Table Centrepieces / Windsor Candelabra

Windsor Candelabra

Table Art Collection: Windsor Candelabra

Ladies and Gentleman, the Windsor Candelabra.

A slim-line version of our Candelabra. The outline has been narrowed to mirror the new candles. The tapered candles have a flickering effect, setting a romantic light across the table. For an intimate look, this is the table centre for you. The Windsor is a charming  blend of traditional design with state of the art technology. Take advantage of our DMX system and change colours at the touch of a button. This is a go-to tool for the AV industry who have come to expect DMX on the tables.

This is one of our most romantic table centres, great for decorating a wedding reception or valentines ball.  Wedding planners know importance of adding table centres. A cost effective way of adding a sense of style to your reception. Read this blog post, it guides you through our most popular choices for the big day. It will be no surprise to read that the Windsor Candelabra is on the list! 

Dimensions: H:107cm |  W:44cm | D:43cm


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