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Table Art: The Hollywood Collection

Table Art: The Hollywood Collection

An ever-glittering presence in the events industry, a Hollywood theme continues to enchant guests.

For those who work within the events field, there are some themes that have remained a staple throughout the decades. Hollywood is one such theme, particularly Hollywood of Old. It’s easy to see why. We all want a chance to live the Hollywood experience, when Cary Grant and Grace Kelly ruled the Silver Screen. Back when the world was just that bit more glamourous. For that reason, every fledgling event planner needs to get to grips with the theme and set themselves apart from the competition. Same for those veteran event planners, in that they need to keep up to date with the theme and not jump to the well-worn props and centrepieces they have relied upon for years.

Unique Event Decor

Here is where Table Art steps in. We specialise in unique event décor and centrepieces and so we are the go-to company for your Hollywood Party. We have invested a great deal into the design and development of our Hollywood Collection. Our mission was to set ourselves apart from our competitors, offering sophisticated alternatives for a Cinema inspired party. This blog focusses on our Hollywood range of centrepieces, all of which stand out for there distinct design and elegant execution.

Let’s get our Hollywood on…

hollywood event style

Film Reel

“We have our factory, which is called a stage. We make a product, we color it, we title it, and we ship it out in cans.” Cary Grant

When you think Hollywood, there are some motifs that immediately spring to mind. One such motif is the Film Reel. As such, Table Art used this icon of cinema as the inspiration for their first Hollywood Table Centre. Utilizing the tall acrylic legs first debuted on our Crystal Globe, the design studio developed an alternative topper. Playing with a multi-dimensional concept, they employed two film reels and mounted them to the stand with a bespoke set of clips. Adding in the hi-quality film print ribbon, the film reel tape is draped down the stand. The result is an instantly recognisable depiction of old Hollywood. An irresistible combination of old and new. You have the film reels of old hollywood combined with the modern stylings of Table Art.

Arguably one of our most popular designs from the Hollywood Collection, this design has illuminated hundreds of events. Often partnered with our large Film Reel Prop, the ability to customise these props makes them an equally popular choice. From featuring images of the Award winners to Bar Mitzvah Movie posters, these can be a key addition to a Hollywood party.

Fluffy Lamp

“We cast away priceless time in dreams, born of imagination, fed upon illusion.” Judy Garland

The Fluffy Lamp channels the silver screen sirens of old, from Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich to Joan Crawford. The feather boa was a classic costume accessory for the renowned actresses of the era. At decadent premieres, actresses stepped out from their limousines to adoring crowds, playing coy with the feather wrap around their shoulders. The feather boa has become the must have accessory for attendees to a Hollywood Party, so it seemed a natural addition to a Hollywood themed centrepiece.

When it comes to textiles and using it in centrepieces, we know that choosing the colour white is vital. If you want a colour that will illuminate well and take on colour, white is your best option. When the design studio first developed this design, they sourced crisp white fabric and boas. The combination is moulded to a flat-pack framework. The result of which is an elegant Lampshade that stands tall in the centre of the table. A go to choice for the Best Parties Hollywood Christmas Parties, the Fluffy Lamp features heavily across social media.

fluffy lamp tobacco dock

Cabaret and Tiffany Lamp

“Life’s like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending.” Jim Henson

This Cabaret and Tiffany Collection is the chic choice for an event planner looking to bring to life a Hollywood theme. With a distinct 1920’s style, these centrepieces are perfect for those looking to take a more historic approach to the theme. Take guests back to a time when Hollywood was rising from the depression, a much-needed beacon of light. As the silver screen was tones of black and white, you can imagine a night at the cinema was finished inside a cabaret bar. Bring that tone to your event and select one of our low-level cabaret lamps for your tables.

Take a sophisticated approach to the theme and partner our Tiffany/Cabaret lamps with our old Hollywood lit panelling. Featuring movie stars of old, these monochromatic prints light beautifully and make for an effective photo backdrop. Working well in a drinks reception or entrance, they immediately set the theme. Give guests an opportunity to get their photos taken alongside Frank Sinatra and Fred Astaire…

Casino Martini

“I’m sorry. That last hand…nearly killed me.” —Daniel Craig AKA James Bond in Casino Royale

A fresh approach to a Hollywood theme can be to focus on a particular movie or franchise. What stronger movie franchise is there than that of James Bond? With all the glamour and seduction of an Old Hollywood Party, a James Bond take will add a sense of thrill and excitement. Here at Table Art we are no strangers to a Bond theme and have our own dedicated collection of Bond themed centrepieces. However, for this hollywood focus, we wanted to highlight the Martini Casino.

A Martini Glass instantly gives a sense of style to the table. By adding in the Casino Chip detail, a James Bond tone is set! Films like Casino Royale perfectly illustrate the glamour of a James Bond Movie and so a Casino themed table centre brings that to the event.

We also have sleek selection of Bond themed props for an event. Take a look at our event styling range by clicking here. We illustrate the full Bond collection which features our distinctive light panels, stretch lit tunnel and led red carpet entrance. We have everything you need for a Hollywood themed Bond Party.

martini glass centrepieces

Crystal Candelabra

“There is no end.  no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life.” ― Fellini

Hollywood loves awards, proven with an annual awards season! Starting with the Emmys, it all culminates in the prestigious Oscars Ceremony. With such iconic awards held every year, it is little wonder that event planners look to replicate the prestige at their own awards.  These landmark awards set the perfect template for an awards ceremony, in fact they often set a trend for a year ahead. 2019 saw white Cabaret Lamps at an after party and so the following day, our office had enquiries from planners looking for a similar style!

When looking for an opulent centrepiece that imitates the glamour of an Oscar Party, look no further than our Crystal Candelabra. Our classic Candelabra is transformed with a lavish crystal chandelier. The crystal droplets capture the light beautifully and illuminates the table in a warm glow. Pairing this design with our DMX system, you can even highlight winners’ tables when announcements are made! We just need to liaise directly with your AV team to pre programme the lights.

dmx crystal candelabra

The Wrap Up

As the sparkle of old Hollywood shows no sign of fading, we need to keep things fresh. Laziness is the death nail of creativity and as an event planner, you need to strive for uniqueness. Clients will want to be blown away by brand new ideas. We take the hard work out of that process and deliver you new Hollywood ideas to keep your party concepts at the cutting edge! The centrepieces featured in this blog are just a small selection of what we have to offer on the Hollywood theme. Explore our Event Styling range for the full collection of décor options.


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