Blog / Star Table Centrepieces – LED Decorations For Corporate Events

Star Table Centrepieces – LED Decorations For Corporate Events

Star Table Centrepieces – LED Decorations For Corporate Events

Give your guests the VIP treatment with Table Art’s collection of star table centrepieces.

As our clients are well aware, we stock over 100 different LED centrepiece designs. Every single one of them is perfect for use at corporate events. Whether that’s awards shows, conferences or anything else.

The use of stars, particularly at awards shows, has always been a go-to for event planners. But as always, Table Art are pushing the boundaries. Our products are the best on the market.

In today’s blog, we’ll take a closer look at our range of star table centrepieces. This will give your imagination the kickstart it needs when planning an event.

star table centrepieces
star table centrepieces

Crystal Star

When crafting star table centrepieces, our go-to material is acrylic. But when the concept of the Crystal Star came up in discussion, we knew we needed to step it up.

Carved out of thick crystal in our eco-friendly workshop, this table centre will blow your guests away with its elegance and class. 

star table centrepieces
star crystal table centres

Star Globe

An explosion of stars on our genius tall acrylic legs. The Star Globe is a classic in the Table Art collection and one of our original designs from many years ago.

This is one of our most dramatic star table centrepieces. it’s been so popular amongst our clients over the years. It still features on many an event today, all across the UK.

star table centrepieces
star globe the brewery

Star Cluster

The little cousin of the previously mentioned Star Globe, this is a great choice when it comes to star table centrepieces. The Star Cluster is one for event planners who want an effective table centre that doesn’t block lines of sight.

It’s one of the newest designs in our range and is being booked left right and centre. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote.

star table centrepieces
star cluster low level centrepiece

Pixel String Star

Our Pixel Tubes are a genius, DMX ready table centre. When complemented with an additional star, they elevated to the next level. Thanks to its 64 channels per tube, you can let colour patterns flow for incredible lighting effects.

If you’re planning an awards ceremony, this is the one for you. These star table centrepieces even allow you to pick out tables. This means your award winners’ tables can flash and strobe. Give your guests the VIP treatment they deserve!

star table centrepieces
pixel string star

Star Vase

Lily vases always look pretty at events and parties. But thanks to Table Art’s brilliant lighting technology, they are now better than ever.

Watch as the water beads glow in the illumination from below. The colour has no issue travelling up the vase and right to the top where the star sits. These star table centrepieces will go down a treat.

star table centrepieces
led star vase centre close

Now you’ve read this blog, we hope you’ve got some inspiration to book in for your next show.

We pride ourselves on first class service from the office to the venue and we deliver every time. Not sure whether to believe us? Read our Trustpilot reviews to see what our clients think.

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