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How to Throw an LA Themed Party

Throw An LA Themed Party

la themed party event ideas
party event ideas

Are you planning to throw an LA Themed Party? When you think of Hollywood, movie stars and a party-life that never ends, Los Angeles is probably the first city that comes to mind. The original sin city, LA is the city of angels. It is also the home of Hollywood and many Hollywood stars where the fun never stops.

From fine dining, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, to shopping until you drop; the city caters to the interests of each and every person. LA is also the destination of choice for most people who are looking to rub shoulders with their favourite stars while shopping.

Naturally, the LA life is addictive and emulating it in a theme can be an exciting challenge. We call it a challenge because throwing an LA themed party can be difficult. There’s so much to focus on and so many sides of LA that bringing it to life in a theme is next to impossible.

That is if you are working on your own but Table Art can help you out. At Table Art, we specialise in making the impossible possible. If you’re looking to throw an LA themed party, you can find everything you need with us.

From custom props to unique centrepieces and more, we can help to make sure that your party embodies this theme completely. If you’re wondering where to start or which props to include in your theme, take a look at our top recommendations here!

la themed party chairs
hollywood theme chair

LED Panels and Lights

First things first, LA is full of bright lights and vibrant colours. You can make this theme come to life with the help of our LED panels and LED lights. We can customise these according to the colour theme you have in mind.

In fact, our LED panels are a huge hit because they also feature custom graphics. So, if you want Elvis to be a part of your LA themed party, we can put his image on our LED panels. We can also customise your bar to apply any Hollywood theme.

la themed event centrepieces
old hollywood centrepieces

The Iconic Hollywood Sign

No LA themed party is complete without the iconic Hollywood sign which welcomes you to Los Angeles and Hollywood. In fact, many enthusiasts drive for miles just to pose with this sign. So, you can now bring this sign to your guests instead.

Our in-house designers have perfectly replicated the sign making a fantastic entrance.. Just like when driving up to the city, your guests can start to anticipate that they’re going to be in for an exciting time.

la themed event led panels
hollywood sign led panels

Get Some LED Bar Stools

LA has some of the best bars. You can bring this element to life in your theme by getting our unique LED bar stools. These are not only aesthetically pleasing and look sophisticated for the party. Pair them with the right tables and they can steal the show!

The best part is that much like the panels, these allow you to change the colour according to your theme or the colour scheme that you are applying. With the help of these, you will be able to ensure that you have the perfect seating options for your LA themed party!

la themed party bar stool hire
bar stool hire

Exploding Confetti Balloons

No party is complete without balloons. That’s why another fun element to add to your LA themed party are our confetti filled balloons. These are large inflatable balloons that are filled with your choice of confetti. These are not only aesthetically pleasing and cute to look at but we have gone one step further.

Our confetti balloons are completely automated and will explode, together, at the press of a button. You can get the party started with these amazing confetti balloons exploding and scattering confetti on your guests. You can also get the ball rolling for an important announcement by exploding these balloons at the pop of a button. These can be a great way to start or end a high energy event!

balloon event decor
exploding confetti balloon

Mirror Ball Centrepieces

Disco balls are a great addition to your LA themed party because LA has a vibrant nightlife. If you’re looking to add them tastefully, try our mirror ball centrepieces. Placed on a low or high pedestal and they are beautiful.  Light up the mirror balls and see the colours bounce off its reflective surface. 

With the help of these props and decor pieces, you can make your LA themed party come to life! Luckily, these aren’t all the items we have. Our inventory is extensive and we’re always adding new items in it. Check it out to discover more items you can use.

la themed party centrepieces
lily vase mirrorball

Let Us Work With You

If you’re struggling to apply the LA themed party or need help with custom props then we can help you out. Table Art specialises in event styling, customised props and consultation services for parties and themed events. Our experts have years of experience in handling different parties and events.

Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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