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7 Themed Table Centrepiece Ideas For Your Next Important Event


7 Themed Table Centrepiece Ideas For Your Next Important Event

Want some inspiration to turn your next event into something memorable? At some point in time, someone somewhere is going to suggest you put on one of the following:

If they act out one of the characters (“Well hello Miss Moneypenny”) as they try and sell the idea, it’s time for a diversion. It’s not that ALL themed nights are tacky, it’s just that not everyone finds the idea of a school disco or over-the-top hen or stag themed night a winner. Memorable, yes, but so are car crashes.

Call it pedantic, but we’ve adopted the term Event Styling to help us communicate what it means to style your event around an idea. It will also help you explain to others the fine line between an “interesting” (rolling the eyes) idea and a great idea. This subtle bit of flattery will help you prevent your overly enthusiastic ‘Bond, James Bond’ character getting into a sulk and stop you getting stuck in the mire of tack.

In this blog post, we’re going to give you inspiration for event styling options for your next event.

1. Halloween Styling

The Halloween theme grows bigger each year and there’s a steady rise in the number of Halloween theme parties.

This Halloween theme centrepiece enables you to get into a spooky mood, with a skull that can be dimmed or illuminated into full strength colour. Alternatively, you might choose our pumpkin head as your Halloween theme centrepiece to bring out the eerie orange glow that is anything but warm. Of course, the lighting effects means both the skull or pumpkin head can change colours to create a haunting atmosphere.

Halloween centrepiece hallows eve table centre copper steampunk victorian filament dmx centrepiecb

2. Frosted Christmas Tree For Christmas Styling

Christmas theme parties are always a popular event to hold. With our Frosted Christmas Tree centrepiece, we can make any Christmas theme event stand out.

Our Christmas tree theme centrepieces can be set-up to be lit in any colour. They can go from glows to dark shades, setting the mood and atmosphere for your themed event. The lighting can also be controlled remotely. Using our Lit Arc entrances, string curtain displays and light panels, you can achieve a full Christmas effect.

christmas festive magical london tree table centrepiece

3. Venetian Lamp Post For Venetian Styling

If you’re looking to create a classical Venetian styled event then you need Venetian theme table art to complement it. You can do that with our Venetian Lamp Post centrepieces. These beautiful centrepieces are hand-frosted with 3 inbuilt LED candles to add a true Venetian theme touch to any Venetian styled event.

The lights dim based on the levels of light or darkness in the venue. This ensures a truly unique feel to your themed event.

Venetian Parisian Lamp Post Centrepiece

4. Iced Candelabra

Our candelabras are one of our most popular centrepiece items and we’ve taken them a step further by designing them with a solid ice appearance. Our Iced Candelabra table art looks as if it’s been handmade from solid ice.

It can be set to one specific colour or with the ability to change it throughout the event. Our innovative DMX lighting can be controlled remotely to dim the candelabras at the push of a button.

Candelabra iced frosted table art centrepiece awards corporate event decor styling

5. London Styling

London’s calling, and you want to capture the essence of  London theme for your next themed event? The best way to do so is with iconic London landmarks transformed into London themed table centrepieces. We can create Union Jack centrepieces, London phone box centrepieces, London double-decker bus centrepieces, London Bridge centrepieces and of course the infamous Big Ben centrepieces. That’s a lot of centrepieces and that’s a lot of London.

The colours used are the traditional British red, white and blue so you can turn your whole venue into something truly British.

mini british range london eye centrepiece

6. Climbing Vine Pixel Tube

These Climbing Vine Pixel Tube centrepieces are filled with pixels that can be illuminated. Each pixel within the tube can be controlled remotely to light up individually using our DMX lighting system. The pixels can be activated to light up into different effects like glowing fire embers, rippling blue and white water or simply made to flash.

These are truly unique and look particularly spectacular with our oak timber furniture or to complement our printed Tree Stump Poseur Table.

pixel tube centrepieces

7. Mad Hatter Styling

The Mad Hatter theme event centrepieces are one of our favourites because it allows you to create your own Alice in Wonderland theme at your event. This is perfect to be used with our Alice theme furniture and styling. These centrepieces can be lit in a specific colour or have them set in a variety of colours.

If you want to create a theme or atmosphere at your themed event that’s a little unusual then the Mad Hatter theme is an ideal choice.


Final Words: Themed Table Centrepiece Ideas

Event styling and table art are the perfect way to add a unique look to your themed event. We also have many other events styled table centrepieces you can take a look at.

If you’re needing to come up with a clever alternative to some ridiculous event theme someone has suggested to you or you’d like to discuss creating an event with a unique feel and you want to throw around some ideas, then please get in touch.

Call us today on +44 (0)1926 831357. 


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