to make a relaxed but fun event. You can use staples from beach or luau parties and combine them with surfboards and lifeguard props.

10. Professional Wrestling

Professional wrestling is larger than life and it will bring all of that to your event. Make use of spandex, outrageous hair, fog machines, and create your own wrestling ring. If you want to make an event with a wider appeal, then you can make an 80s Wrestling event that will allow you to use a wide range of 80s props.

11. Wimbledon

Wimbledon is an event that bridges the gap between culture and sports. You can create a quaint tea party feeling with strawberries and cream; while bringing the vibrancy and excitement of Wimbledon with a green colour scheme and tennis props.

12. Basketball

basketball table centre

Basketball is an effortlessly cool sport that has plenty of iconic images and props to allow for a fantastic event. When it comes to centrepieces, nothing will look better than a basketball held aloft in the middle of the table.

13. Roller Disco

Roller skate was really at its height in the 1970s when roller rinks were popular across much of the world. You can combine a disco boogie night with roller skating props to make for a night which guests won’t soon forget.

14. Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a great theme for a relaxed event that involves everyone. You can begin by decorating with a general beach party theme and even set-up your own small volleyball court for guests to unwind on.

15. Winter Sports

winter table centre

Winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and sledding make for a very flexible theme. You can use some of the ideas from a winter wonderland or try to replicate the feel of a ski resort while incorporating props from a variety of winter sports around the venue.

Sporting Event Themes: Getting Live And Kicking With A Sports Themed Event

A sports-themed event doesn’t just need to be for enthusiasts. Everyone can share the energy and it’s a good opportunity for an easy costume party. 

Many of these themes will work well as outdoor events and you might want to consider getting sporting stars from nearby to give talks or to bring their personality along.

If you want help designing your sport-themed event or any other theme you can think of, then get in contact with Table Art today to begin a consultation.


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