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15 Music Themes For Events That Will Get Guests On Their Feet

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15 Music Themes For Events That Will Get Guests On Their Feet

If you’re planning an event that will have live music or you want to get guests out of their seats, then a music theme for your event is the perfect way to add spark to your night. Most genres of music come with their own style, atmosphere, and costumes for you to take inspiration from.

We’ve made a list of 15 fantastic music themes for events that will push your creative talents and create a unique night that people will remember.

For more examples of music themed events, as well as many others, you can take a look at a collection of some of our recent events. 

1. Ibiza

Ibiza is the holy land for party goers and it makes for an audacious twist on a typical club-style event or beach themed party. The Ibiza theme allows you to go overboard with lasers and lighting while giving guests permission to completely relax.


2. Glam Rock

You want an atmosphere that says big hair, spandex, and harsh coloured lighting inspired by musicians such as David Bowie and Alice Cooper? That’s exactly what you get with a glam rock party. This is a good theme if you want to use fog machines and intense lighting arrangements.

rock god guitar

3. Roaring 20s

Flapper-style parties from the 20s have become infamous the world over and been immortalised by novels such as the Great Gatsby. The opulent, art deco style the era has become associated with has made it a perfect choice for ambitious designers and it’s a great opportunity if you want jazz or big band music playing.


4. Back To School

A back to school theme makes for a playful event which will really get guests involved as they take a trip down memory lane. You can choose to do it in the style of a school disco or go for a total transformation into a classroom with chalkboards, wooden desks, and decorations from your school years.

eighties rubiks cube
5. Mods

Mod is a fashion-conscious subculture which began in the late 50s and continues until today. It captures the excitement of the swinging 60s in London along with a passion for mopeds and parka coats. You can base your colour scheme on their famous red, white, and blue colour scheme and decorate with props from the 60s.

6. Ballroom

Many events feature a ballroom or formal dancing but a ballroom-themed event celebrates the grandiosity of the ballroom. You want to inspire awe in guests with elegant chandeliers, regal colouring, and Renaissance-inspired decorations.

mirrorball tall centrepieces

7. Harley Davidson

The life of a biker carries a strange romanticism with it and it is ripe material for a themed event. As well as the central motorcycles and motorcycle paraphernalia, you can draw inspiration from terrifying tattoos, rock shows, and classic America dive bars.

8. Disco Boogie

A disco event is perfect for end of year celebrations and you can decorate it with the funkiest adornments you can find. This will give you an excuse to use wild light displays, lasers, and disco globes of all sizes.


9. Heavy Metal

A heavy metal themed event celebrated big hair and big personalities. This is a good way to go if you’re looking to create a lively atmosphere. Your design should make good use of flames, industrial colours, and a dark, foggy atmosphere.

10. Vaudeville

Vaudeville is the name for the variety shows put on around the USA in the early 20th century before the advent of cinema. As a theme for an event, you can draw on early circus designs, burlesque, and 1920s culture. It’s an excellent theme choice if you are going to be staging your own variety act entertainment for guests.

11. Hard Rock Party

There is a lot of iconography surrounding the world of rock ‘n’ roll and it’s an excellent theme for events with live music or a lot of energy. Guitars, drums, and other musical instruments should find their way into your design and you can recreate the excitement of a rock concert for your guests.

guitar frosted musical rock roll centrepiece bar mitzvah table party band musician table art 6

12. Goth

The Goth subculture isn’t always associated with cheeriness but as a theme it can make for a captivating and fun event. A gothic theme uses macabre decorations such as skeletons or witches but it’s not a haunted house. You want to use black interspersed with bright reds and purples as your colour scheme.

13. Mardis Gras

Mardis Gras celebrations are some of the most fabulous parties and festivals held each year. They provide ample inspiration for a themed party so you won’t be short of ideas. You might want to use a green and purple colour scheme, plenty of beads, masks, and wild costumes.

carnival event style
14. Summer Of Love

1967 in San Francisco was known as the summer of love as hippies the world over gathered to celebrate unity and togetherness. Remember to make great use of love hearts, peace symbols, flowing drapes, and lots of tie-dye colours.

Beatles theme event

15. 90’s Hip Hop

The 90s is a good decade to base an event’s design on. By using 90s hip hop as your central inspiration, you will have lots of room to be creative. Think lots of candy colours, strange squiggly lines, colour blocking, and plenty of gold chains.


Music Themed Events To Remember

Just because you’ve chosen a certain musical genre as a theme for an event, that doesn’t mean you have to only play music from that genre. A rock ‘n’ roll band can do well at an roaring 20s party. A bubblegum pop music theme can make for an interesting contrast at a goth theme party.

At Table Art, we can not only help you style your event but we can even design specially lit centrepieces that enhance any music that is playing. Contact us for a consultation today.


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