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Brilliant 60th Birthday Party Ideas And Themes

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Brilliant 60th Birthday Party Ideas And Themes

For many people, a 60th birthday party is one of the most significant events of their life – more so than many of the other landmark birthdays. It can mark a big turning point and there’s a lot to celebrate, so there’s no reason not to do it with serious style.

A 60th birthday party doesn’t need to just be an ordinary party with a few ‘60th’ balloons around. It can be an event that speaks to who a person has become and to honour everything that they love.

It can also be a rip-roaring blowout that shows everyone that 60-year-olds still know how to party.

To help make this 60th birthday party one that people won’t soon forget, we’ve come up with a guide to a collection of brilliant 60th birthday party ideas and themes that you will want to try out.


Picking A 60th Birthday Party Theme

Picking a theme can really help to make a cohesive night and it’s a great way to make planning your party even easier.

Classic theme choices for a 60th party are ones filled with glamour such as a casino, James Bond, or Vegas night. These themes allow people to dress up but without having the night feel too pretentious.

A good approach is to look at what the party boys or girls really enjoy and then build your theme around that. You might choose to have golf or camping theme, a Hollywood starlet night, or choose one of their favourite films or shows for your theme.

We’ve created an excellent list of pop culture event themes you might want to choose from. Check out ’25 Pop Culture Themed Events That Will Get Guests Buzzing.’


One of the most popular options for a 60th party is to choose an era from their youth to turn into a theme. This might be a general 70s themed party or you can get more specific and have a disco boogie or Saturday Night Fever theme.

If you want to go with a more introspective theme, then you might want to create a retrospective that collects photographs from their life. Recreating childhood pictures as adults is a popular trend that allows you to be sentimental while still keeping things light.

Table Centrepieces, Lighting, And Decorations

If you’ve chosen a strong theme full of iconic characters and images, then it becomes a lot easier to pick decorations to create the type of atmosphere you are looking for.

Consider every aspect of how the room will look from the entranceway to the lighting and make sure guests feel they are stepping into a different world.

Try to pick a venue that reflects your theme well, for example, consider using a cinema for a Hollywood theme or a location that is important to the birthday boy or girl if you’re going to use a retrospective. This will make decorating easier.

A 60th birthday party is an important celebration so try to match that with the use of gold and silver decorations. It’s also a good idea to have at least one sign or decoration mentioning the big ‘60’.


If you’re looking for something that will make your party stand out while transforming the look and feel of the venue, then you should consider a custom Table Centrepiece.

You aren’t just limited to a floral arrangement or a lamp – you can have Table centrepieces made from props, figurines, or even blocks of ice. These can be lit to match the atmosphere of the room and you can use them as one of your main sources of lighting.

You can look at examples of some of Table Art’s past creations to get you thinking about the possibilities.

60th Birthday Activities

As well as the usual dancing, cake-eating, and classic party games there are a few activities or ideas you might want to try for a 60th birthday.

You can ask guests to bring their favourite picture with the party boy or girl and pin them up on the wall. If they don’t have a picture it could be a piece of memorabilia or even consider asking them to write about their favourite memory and collecting it in a scrapbook.

Poking fun at the birthday boy or girl might go down well here. You can bake an ‘over the hill’ cake, create a chocolate ‘fountain of youth’, or find bottles of wine with the same vintage as them.

If you’ve chosen a theme that suits the party, then be sure to run with it. You could make a cinema display for a film that came out in their birth year, hold a mini golf putting tournament, or ask guests to come in fancy dress.


Turning 20 For The Third Time

Turning 60 is something that should be celebrated full-force and there’s no reason not to go big with it. Remember to celebrate the person and not just their age, but just because it’s a 60th birthday party, that doesn’t mean it needs to feel ‘grown-up’.

If you’d like help planning your 60th birthday party or any of your future events, then get in contact with Table Art for a consultation.


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