The Top 20 Event Management Companies In The UK

The Top 20 Event Management Companies In The UK

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Do you know who are The Top 20 Event Management Companies In The UK ?

At Table Art, we think it’s important to always work with the best promoters, organisers, and suppliers out there and to encourage cooperation and innovation in the industry.

It takes a lot of work to make an event come together and overlooking any one element can lead to a daisy-chain of headaches.

In this post, we’re looking at twenty of the best event management companies in the UK and how they’re shaking things up.  

Promotion And Management

1. The Events Company

The Events Company are a multi-service creative agency. Working all over the UK and Worldwide they have a large team of experts to help you put on an extraordinary event.

Whatever your business size, whatever your event size, passionate, talented and experienced staff all come together to make The Events Company a great choice.

2. IE Live Event Services

IE Live Event Services are specialists in many fields within the event industry. Working with companies. the education sector, festival organisers and private individuals, no event is beyond their capabilities.

Whether you are looking for staging, production, a product launch, AV, a roadshow, theming or a festival, IE LIve will deliver with expertise.

3. Clearwater Events

Clearwater Events is a Birmingham and Newport based event agency. They manage a variety of events across the UK and overseas.

Clearwater combine 60 years of event experience with incredibly high standards, creativity and innovative technology. The team always bring your big ideas to life. They organise events from large gala awards, conferences and exhibitions to events in muddy fields. The Clearwater team have bags of experiences and enthusiasm to make the impossible, possible.

Clearwater Events are the only LGBTQ led event agency in the UK. They are passionate about event equality. No matter where in the world they operate, the team work with local companies & individuals to ensure events support local growth and economies.

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Clearwater Events

4. MCL Create

MCL Create are the  genuine one-stop-shop for your event.

They own all their own equipment so you are only dealing with one supplier. This means they have  the full technical knowledge and experience of everything they provide.

Not lacking on the creative side either MCL Create easily make it into our top 5.

5.Park Publishing

Park Publishing specialise in creating corporate events and conferences which help  raise funds for charities. Not only do they ensure spectacular impressive occasions for your guests, they also are experts in ensuring your charity partners raise more money than they could otherwise manage. With over £5.5 million raised last year, they certainly know what they are doing.


TBA has worked with brands such as Sony, Guinness, and Ralph Lauren to promote brands via awe-inspiring experiences. They have a large creative team and are experts in digital event management.

They are an ideal choice for conferences, award ceremonies, and product launches.

top 20 event management companies in the uk - TBA

7. BCD

BCD recently took over the huge agency that was Zibrant. If you’re looking to go big with a corporate event and to not worry about even the smallest detail, then BCD should be one of your main contenders.

They’ve worked with some of the biggest brands and organisations around and have extensive experience in team building days, conferences, and meetings.

8. Firebird Events Ltd

Well established within the industry, Firebird Events pride themselves in offering their customers truly memorable events. Core services include; conference and awards production, party and wedding services, team building and family fun days. Producing stand-out events requires specialist expertise. Their personable, passionate team can visualise your dreams and transform them into reality. Providing everything from a solo performer, to an entirely produced bespoke event. They will be at your side every step of the way to advise and inspire you.

Event Management Companies Firebird

9. Jack Morton

Jack Morton is arguably the biggest event management company in the UK and one of the biggest in the world. They led the way in brand experience marketing and are perfect fit nearly any corporate event you can think of and many that you can’t.  

top 20 event management companies in the uk - jack morton worldwide agency

10. Cornucopia Events

Cornucopia Events is known for being the go-to film premier organisers in London, and they have experience managing experiences, conferences, Christmas parties, gala dinners and more.

Whether you’re a global brand such as EE or Toyota, or a smaller organisation looking to make your brand come alive – Cornucopia is a fantastic choice for an event manager.

11. Alpha Events

‘Alpha Events are a team of dedicated experts who specialise in creating and managing exclusive guest experiences throughout the world. Alpha Events work closely with all of their valued clients. They strive to deliver the bespoke and personalised service their clients deserve.

Alpha Events have experience working in the corporate, charity and music sectors. Clients include Nissan Motor GB Ltd, McLaren, St James Place Partnership, Alpha Solutions and many more. 

Working in the UK and internationally, they take time to listen to their clients. They then carefully craft each experience to meet the individual’s needs. From concept design to on-site event management, Alpha Events are with you every step of the way!’

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12. LiveBuzz

If you want a dedicated website for your event or a tailor-made registration service, then LiveBuzz has got you covered.

They provide unique and interactive guests websites that can be used to generate buzz for your event and provide superb customer support.

13. Venue Elior

Whether it’s for a wedding, conference, party, talk, or product launch – Venue Elior will help you pinpoint the best venues in prime locations near you.

It’s a good idea to stay connected with and follow Venue Elior as they regularly provide special offers for unusual and wonderful venues


Trumin are masters in event software and can create registration and digital event management tools for any event. If you need to use multiple languages, to make your brand central, or to integrate an app, then Trumin is there to help.


15. TopHat

TopHat is one of the UK leaders in catering large-scale and corporate events. They create sophisticated and luxurious menus that add a memorable touch to your event and have worked with brands such as Jimmy Choo and Rolex.

top 20 event management companies in the uk - tophat catering agency

16. The Admirable Chrichton

The Admirable Chrichton has been one of the most beloved caters in London for the last 40 years. They make exquisite and delightful meals that add a new layer of sophistication to your wedding, corporate event, or party.

17. Rhubarb

It’s easy to see rhubarb’s love of food in every dish and every menu that they create. They always use the finest ingredients and they can transform your event and complement the style of your venue and decorations.

18. Cellar Society

Cellar Society is a purveyor of audacious menus and refined food displays, as well as being specialists in drinks, cocktails, and bars. Their choice of staff is impeccable and their offerings manage to work as entertainment all on their own.

top 20 event management companies in the uk - cellar society

Suppliers And Entertainment

19. Sunshine Events

If it belongs at an event, then Sunshine Events is likely to have it available for your next wedding, party, or conference. Casino games, sumo costumes, rodeo hire, funfair rides and more. Just browsing their website is sure to give you inspiration.

20. Off to Work

Off to Work is one of the leading staffing organisations in the UK. Consequently they can keep your event running like clockwork – no matter the size. They can provide hospitality staff, hosts, and even photographers.


Recapping The Top 20 Event Management Companies In The UK

The twenty companies listed here represent some of the best the UK’s event industry has to offer – excelling in delighting and amusing guests all over the country while ensuring that your event is unfolding smoothly.

At Table Art, we’re specialists in custom centrepieces and event styling. If you’d like to make your next event unforgettable, then get in touch for a consultation.