Blog / Floral Table Centres Are Making A Comeback In The Events Industry

Floral Table Centres Are Making A Comeback In The Events Industry

Floral Table Centres Are Making A Comeback In The Events Industry

Many have this idea that floral table centres are a thing of the past. But Table Art are revolutionising the events industry and helping them make a comeback.

The key with floral table centres, as with a lot of things, is variation. If there’s just one design being displayed at all events, that design’s popularity will fade quickly.

Here at Table Art, we’ve got a team of imaginative designers, who are constantly coming up with new ideas to shift the landscape of the industry.

In today’s blog, we’ll explore our range of floral table centres and hopefully give you some centrepiece ideas ahead of your next event.

floral glass centrepieces
Blossom Vase

Blossom Fish Bowl

This one is for those who prefer a smaller, yet just as effective choice. The Blossom Fish Bowl, one of our very first floral table centres, has been a big hit amongst Table Art clients for years. Thanks to its low profile, guests have clear vision across the event space. Yet thanks to our stunning LED technology, the centrepiece still shines in the centre of every table.

One event this beautiful design featured at was an awards ceremony for Diversified Communications at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole in 2019. The Blossom Fish Bowls were a big hit with both our client and guests at the venue.

fish bowl led centre
Fish Bowl Blossom

Warwick Vase

We mentioned these floral table centres in our previous blog; they’re so good we’re going to talk about them again! A new design courtesy of MD Gary Martin, the Warwick Vase really is a work of art. The addition of twinkling fairy lights elevates these LED centrepieces to a whole new level.

The Warwick Vase was most recently out in London, during November 2021 as part of a drinks reception Poseur Table feature. We adapted the lit table centres to create a mini version. These are designed to avoid blocking lines of sight whilst still standing out in a large event space.

floral table centres
Warwick Vase

Blossom Tree

A similar design to the Warwick Vase, the Blossom Tree is one of the finest floral table centres we offer. If you’re looking for floral LED centrepieces that will stand out, this is the ideal option for you. Standing proudly as one of our tallest lit table centres, the Blossom Tree will make an impact on your guests.

These floral table centres are a big favourite in Scotland, thanks to the work of our friends at the Blue Parrot Events Group. They are masters when it comes to event photography. Whenever a new batch of pictures drop in, we’re always excited to see the results!

floral table centres
Blossom Tables

Flower Float

Another classic amongst the Table Art collection is the Flower Float. Here at Table Art, we love trying a modern approach to the traditional and the Flower Float is just that. Each table centrepiece is set up carefully by our talented crew to ensure that each floral catches the light perfectly, allowing for stunning illumination across every event.

This centrepiece has travelled far and wide, not just across the UK but around the world. A highlight was it featuring at the Sheikh Mohammed Endurance Cup show in Dubai, thanks to our UAE franchise.

Flower Float Table Centre


The Birdcage is a great choice for any event, but works especially well with an Art Deco theme. Its Rose Gold finish oozes vintage glamour and offers a throwback to the Roaring 20s. When designing these floral table centres, we worked closely with our friends at Twisted Willow Floristry. This was to ensure the flowers inside were not only up to scratch, but exceeded all expectations!

Anyone who knows us well will know just how much we love working at Grosvenor House in London. We were delighted to have our Birdcage table centres adorn every table for an event in November 2021.

floral table centres
Birdcage Centrepiece at Grosvenor House, London

Now that you’ve read this blog, why not explore the rest of our range of floral table centres on our website? We’ve got a whole page full of ideas – pick your favourites, then get in touch for an obligation-free quote.

Our hard-working team are waiting for your call!

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