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The Ultimate Guide To A New York Theme Event

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The Ultimate Guide To A New York Theme Event

The allure of the Big Apple is felt the world over and it’s a city with a unique style all of its own. From its gorgeous art deco skyscrapers to its vibrant underground world, and to the many landmarks and icons that give the city its mythical status, it’s the perfect place to base an event theme on.

With a New York theme, you can place guests in their own fairytale dream and transform your venue into something sophisticated and charming. It’s got ideal opportunities for branding and social media, and it can work to really compliment the right event or setting.

To help you bring the streets of NYC indoors we’ve created this style guide, outlining some of the best ideas to decorate, light, furnish your event to create a sensational atmosphere.

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Getting Started

Like any great city, New York is able to offer visitors true elegance in its many fabulous hotels and restaurants, but also endless fun in its parks and stadiums.

This means you can pitch your New York City theme at any level you want. You can have a birthday party, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or end of year event that is filled with baseball icons, hot dog stands, and bright lights. Or you can have an award ceremony, banquet dinner, Christmas party, or wedding that uses an art deco style to enrapture your guests.

It’s also a perfect backdrop for a corporate event that is celebrating a deal or change of address involving NYC.

Many hotel receptions sporting authentic 1920s decorations are perfect for a NYC theme, as are museums, stadiums, American-style bars, and university buildings. There’s a good reason Hollywood often turns to the old quarters of Manchester and Liverpool when it wants to shoot a scene in 20th century NYC.

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Decorations, Furniture, And Design

The essential design element for any NYC theme event is to capture its twinkling skyline using props, tableware, light panels, or posters. In front of this, you can incorporate NYC icons such as subway signs, the Statue of Liberty, yellow taxi cabs, the Brooklyn Bridge, and baseball imagery.

NYC has many awe-inspiring modernist and brutalist buildings but it is most associated with its art deco style. You can make this come alive with feathery props, stained glass, Cubist prints and designs, and chandeliers.

Your choice of furniture is what will really transform your theme into a scene by using early 20th century staples such as leather chairs, travelling trunks, banker lamps, and wooden statement pieces with ornate designs.

Being a NYC theme, one thing you need to get right is the bar. An American-style bar or full cocktail bar is a must and you can make it stand out with a lit design that will entice guests towards it from across the room.

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Centrepieces, Lighting, And Colour Scheme

A classic NYC theme is monochrome finished with gold and bottle green. You can also experiment with baseball pinstripes, brick red, leather browns, chequerboard patterns, and bright yellow.

Broadway and Time Square are famous for their lights and you can mirror this at your event by using festoon bulbs, vanity bulbs, and large light panels or signs. You then want to ensure you have a good dynamic lighting option to highlight all of your decorations and designs.

At Table Art, we create custom centrepieces that can come lit in a colour of your choice and have remote-controlled lighting that can be changed throughout the night so that you are always in control of the atmosphere.

With the design of the centrepiece, you want something that ties into your theme and adds some unique texture to the style of your event. You might consider an art deco style mirror ball, a twisting flame, or a true slice of New York City life.

Check out some of our past centrepiece creations for more inspiration.

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New York, A Helluva Town: Creating A Perfect New York Night

Guests always love a New York theme because it gives them elegance with a fun twist. It pairs well with entertainment and popular catering choices, and it photographs extremely well in selfies and for online marketing campaigns.

Try to really make the city come alive in your venue and to transport your guests there without ever needing to leave the country.

If you want help making a magnificent New York theme event, then get in touch with Table Art for a consultation. We can create, transport, and install a wide range of centrepieces and furniture so that you can relax in style.


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