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James Bond Themed Night – The 11 Secrets For The Perfect Event

11 secrets for the perfect James Bond themed night

James Bond Themed Night – The 11 Secrets For The Perfect Event

James Bond is arguably the most famous film spy in the history of cinema so it’s understandable if you’re considering throwing a James Bond themed night event.

In this blog post, we’re going to go through some important considerations when planning a James Bond themed night so your James Bond event will be something 007 would be proud of!

The Bar

No James Bond themed night is complete without the essential James Bond alcoholic beverage – a Martini. Make sure you’ve got an expert on hand that can make a quality Martini. Also, consider that other beverages like wine and champagne go well with a James Bond theme.

The drinks choice is one thing. You also need to consider how the bar itself looks. The bar needs to look like something that James would saunter up to, plant himself down at and enjoy his favourite Martini. The lighting, the seats, sofas and tables should all reflect that unique James Bond style. We’ve some incredible focal pieces you can use to create that wow impact.


We’re confident James Bond would be asking for a shaken not stirred if he saw that!

If you’d like a great James Bond-themed bar then we recommend Ace Bar Events who provide great bar support service throughout the UK. Get in touch with us and we can introduce you to the right person.


Casino Games

Casino games are synonymous with a James Bond theme night so don’t forget to get your classic Roulette or Blackjack table set up at the event. This could serve as a well placed focal point. Just imagine your Blackjack table illuminated with lighting, changing as the game changed. It would draw guests over, like moths to a light.

And it’s certainly one way to enjoy a drink in style.

Classic Scenes

Want to make your guests feel like they just stepped into a James Bond film? Then make sure you re-create some blockbuster moments from classic James Bond films. There are plenty of great scenes to choose from so you won’t be short of ideas for inspiration.

You’ve got the intense poker scene from Casino Royale. This was a scene full of tension and suspense because of what was at stake during this game of Texas Hold’em poker if Bond was to lose.

And who could forget the classic moment that perhaps made the entire James Bond film series? In the very first 007 film starring Sean Connery, he sits down at the casino table and simply utters to everyone there, ‘My name is Bond – James Bond.’ Establishing one of the most famous one-liners in film history. Perhaps create a little mini set, provide a context where guests can take videos, sharing these on Instagram and Facebook.



Consider the decorations that go well with a James Bond themed night. There are many options you can take here. One great way to make your venue stand out is a red carpet entrance. Another could be flame lights and lighting arrangements located at different areas of the venue that are well-known with a James Bond theme.

There are props you can use; a James Bond silhouette or famous illuminated Bond girl. You can use a large ice bucket that lights up and changes colours. You could create illuminated 007 logos around the walls of the venue.

There are dozens of ways you can approach decorations creatively at a James Bond themed night. The art to this is focusing on class, and not tacky overly used and done effects.


What kind of lighting goes well with a James Bond themed event? Think about James Bond in general. The movies are full of action and suspense, some twists and turns. The good news is that the creative geniuses here at Table Art know exactly how to capture the James Bond drama with clever lighting displays built into your centrepieces.

Think about what kind of lighting would convey these kinds of emotions and effects and litter it throughout the venue because it’s a great way to add to the vibe of your event.


What would a table with a James Bond theme look like? It would probably encapsulate something classy, sophisticated and elegant in keeping with true James Bond style. So think of something like white tablecloths, tall drinking glasses on the table, elegant cutlery and crockery, and 007 branded seating.

And of course, with Table Art’s unique eye for creativity, we can amplify all of this with cleverly placed lighting displays to add to the James Bond mood and feel. Take a look at some of the images below. Instead of being in a situation where your expensive props are only seen 15% of the evening, put the impact directly in front of people’s eyes when they are sat at their tables.



Who are the classic characters from 007 films you can think of? Of course, there are the numerous James Bond 007 names we’ve come to know and love; M, Miss Moneypenny, Q on the side of the good guys.

And you can’t forget some of the memorable bad guys. There is Le Chiffre from Casino Royale and Auric Goldfinger from Goldfinger. Or the classical Ernst Stavro Blofeld who featured in more than one 007 film. Get a few actors (or well-bribed team members) to walk around in costume. It works a treat.


The music is a big part of the atmosphere in any James Bond-themed event. A great idea for music for these kinds of events is an acoustic string quartet. Or, if you use Table Art for planning and organising your James Bond-themed night, we can use a SONOS sound system. This has the ability to play the classic James Bond themes along with famous lines from the films and additional sound effects.

Just imagine as your guests are pouring into your event, being greeted with James Bond hits to add to the vibe and sophistication of the night. You could hire a DJ to play a full album of James Bond hits and mix them in their own style for a nice little twist on some classic James Bond hits. And of course, everyone loves to hear a bit of Shirley Bassey’s… Goldfinger.

No matter what you go with, make sure the music hits the big notes.

Pick A Specific Film

There are so many great James Bond films that you may want to just pick a James Bond theme and keep it focused on that. Think of Skyfall, Golden Eye or Casino Royale.

Then you can pick the specific characters from each film, explosive scenes you may want to recreate from each one, and tie all the artworks around this for a memorable experience.


It’s all well and good to consider the finer aspects of an event but you also need to think about the venue and where the event will be held. Key considerations here are how many people will be at the even and the ease of access.

Would you like it to be a large and flexible space with plenty of room for customising the venue and various elements inside the room? Would you like it to be a more intimate atmosphere while still achieving that cool James Bond vibe?

It can be tough to work out what venues are ideal for your event, if that’s something you’re stuck with then let us know.


Every James Bond-themed night needs a great opening. The entrance is the perfect way to set the tone for what guests can expect inside the venue. How can you set the tone of cool sophistication that Bond is known for before guests even take a step inside the venue? 

Have you thought of having a few select Bond cars outside? You can guarantee with a bit of clever thought you will create a lot of photos and videos to be shared. We’ve got a great secret idea we’d long to tell you about here. Give us a call and ask to speak to Leigh about this. 

Or consider a light tunnel entrance with lighting that can change colours in an instant. Include light panels on the entrance sides that illuminate while guests are walking through. Then you’ve set the perfect way to create the tone for what awaits inside the venue. Sometimes people get scared about the cost associated with the entrance furniture. We have a unique offering for the more discerning amongst you, that if you ask us nicely and work with us on a mutual win-win, can get you a third off our already great value prices.

A lit arc tunnel entrance to add a sophisticated 007 vibe for a perfect James Bond event

Conclusion: Creating A Perfect James Bond Themed Night

A James Bond themed night can be tacky or a great success. It’s easy for people to dress up appropriately and feel great and for the event to match the way people feel. There is a lot of meticulous planning and groundwork that goes into creating the perfect James Bond-themed night.

Don’t leave it to chance, or learn from your mistakes. We’ve worked with dozens of partners to create the best James Bond experiences. Allow us to give you our input to stop you creating a clanger but instead deliver some magic. 

Call us today and ask for Bond. James Bond and a little surprise awaits you. 


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