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Make your Product Launch Memorable

Make your Product Launch Memorable with Table Art

awards table centres
awards table centres

Let Table Art help you with your product launch. You are about to launch a new product and you need all the help you can find. It’ll help you get people interested in the event. With the help of a few resources, you can plan a product launch party that’ll spread the word. Unless the customers remember the product, your marketing efforts are likely to go to waste.

So take this opportunity to plan a party that stands out for all the right reasons. With Party Art at your disposal, coming up with the right ideas isn’t a hassle anymore. So let’s get started and explore some tips to make product launches memorable.

star fountain cascade
star fountain cascade

·       Make a Blast – Exploding Confetti Balloon

To make sure people remember the day, you need to add a few essential elements. The show stopping announcement deserves a prop that pays tribute to the idea. At such a time, you can get help from our fantastically whimsical centrepieces. Each table at the event features a clear three foot balloon. You can choose your favourite confetti for the table centres.

As soon as you make the announcement, our technicians will press a button that’ll automatically pop the balloons. As you disclose your products, a vibrant rainbow of confetti will fall over your guests for a dramatic effect. Now that’s called showmanship!

balloon event decor
exploding confetti balloon

·       Welcome the Guests – Branded Lit Arc

Since the whole purpose of the event is to strengthen your company and brand, you need some promotional props. Our branded lit arc gives you just the right opportunity. They are not only a way to brighten up dark places but also to showcase your product.

Using customised printing, we can design unique arched panels with the logo of your company or other information. We can arrange them at the entrance to form a tunnel that’ll lead guests into the venue. Or if you are looking for something else, you can use them to bookmark the stage area. If you are looking to make a bold statement, this is surely the right prop for you.

Branded lit panels also make a great entrance feature. Place them at the entrance or use them as panels inside the venue. Wherever they are, there’s no doubt that they make an impressive and efficient welcoming committee.  

arc branded events
branded arc décor

·       Lay it out – Animated Frame

Keeping your guests updated and informed about each part of the event is one way to keep them interested. With our animated frame, you can do just that. Many people use it to display the table settings. Others arrange a few of these around the venue to play their advertisements throughout the evening. There are several ways you can use the animated frame.

All you need to do is insert a USB in the frame and it’ll display your content instantly. You can choose the right content to amplify the event theme. So get your creative juices flowing and decide the best way to make this prop work for you.

framed tv events
framed tv events

·       The Reveal – Ice Cube

In order to keep the guests interested, we provide you with one of our best table centres— the ice cube. It is definitely an audacious table centre for hire and that’s why it is best suited for people who love being dramatic. It is a real block of ice that slowly melts over time to reveal your product at the centre of it. The tantalising reveal creates a sense of mystery and is sure to keep your guests guessing till the end. Mesmerize your guests with this great idea and start your evening on a cool note.    

ice cube centrepieces
ice cube branded

Expert Help from Table Art

Our team of experts at Table Art understand that there is a lot of planning that goes in the process. Since it’s the launch and you’d want it to be successful, we can help you. The challenges of the task can make it seem impossible but with experts on the job, you need not worry.

When launching a new product, it’s important to make a great impression on all the guests. First impressions count and unless you manage to reel in customers from the start, it’ll be a treacherous road ahead. Our design team understands the severity of the situation and the need of the hour. Using their years of experience as professional party planners, they have come with the right ideas. The designs they create cater to the needs of your business and enable you to throw a grand event.        

We offer an array of props that can enhance the theme of the event and help you plan a successful product launch. It’s better to leave the job in the hands of the experts than worry about the trifle details. Be it table centres, party decorations or furniture for the event, remember our team at Party Art has your back!

If you are looking to add that personal touch to your event or product launch let us know. We can turn your vision into a reality and incorporate your ideas in the decorations.  

Looking for customised centrepieces? Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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