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Top 10 Winter Wonderland Party Ideas For Your Next Event

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Top 10 Winter Wonderland Party Ideas For Your Next Event

The winter wonderland is the perfect theme for any Christmas office party, children’s party, winter wedding, or end of year event.  

It allows guests to get in the festive spirit and there are many fun decorations, centrepieces, and furnishings you can choose to create a wondrous atmosphere for your guests.

At Table Art, we’ve designed and organised many Christmas and winter wonderland events so we have lots of ideas that will make your party a success. You can look at some of our past creations here.

Winter wonderland can mean different things. It might be the home of Santa’s grotto in the North Pole, it might be snowmen located around the tundra, or it might be classic white and blue themed decorations complete with twinkling winter lights.

Whichever winter theme you choose to focus on, these 10 winter wonderland ideas are sure to go down well.

1. Winter Wonderland Archway


The easiest way to let your guests step into a winter wonderland is to give them something to step through.

An archway or entrance using classic winter colours, twinkling lights, or even some simple Christmas decorations get you primed to party before you are even inside. They work as a physical manifestation of that move from the real world into a wonderland.

2. Winter Flower Arrangements

Winter Tree Christmas Forest Table Centre art event corporate awards DMX light.c

Flower arrangements are often associated with summer and spring events but there’s no reason that you can’t capture the feel of winter with a nature-inspired centrepiece or arrangement.

Winter flowers aren’t always the most alluring but pinecones, silver-sprayed branches, and dried petals can have a strong impact. At Table Art, we put a snowball spin on the lily for a centrepiece that was regal yet seasonal.

You can look at our range of centrepieces for more inspiration.

3. Cotton Snowflake Decorations

Snow is essential to a Winter Wonderland theme; it gives you all the magic of winter and transports you to that snow-swept landscape.

There are several ways to mimic snow at your party whether its fake snow out of can or white sheets but cotton ball snow is a fantastic alternative. Stringing up cotton balls is simple and cheap but it creates a true sense of falling snow.

You can see a fantastic example of a cotton ball hanging decoration here.

4. Christmas In Hollywood


One of the best ways to welcome in the festive season is the watching of classic Christmas films. Not only does it put us in the festive mood but it also informs how we think this time of year should look.

Why not take some inspiration directly from those films for your winter wonderland party? At a recent event, we turned up the glamour to get guests in the Hollywood mood with decorations and props from classic films. You can incorporate holiday icons such as Jimmy Stewart, the Grinch, or even Die Hard.

5. Draped With Snow


A good way of creating energy at your party is to use decorations that spiral down from the ceiling.

A sheer white drape can shine through a winter-themed party and give a sense of that hallmark weather without making your guests cold. It can be combined with other decorations to create a statement piece for your party which can instantly create a winter atmosphere.

6. Homemade Snowman

Snowmen are renowned for being easy to make and they are a simple decoration to add to any party. You can create them out of old boxes painted white, stuffed pieces of old clothing, or out of white balloons.

Place one of these creations nearby the entrance or a punchbowl to have a festive party host on standby.

7. Ice Decorations


Many winter wonderland decorations try to replicate the elements for an indoor space but why not try bringing some ice directly to your party?

Ice sculptures and centrepieces can be custom made to show off a product launch. Or to incorporate a brand while acting as a talking point for guests.

At Table Art, we’ve had experience creating mesmerising ice pieces which add a new source of lighting to your party while bringing the winter inside.

8. Cosy Candles

Low Candlestick Candle Table Centre Art Deco Styling Event Theming best parties ever

Christmas means cosy for many people and there’s no better way of bringing that comforting mood than with candles.

You can choose from electronic candles that can be synched with the lighting of your party. Or genuine flame candles which bring all the romance of a winter’s night by the fire.

9. Christmas Tree Lights

christmas festive magical london tree table centrepiece

We usually try to light up our Christmas trees but at Table Art we also like to use our Christmas trees as lights.

The shape of a Christmas tree is perfect for creating a soft, ambient light at your party. You can choose from a range of colours so that you aren’t restricted to traditional whites and blues.  

10. A Snowscape In A Jar

Snow globes are the perfect way to bring a white Christmas setting inside. Additionally it’s surprisingly easy to make your own snowscape to bring extra life to your party.

Take a glass object such as a fishbowl, jug, or lantern and then line it with a snow substitute. After that, create a scene using toys, models, or doll furniture. It’s a great way to incorporate a brand into a party or to put a personal touch to your own winter wonderland.

You can find a beautiful example of a snowscape in a jar here.

Creating Your Perfect Winter Wonderland Party

With the right furniture, colour schemes, and festive decorations you can conjure up a winter wonderland party that people will remember.

These winter wonderland party ideas can all be used to transport guests to a land of your creation while emphasising everything that is so special about the season.

If you want help creating your once-in-a-lifetime winter-themed party, then contact Table Art for advice on centrepieces, planning, and more.


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