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A Hot Summer Night with Jungle Safari

A Hot Summer Night with Jungle Safari

grey elephant for monochrome draping
grey elephant

Want to enjoy the summer season in full swing?

Want to experience a night that you and your guests will remember for all the right reasons?

Well, since summer is all about having fun, this is your chance. Wish to stand under the spotlight and arrange the most successful party of the season? We can help you achieve this dream of yours! With the help of Table Art, your summer is set for the perfect start. Here are a few props and LED table centrepiecesto plan the perfect jungle safari themed party.  

The theme of your party takes exotic to the next level. It should all be about wild animals and the interesting flora. Adding these features maintains the authenticity of the theme and is enough to amaze your guests.

acrylic animal centrepieces
lion table centre

Inflatable Dream Circus Grey Elephant

The first thing on our list is the Inflatable Grey Elephant. Nothing to make your event carry the theme of the party like this gigantic prop. Our design team has produced this versatile prop to add charm to your events. The freestanding prop adds a luxurious touch to the event.  It features monochrome draping that can be customized to match the colours of your event.

This is the perfect photo backdrop and will help you make the right impression on your guests. If you are looking for something more dramatic, you can opt for the smaller version of our prop. You can have it hanging from the ceiling and make an impact that way. Now you have the tool to build the excitement of a jungle safari and bring it to the venue. Take advantage of this opportunity and instantly deliver the event theme to your guests. This is the prop that will help your theme shine through and impress your guests.

dream circus grey elephant
dream circus grey elephant

Giraffe and Crate

Bring the wilderness to the venue with the help of this next prop. Our Giraffe and Crate prop brings the wild African plains to your event. This is a sure way to amaze your guests and help you stick to the theme. The whimsical feature towers over the guests and creates the best photo backdrop for all the selfie enthusiasts at your jungle safari themed party.

You can use this as an entrance feature to get your guests excited from the moment they enter the venue. You also have the choice to use these majestic beasts as the main decoration for the venue. Place the prop in the middle of the room for a major impact. So when your guests want a picture worthy moment, they’ll have the prop right there!

safari giraffe theme
safari giraffe theme

Woodland Centrepieces

The decorations play an important role in assembling the theme of the party. The combination of the right centrepieces really brings the theme together and accentuates it. To help you play your cards right, Table Art can offer woodland themed LED table centrepieces. If you want to bring the wilderness to the venue, here’s how you can do so effectively.

Choose the Climbing Vine Pixel Tube to create the perfect jungle safari environment. You can transport your guests to magical lands and generate a phenomenal effect for all. Our innovative pixel tube utilizes the latest technology to display light effects. Wrapped around it is cascading ivy to give it a natural touch.

pixel vine led
pixel vine led


Your jungle safari themed party needs to have some floral centrepieces to add charm to the venue. There are several options available at Table Art that can help you add to the theme. All you need to do is pick the one that best suits the tone of your party.

A fantastic option would be the Blossom Tree. The fresh and timeless design will leave your guests breathless and goes perfectly with your jungle safari theme. The added fairy lights to the vase bring forth the true beauty of this piece. They are lit from beneath using an LED light system. The exquisite pink flowers look ravishing on the tables and go well with the theme, too.

led tree table centrepiece
blossom tree centrepiece


You could even pay homage to some of the amazing wildlife you can find on a jungle safari. Table Art offer animal LED table centres cut out of acrylic material. From Rhinoceroses to Elephants, there’s a whole range of beautiful jungle safari table centrepieces available.

If you want to step it up a notch, we also have a beautiful Ice Lion sculpture, which sits beautifully in the centre of any table. Made from real ice, this table centre promises to blow your guests away as it stays solid throughout the evening, even when lit by our LED lighting system.

ice table centres
ice lion centrepiece

So if you have been worried about throwing a successful party, know that now you have the right resources. With expert help, you’ll be able to manage the task at hand. Just choose the decorations you love and get started on your planning!          

Want to throw a party that offers something for all your guests and keeps them engaged?

Are you searching for the right decorations to bring class and style to your jungle safari themed party?

Wondering about the party props that can help you add charm and magic to the party?

Now you have help available! You can avail the best services from the UK’s bespoke décor experts at Table Art. We have the most stunning event décor to light up your events and make them a raging success.

Get our help and plan parties and events that’ll define you!

Get in touch now to know more about our services!

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