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Hosting An Atlantis Themed Event

Hosting An Atlantis Themed Event

coral chandelier prop
atlantis themed events

If you want to go for something unique, we suggest you choose the Atlantis themed event. It is classic, wonderful and highly sophisticated. Bring the underwater fantasy to life by decorating the venue with the best items and props.

But, finding the right décor items for an Atlantis-themed event is a tough task. After all, you want everything to be perfect. Atlantis-themed décor items are not available just anywhere. You can’t make these yourself as it takes a lot of time and effort. What choice do you have then?

Table Art!

Our decoration will stun your guests because everything will be more than perfect. We have decorated underwater-themed events before and they have been a raging success. You can trust us with your event because we offer nothing but the best props and services.

From LED table centrepieces to props and furniture, you will find everything for your underwater themed event at Table Art. What makes us unique is the stunning lighting we offer. Every corner of the venue will be perfect and the lights will make the underwater experience even more real. Blue, purple and green colours will create a great ambiance for your underwater-themed décor.

Not sure what props and décor items to pick for your Atlantis-themed event?

Let us help you.

Here’s a list of the best décor items, centrepieces, props and furniture that you can choose from for your event.

neptune god statue
neptune god statue

1.     Coral LED Table Centrepiece

Of course, you need a centrepiece on each table. Instead of just putting some flowers in a vase, choose something that relates to your theme. Our designer Joseph Martin has created the perfect table centrepiece for an Atlantis-themed event. Our Coral LED table centrepiece is truly a masterpiece. It is made by sculpting acrylic into a complex silhouette. You can choose any colour you want for the LED lights that light up the centrepiece. However, we suggest you go with green, white, red or blue. It will give the perfect underwater look.

Coral table centrepiece has a unique design. No two centrepieces will be the same. After all, it is an underwater theme and that’s how corals are supposed to be. Choose this stunning table centrepiece and you will have a beautiful underwater motif on each table.

atlantis table centre
atlantis table centre

2.     Coral Chandelier

You can also add a coral chandelier to the venue. These are much bigger than the LED table centrepieces. We make these spectacular chandeliers from acrylic in any size you require. We suggest you choose a longer version with at least three tiers if you have a big venue for the event. The Coral Chandeliers  hang from the ceiling and can be lit using LED lights. Leave the lighting to our experts. 

With LED light falling on these chandeliers from different angles, they will create a spectacular ambiance. Your guest will feel like they are in the middle of an ocean with coral reefs here and there. And, that is exactly what you want for your event to be successful.

atlantis underwater theming
atlantis underwater theming

3.     Swirl LED Table Centrepiece

Want more options for table centrepieces? You can also pick our Swirl centrepiece. It is made with acrylic and has a perfect swirl shape. You can get them in any size as they are hand sculpted and can be customised. These centrepieces will look stunning in an Atlantis themed event, especially when LED lights fall on them.

medium swirl table centre
medium swirl table centre

4.     Neptune Statue

Your underwater themed event will not be complete until you have at least one of our Neptune statues on the venue. The Roman god statue will be a feature point of your event. The stunning statue comes with green/copper patina. It looks like it has just been raised from the depths of an ocean. You can either place this statue somewhere in the venue or simply hang it from the ceiling if the venue has a high roof.

Include these stunning statues in your event décor and you will leave your guests awe-struck.

underwater event decorations
statue prop neptune

5.     Pixel Poseur Table

Add a touch of elegance and grace to your underwater-themed event with our beautiful Pixel Poseur Tables. The elegant design has a twirl of white cloth that you can light up using LED technology. In fact, the lights can also move in any direction you want, creating a spectacular underwater effect.

You will find these tables to be in complete harmony with the overall theme. Add them to your Atlantis themed décor and prepare to amaze your guests.

James Bond 007 Pixel Poseur Tables
pixel poseur tables

Planning an Atlantis themed event is not a problem anymore. You will find everything that you need at Table Art. Our experts have carefully crafted all our centrepieces, props and furniture. The attention to detail on each piece will make you and your guests go WOW. With LED lights, you can light up all these props, thus adding an additional dimension to your already spectacular arrangements.

Get the best props, table centrepieces and furniture for your Atlantis themed event or any other event from our team at Table Art. We are the UK’s best décor experts. Our stunning event décor will light up your events and make them the talk of the town. 

If you’d like an obligation-free quote for your upcoming event, get in touch with our team of professionals today.

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