Blog / Case Study: Red Rose Awards 2019

Case Study: Red Rose Awards 2019

Case Study: The Red Rose Awards 2019

A look at another successful year light the Lancashire Business View Red Rose Awards.

An Event Case Study

Venue: Blackpool Winter Gardens

Client: Lancashire Business View

Date: March 14th, 2019

No this isn’t a case of déjà vu; we have indeed highlighted the Lancashire Business before. With the LBV being much valued returning customers, we are delighted to feature them twice! This blog focusses on 2019 where the team at Lancashire Business View selected our Logo Sphere Table Centre and incorporated their unique branding. For more information on their most recent gala in 2020, please click here.

blackpool winter gardens venue

The Venue

When you think of Blackpool you think back to its heyday, the arcades and beaches packed with tourists. The Blackpool illuminations drawing in the crowds and big entertainment to keep them glued to the spot. Blackpool Winter Gardens is the last bastion of the golden age. A monument to the ballroom glamour of old, these wonderful building contains all the old-world charm of yesteryear. However, do not be fooled by its vintage charm, the Winter Gardens is as relevant today as it was back during its construction. Drawing in a new crowd, the Gardens now play host to some of the biggest corporate events in the North.

blackpool winter gardens venues

State-of-the-art Facilities

With state-of-the-art facilities, this building is the perfect marriage of historic charm and contemporary styling. A dedicated events team means this venue is well versed in all things events and never fails to deliver above and beyond what your expectations are. It is no surprise that the team at the Lancashire Business View select this venue year on year for their Red Rose Awards. We imagine the selection is in part down to the vast scope of the place. With the Awards being one of the largest in the UK’s events calendar, they need a venue that can truly accommodate. The Winter Gardens has grand halls perfect for large scale events, tables perfectly placed so guests can move around with ease. Plus with a dedicated events kitchen, every need is catered for!

red rose awards stage

The Client

We have enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Aileen Gallacher, the Business and Events Manager for Lancashire Business View. First working with her back in 2016, she booked our Triple Ice Bucket Centrepieces for their first award show. From that point on, an annual call from Aileen setting out a new brief is always a welcome one! Often the team at LBV have a theme they like to run with, for example – 2017 saw a Steampunk Soiree! However, this year Aileen was keen to bring a strong sense of brand and avoid a theme. With a strong customisable range of centrepieces, we put this forward to Aileen and it was no surprise when she came back wanting the Logo Sphere.

red rose awards winners

The Design

The Logo Sphere was one of our most popular centrepieces in 2019. First debuted in 2018 at the IGD Awards, it was the launch pad that saw us set a trend. We had utilized our classic acrylic stand first made popular with our Crystal Globe Centrepiece. The addition of a clear orb encases an engraved logo made it an irresistible new addition to our range.

LBV presented us with a couple of different logo options. These were given to our CNC machinist Jake Rheams to draw up and send back to the client. From here Aileen and her team picked their favourite. Jake then began the task of getting 100+ spheres engraved ready for the event in March. Once drawn up, these engraved plates are simple yet time consuming to make. The CNC machine engraves each piece meticulously and once complete, Jake has to sand down every age. This particular event took a full week for production, but I think we agree from the pictures, Jakes time was worth it!

blackpool winter gardens 2019

The Event

Blackpool is a favourite destination of the Table Art crew and so there is always a bit of a fight to get on the crew listing for this event. This year Rob and Kevin were chosen. With a van chocked full of Logo Spheres, they headed north and arrived at the Winter Gardens on time. A simple roll of the flight cases into the room and the guys got underway with the set up.

With everything in place the team signed off the design with LBV. This year they chose to light the centrepieces white. A fantastic choice as it lit the logo effortlessly and worked well with the lighting design set up around the room.

Red Rose Awards

As the evening began, it was typical of the Red Rose Awards. A wonderful group of people come together to celebrate the Lancashire business, commerce, and industry. Performances by the Gravity Live always add a spectacular flourish to the proceedings. For this event they went for a glow LED style performance. Always a great choice for an event, as a concept it pairs beautifully with our centrepieces, especially if they opt for the DMX system on the centrepieces.

red rose awards entrances

The Photography

This event was another example of when we get lucky enough to see the professional images taken on an event. The Red Rose Awards is always covered by the best event photographers and it’s with a squeal of delight when the pictures come into our office. Photography here by Nick Dagger Photography and Clive Lawrence, the photographs for 2019 are spectacular! By combining the work of two photographers, you get a real dynamic record of the event.

One of our favourite styles of photographs is the before shots before guests walk in. You get to see a venue truly transformed. You can see the production of a space in all its glory and you can take in every detail.

Logo Sphere

For our sales team, good photographs are vital. The lifeline of our business, our commitment to getting good photos of the product is what keeps us at the top of our game. Event Planners love using our images to upsell to their clients. Not just the photographs, we have a vast collection of videos to back you up should your client want to see a centrepiece in action! We are sure that thanks to these images, the Logo Sphere will continue to be one of our most popular choices.

red rose awards performers

The Wrap Up

As one of our largest event in the calanders, this was a fantastic experience for the team. We are always filled with excitement when these large-scale events come in. They present both an opportunity and a challenge that the crew truly relish. Excitement was ten-fold for this particular event because it was a bespoke table centre design.

Looking for a Branded Table Centre?

Table Art are the place to come if you are looking for a bespoke and branded table centre. Our team are ready and waiting to take your idea and transform it into a magnificent centrepiece.


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