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25 Pop Culture Themed Events That Will Get Guests Buzzing

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25 Pop Culture Themed Events That Will Get Guests Buzzing

A theme for your event will allow you to really focus on your design. Choosing a specific pop culture night will make that design even tighter. Pop culture themed events are always popular and guests enjoy being able to visit their favourite fictional worlds or to discover new ones. 

Not all books, films, or tv shows are good material for a party theme. They need to be strong in atmosphere, have an iconic setting, and be filled with well-known characters that guests can dress up as.

We’ve compiled a list of 25 of the best pop culture themed events out there to get you really thinking about what’s possible at an event. If you want to see some of our own pop culture events and our other recent creations, then take at look at our gallery.

1. Star Wars Theme Night

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Star Wars is loved the world over by adults and children, and everyone will be enthusiastic about seeing their favourite characters and settings brought to life. Neon lights, spaceship interiors, and backdrops of the galaxy will fit in well here. Everyone loves to dress up as Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker or shout I am your Father, as Darth Vader whilst swooshing their lightsaber. 

2. Murder On The Orient Express Theme Night

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A murder mystery is a classic party theme and a Murder on the Orient Express Theme Night plays to one of the most well-known murder mysteries out there. It gives you the opportunity to decorate with beautiful art deco furnishing, have guests dress up in beautiful 1920s flapper dresses or come booted as Hercule Poirot. It creates a refined but playful event for your guests.

3. Titanic Theme Night

The Titanic was a picture book vision of an opulent party and it provides a great model for styling your event with nautical and Edwardian decorations. It will be a mix of a black tie ball and a fantastical, almost steampunk, setting for guests to revel in.

4. Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Theme Night

Life after the apocalypse is a familiar scene in pop culture, whether it’s escaping zombie hordes in the Walking Dead or battling for survival on the Planet of the Apes. This is a very creative theme that is perfectly suited for millennial audiences.

5. Labyrinth Theme Night

The 1986 cult film Labyrinth is great inspiration for a party thanks to its iconic masquerade ball scene and the many memorable characters that feature in it. It is fantasy meets fine-dining and you can even include a labyrinth of your own for guests to explore.

6. Mad Men Theme Night

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A Mad Men themed party is a 60s party but a very specific one. It turns its attention to the high fashion and sophistication of 1960s New York City and gives way to a smouldering and very stylish evening. Guests can get particularly excited about the wide range of cocktails that are usually present.

7. Grease Theme Night


Grease is allegedly the most watched film of all time, and its 1950s musical setting makes the perfect backdrop for a lively party or event. Think vintage diners, Cadillac convertibles, jukeboxes, and a dangerous amount of pomade.  

8. Disney Theme Night

A Disney theme might not be ideal if you are planning a large ticketed event where copyright might be an issue, but you can certainly make a magical cartoon themed party wherever you want. The Disney canon is full of wonderful characters and scenes that will make a brilliant backdrop for the right event.

9. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Theme Night

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of the most iconic Roald Dahl stories and it lends itself very well to events and parties. The two film adaptations give you a good visual map of what the factory might look like with its chocolate fountain, candy furnishings, and fresh colour scheme.

10. Arabian Nights Theme Night

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The ‘Arabian Nights’ are a collection of Middle Eastern folk stories and it is the original source of the characters Aladdin, Sinbad, and Alibaba. You can base your event around a traditional Bedouin tent with draped ceilings, low-lying tables, marvellous rugs, and warming lanterns.

11. Saturday Night Fever Theme Night

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Keep the spirit of 70s alive with a Saturday Night Fever themed event. If you’re looking for an event that focuses on the dance floor and makes good use of disco balls and flashing lights, then this is a good choice.

12. Looney Tunes Theme Night

The Looney Tunes series has created some of the most memorable characters in history since its inception and it makes for a fun theme to a party. You can style your event using cartoon staples such as banana peels, comically large dynamite, and the famous ‘that’s all folks’ sign.

13. Peter Rabbit Theme Night

A Peter Rabbit party is different from a regular animal themed party. It takes inspiration from the original illustrations in Beatrix Potter’s books for a quaint and pastel style. It’s a good theme if you are looking for a tea party style event that is tasteful but fun.

14. Wizard Of Oz Theme Night

The Wizard of Oz is a very good pop culture theme as you can draw from the Emerald City and the yellow brick road to create a lively venue. You can also incorporate rainbows, straw men, and any of the other strange creatures and beasts living in Oz.

15. Bollywood Theme Night

A Bollywood event allows you to celebrate Indian culture and to bring all the excitement of a Bollywood musical. You can use bright primary colours, drapes, palm leaves, and sequined patterns to create an energetic event that will get people on their feet.

16. Hitchcock Theme Night

Alfred Hitchcock directed some of the most iconic films of all time and his work creates great material for styling an event. You can include designs from classic American hotels, bird decorations, murder mystery props, and even a silhouette of the man himself.

17. Narnia Theme Night

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The Chronicles of Narnia tell the story of an enormous kingdom but the part of Narnia most people remember is the winter setting from the ‘Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe’. Styling events with a Narnia theme in mind can be a lot of fun, besides a typical winter wonderland setting you can include a wardrobe entrance, period-piece lighting, 1940s-inspired designs.  

18. Blade Runner Theme Night

1982’s Blade Runner had a big impact on the fashion and design world and it makes great inspiration for a lively and stylish event. You can try to recreate a neon-lit futuristic bar and take ideas from the cyberpunk world with lasers, intense lighting displays, and fluorescent decorations.

19. Ninjas And Samurais Theme Night

Ninjas and samurais have a strong presence in pop culture and they make a surprisingly strong event theme. You can base your style around Feudal Japan with paper screens, cherry blossom petals, and the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

20. Mafia Theme Night

The image of the mafia popularised by films such as the Godfather or Goodfellas is a good source of ideas for an event. You’re looking for an event with the feel of a backroom poker game as you decorations take inspiration from Tommy guns, fedoras, and a black and white colour scheme.

21. Singing In The Rain Theme Night

Classic Hollywood musicals are a fantastic theme for a light-hearted and engaging event, and few others offer better inspiration than ‘Singing in the Rain’. You can draw from the glamour of 1920s Hollywood and complete your design with a lamppost lit sidewalk and plenty of umbrellas.

22. Stars In Their Eyes Theme Night

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The show ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ gave ordinary people a chance to feel like celebrities for the night and as a theme, your party can do the same. Your event will carry all the sophistication of a Hollywood award evening while celebrating iconic stars such as Cher, Elvis Presley, and Madonna.  

23. Mad Max Theme Night

The Mad Max films created some of the intriguing designs and landscapes found in cinematic history. For your event, you can create your own Bartertown using olds pieces of machinery and a metallic colour scheme. Make sure to pay homage to Mad Max’s wild punk-inspired costumes.

24. Indiana Jones Theme Night

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Indiana Jones is arguably the most well-known adventurer around and the Indiana Jones films make a great backdrop for an exciting event. You can use props and decorations that bring to mind hidden tombs, lost treasure, and 1940s furniture or designs from all around the globe.

25. Dr. Who Theme Night

Dr. Who might be the most iconic British show of all time and for the right audience at the right venue it’s the perfect theme. With Dr. Who, you are aiming for a mix between the staple lasers and spaceship interior decorations of a sci-fi theme (including Daleks and police boxes) alongside pieces of furniture from across all of history and time.

A Pop Culture Phenomenon

Think carefully about which pop culture theme will land well with your guests, which will meld perfectly with your venue, and the decorations you have on hand.

Try to transform your venue so that it’s not just a collection of memorabilia but so that it truly pays homage to your source material. Pop culture themed events are great if your guests want to wear costumes and make for an ideal social media opportunity.

At Table Art, we have lots of experience designing and making a huge range of events – many of which are inspired by or directly based on pop culture phenomenon. If you would like a bespoke table centrepiece to match your event, we probably already have them or we can design one directly for you. Additionally for help with styling your next event, get in touch with us for a consultation.


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