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The Ultimate Guide To A Beach Party Themed Event

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The Ultimate Guide To A Beach Party Themed Event

Whether you’re looking for a traditional Hawaiian Luau, a wild night at the Copacabana, or a surfer’s paradise at a tropical retreat – a beach party theme is the perfect way to let guests unwind in style.  

A beach party theme can be as sophisticated and glamorous as you want it to be in order to give ample space for relaxed discussion, mingling, and entertainment. It’s also a versatile theme and can easily be made to cater to a wide variety of events and audiences.

Transforming your venue into a beachside paradise that is full of style and carries the right atmosphere can be difficult. We’ve created this guide to give you some excellent ideas for styling, decorating, and lighting for your beach party themed event.

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Getting Started

Beach party themes can work well with banquet halls, dance floors, live music, and well-stocked bars, so they are perfect for a variety of events. You might consider using the theme for birthday and office parties, conferences, award ceremonies, school dances, and more.

If you want to take an Ibiza-inspired approach, then you can have an all-night clubbing extravaganza, but you can just as easily create a relaxed environment that allows guests to come and go at their leisure.

One of the joys of a beach party theme is making it work at any venue – especially ones far removed from the seaside. However, if you want to really emphasise the theme, then you might look for venues with ample outdoor space, lots of clear floor space, or modernist and art deco style.  

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Decorations And Design

Your main goal with a beach party theme is to recreate the feeling of being at a beachside resort or living carefree in a tropical paradise. The simplest way to do this is to use props and decorations that make uses of classic beach icons such as palm trees, coconuts, pineapples, beach balls, surfboards, and sun umbrellas.

To truly transform your venue, you might consider getting a large sandpit and, if you have outdoor space, installing a fire pit or volleyball net. Light panels of tropical scenes can be used to surround guests with sights of the ocean.

For furniture, you can opt for picnic tables, classic pinstripe beach chairs, or make your outdoor space shine at night with lit cube chairs and poseur tables. Your bar will be the focal point of your beach theme and typically people opt for a Tiki-style bar or a modern lit bar that casts ocean blues on your guests.

To complete the look you might want to include paper lanterns, twisting tropical plants, and cascading string curtains.

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Centrepiece, Lighting, And Colour Scheme

Beach party theme colours try to bring forth the feeling of the ocean with gorgeous blues and sunny yellows. You can contrast these with bright red, orange, green, and pink.

When converting an indoor space into a beach scene, lighting is crucial to getting it right. You’ll need to have strong sunny lighting that can create a lively atmosphere but also the ability to create a more relaxed feel later in the evening.

Having light panels and lit furniture is a good way of creating an ambient atmosphere that keeps guests grounded in your theme.

A cost-effective way to have dynamic lighting capable of creating a beach scene is to make use of Table Art’s custom centrepieces. They can work as statement pieces which add height to any table and create a light source that can change through the night to match the atmosphere.  

Check out our range of centrepieces to get an idea of what’s possible. For the ideal beach party centrepiece, you can try our palm tree, twisting ivy, or a lit ice bucket stocked with your guests favourite beers and drinks.

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High Tides And Good Vibes: An Evening Of Escapism With A Beach Party Themed Event

A beach party themed event is always popular because it allows guests to relax and experience an evening of escapism. It can be an excellent opportunity for branding and social media and works as a good way to combine a sophisticated event with a casual atmosphere.

Try to really take your guests into another world where they cast off their worries and spend time with each other in a unique environment.

If you want to make sure that your beach party theme is a success, then get in contact with Table Art for a consultation. We can transport and install custom centrepieces and furniture – leaving you free to enjoy your day at the beach.


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