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21 Family Friendly Event Themes That Everyone Will Love


21 Family Friendly Event Themes That Everyone Will Love

Finding a theme that will please everyone is difficult. A niche theme might confuse guests and a high-minded theme can be too stuffy.

We’ve created this list of 21 family friendly event themes that hit that a sweet spot in the middle – giving them a universal appeal. These are themes perfect for events with a varied audience or if you’re looking to put a fun spin on a potentially boring event.

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1. Alice In Wonderland

Based on Lewis Carroll’s classic novel ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme allows you to have wacky and wonderful designs in order to create a fun but relaxed event. Designs and decorations will be inspired by classic Victorian tea parties with a mad twist. Teapots, playing cards, mushrooms, and top hats should be a familiar sight.

Alice in wonderland statue

2. Book Club

Books have given us the characters and settings we’ve come to love and they make a brilliant theme for events. You can choose styles from a variety of novels or stories for different tables and incorporate books into the designs you use around the venue.

3. Robots

Everyone loves robots, especially our adorable pop culture version of them. If you choose this theme, then you can create some of your own characters and have a venue strewn with wayward machine parts and a silver colour scheme. Additionally, with the advances of Artificial Intelligence, hire robots that can talk to you. We can help!  

4. Unicorns

If you want a loud, family-friendly event, then a unicorn theme is the ideal choice. You want to go over the top with rainbows, glitter, pastel colours, and adorable decorations. A unicorn styled event works particularly well when you want a simple way to wildly transform a stuffy venue.

21 family friendly event themes that everyone will love - unicorn

5. A Royal Affair

Royals have traditionally thrown the most extravagant parties and whether you’re choosing to mimic the Windsors or the Romanovs, it is sure to give you some regal inspiration. Gold and purple are the classic royal colours and you can choose to decorate with iconic pieces such as chandeliers and luxurious flower arrangements.

6. Cinco de Mayo

Every year on the fifth of May, Mexicans the world over celebrate their nation and it’s a fantastic theme to base any party around. You don’t necessarily need to hold a Cinco de Mayo party but you can use bright colours, piñatas, and other glorious Mexican-style decorations at your event.

7. Anime Mania

Whether it’s via anime, manga, or cosplay, this fun Japanese cartoon culture has an enormous fan base. For the right crowd, it’s the ideal theme and it allows you to use a mix of traditional Japanese style with adorable characters.

8. Cinderella

If you want to throw a fairy tale themed ball, then there’s no better source material than Cinderella. Pumpkin carriages, glass slippers, and blue silk decorations will make this a sophisticated but fun event. It’s perfect for children’s parties, end of year events, or school leaver parties.

masked candelabra masquerade grosvenor house clear lit table decor

9. Cops And Robbers

‘Cops and Robbers’ is a popular children’s game and also a common party theme. It might be too audacious for some corporate events but at the right place, guests will enjoy the chance to dress up. For decorations, you can use black and white stripes and install a police line-up area for guests to take photographs in. That’s a great angle to get those Facebook and Instagram photos being shared with your event hashtag and branding added to the backdrop. 

10. Knights Of The Round Table

Medieval themed events can work brilliantly if you have the right historic venue or outdoor space to work with them. You can work with rich colour schemes, large banquet tables, and a variety of fantastic props. If you want to keep this theme updated you can turn it into a Game of Thrones theme.

11. Frozen Kingdom

A frozen kingdom theme is similar to a winter wonderland but it’s not tied to the winter months and it can make room for more fantastical elements and elaborate ice sculptures. Guests will be amazed at the slowly-melting decorations and a few simple lights can go a long way here.


12. Candy Land

A world made of giant pieces of candy is a common theme in children’s stories and it can make for an excellent theme for family events or those working with confectionary. Ultra-bright colours are a must and you can create your own sweet shop for guests to visit during the event.

13. Time Traveller

If you have a lot of props at your disposal and you want to get creative, then you can use time travel as a theme for your event. Try to recreate the lair of a time traveller with strange trinkets from across time laid out in your venue.


14. Railway

Using the railway as a theme for your event can give you a very novel and creative looking design. Considering recreating a classic dining carriage for your guests using an art deco style and complete the illusion with a miniature railway or train tracks.

15. Quizshow

If your event is going to feature some form of quiz, then what better theme is there than quiz shows? You can model your event after a TV set and include plinths, spinning wheels of fortune, and large jackpot signs.

16. Comic Strip Party

Comic strips have a style all of their own and you can turn to both the artwork and the characters to construct an event with a unique feel. Whether it’s the Dandy, Garfield, or Peanuts, there is lots of room to be creative. You might want to make use of panel designs, bright colours, speech bubbles, and other comic flairs when dreaming up decorations.

17. Space Voyager

Not everything to do with space has to be science fiction and space travel can make for an engaging theme that will go down well in high-tech venues. As part of your style, you want to use white craters, starscapes, planets, and glow-in-the-dark decorations.


18. Pirates

Whether you’re an adult or a child, a pirate theme will always go down well. Your decorations can make great use of netting, planks, stressed wooden furniture, low lighting candles, and treasure chests. An additional bonus is that most people can fashion a pirate costume out of their current wardrobe.

19. Tudors

The Tudors are famed for their opulent feasts and regal style. A Tudor theme can really bring the right venue to life and makes good use of indoor and outdoor space. Your decorations should use a lot of warm colours, dark wooden interiors, and lavish flower arrangements.

20. Haunted House

If you’re hosting at a venue that has a naturally spooky vibe, then putting the extra touches on to make for a haunted house is a natural approach. To go with a haunted house theme you want decorations that appear to be decaying, low-light candles, and lots of cobwebs and ghouls.


21. Beauty And The Beast

‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a great theme when you want a princess-perfect event that mixes sophistication with more light-hearted fantasy. To get the Beauty and the Beast look you should opt for a black tie or baroque look and include roses, candlesticks, and full tea sets.

21 Family Friendly Event Themes For The Entire Family

A family friendly event theme that children can enjoy as easily as adults doesn’t mean that it has to be childish. Run with your theme so you can take the childish excitement created by something like unicorns and turn it into an atmosphere everyone can fall in love with.

Nor is it the case that a family friendly event needs to even have families present. A Cinderella, Mad Hatters or Beauty and the Beast theme can be a great way to stop a formal event becoming too intense for guests.

If you want help planning your next event, whether it’s a family friendly event or not, then get in touch with Table Art for a consultation.


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