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Wedding Table Centrepieces: Save Money At Your Wedding With A Table Centrepiece

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Wedding Table Centrepieces: Save Money At Your Wedding With A Table Centrepiece

When it comes to paring down wedding costs to save money, often the question is what can you do without. Also what can you simplify? Perhaps you’re going to reign in the open bar or decline to have wedding favours.

Table centrepieces are often on this list of potential costs to be cut. But what if your centrepiece could actually lower your overall spending?

At Table Art, we want to get people thinking differently about table centrepieces. Part of this is looking at how they can be used to save money. No matter what your budget, you still want a standout style for your event.

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What A Centrepiece Can Bring To Your Wedding

Traditionally, wedding table centrepieces would be an elegant floral arrangement. It’s a classic choice for a reason and they help to tie together the colour scheme. They also bring a majestic atmosphere, and they differentiate the event as a wedding.

However, many people view these floral arrangements as just another element of decoration. They consider them the same as a tablecloth, candles, or bunting, but they can be much more.

A well-designed centrepiece can act a hub for your wedding’s style. It works as a lighting source, a statement piece, a floral arrangement, and more all at once.

It’s the decoration that guests will often centre around. It can really generate a unique atmosphere. It will not only match your colour scheme but it can allow for a dynamic range of colours that change through the evening and compliment different moments on your big day.

The flexibility of the design even enables you to bring in ideas that a conventional flower arrangement would not allow.

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How Wedding Table Centrepieces Can Save You Money

A centrepiece can help tighten your budget in the best way possible because it doesn’t require compromise.

You not only don’t need to purchase or rent the same amount of lighting, flowers, placards, and table decorations but you also don’t need to coordinate as many groups of people – your centrepiece can fill all those roles on its own.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution either. If you turn to a specialist such as Table Art, then we are able to make a centrepiece specifically for your wedding. It will match your own tastes and sense of style.

With the right design, there are no limits to what your centrepiece can do. Take a look at some of our past creations to get even more inspiration.

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When you opt for a table centrepiece that is meticulously crafted out of high-quality materials, then you get something else that doesn’t come with traditional floral arrangements: durability.

These wedding table centrepieces can be rented or re-used in order to lower costs without losing any of that uniqueness. Meanwhile, your centrepiece can still have its own custom twist and unique colour scheme.

Getting The Perfect Centrepiece For Your Wedding

When choosing a centrepiece for your wedding, try to think of the possibilities on a bigger scale.

With the use of remote controlled lighting table and advanced lighting options you can change the entire appearance of your venue using a lit centrepiece. Use vibrant purple hues or a pastel colour arrangement that changes in a gentle wave throughout the night.

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You don’t have to use a flower arrangement either. You can try an abstract sculpture, an ice decoration, or baroque-style candelabra on every table. Think about what suits your venue. Don’t be afraid ask your stylist for inventive ideas on how to make the most of your surroundings with wedding table centrepieces.

If you want help planning your wedding or are looking to make a truly unforgettable event, then get in touch with Table Art today for a consultation. We’re changing the industry with our centrepiece creations.  We delight in helping to make your dream wedding come true.   


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