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7 Reasons Why Your Corporate Event Needs Table Art

7 reasons why your corporate event needs Table Art

7 Reasons Why Your Corporate Event Needs Table Art

A corporate event should be an amazing experience for guests. But for most people, corporate events can be a little drab, not living up to great expectations; meaning guests sneak back home early. 

We want to help you buck the trend and create a corporate event that stands out. This makes you look like a creative genius and provides an unforgettable experience for your guests. In this blog post, we’ll cover how Table Art and table centrepieces are often utilised to help create a memorable experience.


1. Brings Your Event To Life

With Table Centrepieces from Table Art, you can instantly bring your event to life with stylish and sophisticated artworks that tie into the theme of your event. As people look around the room, they won’t be able to take their eyes off the centrepieces, room decorations and lighting displays.

We want you to create an effect that compliments the night so guests feel immersed in the experience and nights theme. 

Festival paper lantern table centrepiece

2. Cost-Effective

There are often large costs associated with hiring props, entertainment, screens and large sets. These are often needed, yet the Table Centrepiece at a fraction of the cost can create a most cost-effective impact as it’s in your guest’s line of view 80% of the evening.

Planning a great event requires a creative touch combined with meticulous planning, which is where Table Art can help you get it right from the beginning. It also needs to be cost-effective. With Table Art, you get everything you need, customised to your exact specifications. We’re able to help you customise the lighting displays, table settings, furniture, the entrance set and so much more so it’s all congruent with the theme of your event.

Table Art achieves all three of these elements in one so you get a cost-effective approach. We work closely with you so your budget is spent on the areas that create the biggest visual and emotional impact.


3. Customise The Mood Of Your Event

Corporate events should capture a specific mood, that is both current and in keeping with the tone of the event. Want to know one way that makes this much easier to accomplish? Artwork. 

Our artworks are able to capture the mood you want. Looking for something ambient, energetic, fun? Then we can create centrepieces, decorations, and lighting that amplifies the mood you’re looking to create.

Below you can see a spooky Halloween table centrepiece and a summery style Al Fresco mood.


4. Create Unique Themes For A Fraction Of The Cost

The beauty of Table Art is that you can use it to create unique Event Themes for your event at a fraction of the cost. Whether it’s Music Event Themes, Family-Friendly Event Themes, Outdoor Event Themes, or Instagram Friendly Stylish Themes we’ve so many options for you. We can create dozens of different themes for you. There are countless examples we can show you that are guaranteed to make an impact. 

Some of those examples are below.


5. Great Conversation Starter

The best way to get guests warmed up for a conversation is to give them something to talk about.

With Table Art, our lighting displays, effects, decorations, and centrepieces give you a great conversation starter. If the event is well-thought out then you can ensure that the conversation is reactive to the event and adds to the overall discussion of the event’s topic. Constantly, people get their phones out and post selfies to Facebook and Instagram, in front of our stunning displays. They look amazing and puts everyone in a great mood.

pixel tube crystal dmx telford ICC table art

6. Powerful Light Displays

With Table Art furniture and lit table centrepieces, you can create a lighting effect that is both practical and creative. Powerful lighting displays add an extra layer of life and a breath of fresh air to a corporate event. You can also incorporate them into the entrance, bar, tables and the room’s decor.

Take a look at some of our lighting displays below and you’ll see what we mean.


7. A Powerful Branding And Promotional Tool

A Table Art event is an event that can be used as a branding and promotional tool for your company long after the event has ended, with great footage and photography.

We are confident in saying that more phones come out in our events than in most. Look out our immense library of images for proof. No other firm that even comes close to our catalogue of successes.

These stunning visual displays, with everyone smiling and full of positive energy, is a great representation of your company. It helps build your company’s reputation and improves your branding. Take the photographs and film to use as part of your social media strategy to show your engagement with clients or company culture.

film reel Hollywood best parties table centre bar mitzvah

Conclusion: Amazing Table Centrepieces For Your Corporate Event With Table Art

With Table Art, you can instantly create a stunning impact at your corporate event. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you create an amazing corporate event with our centrepiece artworks then get in touch with us below. Tell us you’ve read this article and we’d love to talk with you.


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