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Black Tie Event Décor Ideas: Themes and Decorations

Black Tie Event Décor Ideas: Themes and Decorations

Black-tie event décor ideas can often be challenging to think of and pull off successfully. You want something that interests and inspires your guest while remaining professional and classy. 

At Table-Art, we dress black-tie events regularly; this means we know what’s trending and can help you decide on your theming and provide everything you need to dress your black-tie event successfully. 

Even with the current popularity of festivals and more casual events, there will always be a place for the more formal black-tie event when something more formal is needed. Dressing up adds to the occasion, with guests planning their outfits often weeks in advance, all adding to the anticipation and drama of the event. 

Black Tie Event Décor Ideas

We have compiled a list of our favourite black-tie event décor ideas with themes and decorations that work perfectly for more formal events. 

1. Hollywood Glamour

Transform your venue, giving your guests the full red-carpet treatment. Let them indulge themselves in the lovable characters, iconic fashions and classy styles that come with the Hollywood Glamour theme. 

We find that Hollywood Glamour is a particularly good choice of theming for awards ceremonies as it gives your guests that feeling of being special as soon as they walk through the door. The glamourous outfits and styles help to set the mood for an exciting event – the presentation of awards is the icing on the cake! 

At Table Art, we have everything you need for your Hollywood Glamour event; we would recommend:

Entrance: 2 x poseur tables with Windsor candelabras dressed in feather bowers. 

Main room: Windsor candelabra table centres. Printed, lit Hollywood panels

Inflatable tunnel

2. Ice and Diamonds

The “Ice and Diamond” party theme is a glamorous and elegant concept that combines the beauty of ice and the brilliance of diamonds. It creates a sophisticated atmosphere with a touch of frosty charm and luxury.

If you’re hosting an Ice and Diamonds theme party, you can encourage your guest to get eccentric with their outfits and accessories; sparkly jewellery is a must! 

We’ve dressed many Ice and Diamond theme black tie events; we would usually recommend:

Entrance: Inflatable walkthrough entrance with icy blue lighting. 

Main room: Ice melt table centres with giant diamonds at the base. 3m mirror ball string curtains with rotating mirror balls

Art deco statuette

3. 1920’a Gatsby

The 1920s Gatsby party theme, also known as the “Roaring Twenties” or “Great Gatsby” theme, is a popular choice for those who want to recreate the glamorous and decadent era of the 1920s. Inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby,” this theme embodies the extravagance, luxury, and lively spirit of the Jazz Age.

For your 1920s Gatsby event theme, we have all you need. To make your event stand out, we would suggest:

Entrance: Gold and black organic balloon arch

Main room: Lit art Deco lamp table centres. 3.5m gold palm trees. Lit, printed art deco panels.

Star Cluster

4. Stars. 

A simple yet striking theming idea which is perfect for black-tie events. If you want something effective without influencing your guest’s personal style and attire, this is a great solution. 

For our stars theme, we would supply the following:

Entrance: 2 x poseur tables with rotating star globes

Main room: Star Cluster table centres sparkly LED trees

Cabaret Lamp

5. Cabaret

Transport your guests straight into the Kander and Ebb musical by transforming your venue into an exclusive nightclub from the 1940s with our Cabaret Theme! 

This theme is perfect for events with a stage and live entertainment. The table lamps we provide are perfect low lighting to eliminate distractions from the stage and really give the classic Cabaret feel.

We’ve found that this type of theme can blow your guests away, and we can help you create the atmosphere required to host a truly successful event. 

Entrance: Red and black organic balloon arch

Main room: Red cabaret lamp table centres. Mirror ball string curtains with red uplighters

Forest Cone

6. Tropical island

A tropical island theme for your black-tie event is a year-round winner, whether amid the Great British Summer or deep in the dark winter nights. 

Because of the fun nature of the tropical island theme, it’s perfect for birthday parties and the like. 

For the Tropical Island theme, we would recommend:

Entrance: 2 x pop-up palm trees

Main room: Forest Cone table centres with palm leaves 

Black Tie Event Décor from Table Art

At Table Art, we provide table centres, decorations, and props for all types of events, including black-tie events. 

Black-tie events are special, so you need to make sure your décor reflects that. As well as the above themes, we have a whole host of other options that you might be interested in; make sure you contact us for more details. 

If you’re looking for black-tie event décor ideas, contact us today. We can talk you through our options and help you decide the best theme for your event and everything we can provide.


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