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1920s Event Theming

1920s Splendour and Opulence for your event

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1920s Event Theming for all Occasions

When you think of the 1920s, what comes to your mind? Think old Hollywood, black and white movies, and a lot of decadence. It’s also a very popular theme for parties and events because it can be great fun.

Apart from knowing the style and elements of the right era, it can be tough to find the right props and accessories. It’s not just about the props and accessories though. Our team of consultants has been helping to plan successful events for years. Our experience translates itself into the results you see.

So, what do our team of consultants have to say about 1920s themed parties? They have the following tips and recommendations to share on how you can make the event a huge success:

1920s feather lamp table centre
feather lamp table centre

Pick One Core Element from the 1920s

Before you start, it’s a good idea to focus on one core area of the 1920s. Perhaps you are considering Casablanca or the Great Gatsby? By focusing on what your interpretation of the 1920s Event Theming is and the core area you like, you can apply the theme more credibly throughout your event.

It will also make it easier for you to understand the colour scheme to use, the dress code and the right props and accessories to get. In this case, you end up getting more definition and direction in your theme. 

This can be a recipe for disaster as it makes it difficult to find the right props and accessories. So, take some time to think about it. It’ won’t take long to decide this area but it will be well worth the effort.

1920s cabaret lamp centrepieces
cabaret lamp centrepieces

Bright Colours and Rich Ornaments for your 1920s event theming

The 1920s was an era for wealth and richness in everything. It’s also when the industrial market was booming and many people had made fortunes through the railroad, steel mills and other factories. This meant that parties were extravagant affairs with rich colour schemes and opulent statues.

It’s a good idea to try and embody this luxury in the colour scheme that you are choosing. Good colours for this theme include gold, black, silver and similar variants. If you want to use reds, make sure that they are rich and deep in hue. Avoid bright splashes of colour as these will look out of place in this theme.

Additionally, fluffy and feathery textures were a huge favourite as well as sparkles and glitters. You should opt for our fluffy candelabras which embody this with ease. They feature an acrylic base with LED lighting. The feathers on the boa are crafted to make them light, see-through and fluorescent.

1920s candelabra table centre
fluffy candelabra table centres

Get the Right Centrepieces

Now, the 1920s are about signature pieces and accessories so you need to get the right centrepieces for your tables. Some of the best ones that you can get are our Cabaret lamps. These are a similar style to private parlour lamps that were used in bars and gentlemen’s clubs.

With a red lampshade and a black fringe, these lamps are a classic way to make the 20s come to life. These make one immediately think of how the 20s were a hedonistic mixture of liquor, lust and gambling. The lamps bring an aura of luxury with a dark wooden base.

If you’re not a fan of these lamps, you can take a look at some of our other table lamps. From unique Tiffany lamps to hand-crafted, stained glass lamps, you can find the perfect one that matches the theme and the energy you are trying to bring to your event.

Light Panels and Bars

No 1920s party is complete without a bar because liquor was usually flowing freely in the 1920s. It’s funny because the 1920s was also when the Prohibition on liquor came to pass. Selling and consumption were deemed illegal but bars always had their own black market.

Oddly enough, it is stated that people drank more during the Prohibition than they did in other years. However, your party doesn’t need to embody the Prohibition era. You can also make your bar a part of the theme with the use of the perfect light panels.

Our favourite is the Gatsby themed LED light panels which tie in with the bar. It’s a unique piece which will definitely draw your guests towards it. Additionally, the light system can be customised to make it match with any colour theme you have in mind.

These are just a few of the recommendations that we can offer. If you want to browse for the appropriate centrepieces, accessories and more, take a look at our collection

1920s event decorations
art deco great gatsby

We Can Bring the 1920s to Life with our event theming!

Table Art have organised many 1920s themed events successfully and can help you pick the right accessories, centrepieces, and statues. Additionally, we have a unique team of designers and can also custom-make accessories as needed for the event.

If you want help designing and creating your event then get in touch with Table Art for a consultation. We can build, transport, and install custom centrepieces and furniture so that you are free to relax.

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