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The Ultimate Guide To Creating Horse Racing Theme Events

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The Ultimate Guide To Creating Horse Racing Theme Events

Horse races such as the Grand National, the Royal Ascot, and the Kentucky Derby exist in a world of their own. Guests come as much for the wonderful outfits, world-class galas, and impressive cocktail spreads, as for the horses on display.

With such a strong sense of style and a range of iconic scenes attached, horse racing makes for an excellent theme for a variety of events. Guests will love the chance to match your fabulously decorated venue with their own spectacular outfits, and it provides fantastic catering and entertainment opportunities.  

To help you create the perfect horse racing theme event we’ve made this guide to walk you through some of the best ideas for decorating, lighting, and styling your venue to create a winning atmosphere.

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Getting Started

One of the great things about a horse racing theme event is that it has a wide appeal. For horse-mad guests it’s a dream come true, it is an excellent backdrop to a formal banquet, and it can be catered to focus on different elements depending on your guest list.

As well being the theme-of-choice for horse racing and equestrian events, it works well for birthday parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, award ceremonies, and many formal celebrations.

Historic homes, sporting arenas, and most hotel receptions make fantastic venues for a racing horse theme. You may want to find somewhere with outdoor space if you want to include any larger-scale entertainment or if you want to make your designs come really alive.

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Decorations, Furniture, And Design

Horse racing offers plenty of icons to use in your decorations including horseshoes, jockey outfits, riding crops, racecourses, and elegant hats. You can incorporate these images using props, posters, and prints.

Recreating a scene of a galloping horse on a light panel is a fantastic way to bring some energy to your event and highlight your theme.  

For furniture, you want to choose classic seating, staging, and tableware alongside large flower arrangements. Consider using drapes, string curtains, and chandeliers for the feel of a regal gala. You can also bring the glamour of the Royal Ascot with glowing poseur tables and plinths.

Whether it’s a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby or a glass of Pimm’s at the Grand National, cocktails are a vital part of horse racing events you need to get your bar perfected. You might consider a lit bar to fill your venue with delicious light.

To make sure your guests feel transported to a new world the moment they step in your venue, make sure your entrance way helps to tell the story. Bright entranceways and green felt bring them immediately to the racecourse.

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Centrepieces, Lighting, And Colour Scheme

Besides having a green hue over your horse racing theme, there is no set colour scheme that you need to have here. You might opt for pastel colours with a gentle brush of gold or take inspiration from the bright colouring found in Jockey outfits.

You want your lighting choices to feel luxurious so consider lanterns, festoon lights, and candle-style bulbs. To complement any entertainment, dancing, or staging you will want to use some form of dynamic lighting.

At Table Art, we create custom centrepieces that can be lit in any colour and remote controlled so that you are in always in charge of your atmosphere. It gives you a cost-effective way to use dynamic lighting and creates a unique-looking venue.   

For the centrepiece, you can choose a prop or statement piece that matches your theme such as a racehorse or horseshoe. Alternatively, you might opt for one that is elegant such as a twisting flame or large plinth.

Check out our past creations for even more ideas.

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A Day At The Races: Creating Stunning Horse Racing Theme Events

After pulling off a racing horse theme event, you’ll have a brilliant mix of sophistication and excitement to wow people with. When guests dress up, you have an ideal opportunity to market your event via social media and there is lots of room for personal branding. 

Make sure to really take your theme as far as it can go with all the right decorations, lighting choices, and furniture. 

If you’d like a running mate while planning the perfect horse racing theme event, then get in touch with Table Art for a consultation. We’re experts at creating horse racing theme events and we can build, transport, and install custom centrepieces and furniture for an unforgettable event.


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