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Effortlessly Cool: The Boiler Shop, Newcastle

Effortlessly Cool: The Boiler Shop, Newcastle


“The Boiler Shop venue in Newcastle is dead f**king cool.” – Scumeck Sabottka, Kraftwerk manager.  

What better praise can be given to a venue that crafts itself on being utterly unique? The Boiler Shop is a Table Art favourite. Arguably one of the most unique venues in the UK. It values quirky features and industrial charm.

Here we look at a Steampunk Party for Isuzu Motors Ltd. Dressed in all the Steampunk finery Table Art has to offer. As leaders in the field of Event theming, especially in all things Steampunk -it came as no surprise when the call came in from Isuzu. With their Steampunk design at the forefront of what they wanted to achieve; They chose Table Art to deliver it. 

boiler shop newcastle steampunk

The Venue

In the centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne you will find the independent Boiler Shop. A venue that is packed with character and charm. It makes the most of its industrial heritage. Originally built in the early 1800’s. It’s an historical landmark as the World’s first locomotive works! With locomotion being the lynch pin of the Industrial age, this building is significant in it’s historical contributions.

Rolling in such engineering history, it was a must-have development project back in 2016. Following a significant restoration, a dynamic venue space was unearthed. Hosting Newcastle’s most distinguished event. This space has been the proprietor of a huge spectrum of events. From Club nights, exhibitions, festivals, and live performances- there is nothing this venue can’t deliver.

newcastle steampunk

Facilities here cannot be overlooked. They are at the cutting edge of technology and lead the field in what an events venue should offer. Alongside a full catering kitchen, the Boiler Shop also has an extensive bar. All of which is staffed to the highest possible level with a dedicated team of servers. No long line waiting for your drink, you will be sipping cocktails before you know it with this highly efficient team running the show! The Boiler Shop also has a partnership with the Crowne Plaza – Stephenson Quarter which is just a short two-minute walk away. This is the go-to accommodation for all Boiler Shop events.

“We all fell completely in love with your amazing and wonderful venue and honestly appreciated everybody`s warm hospitality and the perfect equipment of course, too. The sound was awesome, everything, really everything was wonderful.” – Anna Szczuka, Einstürzende Neubauten manager.

With such exuberant feedback, is it any wonder that the venue only grows in popularity year on year.

boiler shop newcastle steampunk party

The Client

Isuzu Motors Ltd was looking to host their annual celebration at the fabulously unique Boiler Shop. Having fallen in love with such an industrial styled venue. The Steampunk theme is a natural choice for event dressing.  A quick google and Table Art came right to the top of the list for Steampunk Event Styling. Alex Taylor, Events Coordinator contacted our team and spoke with MD Gary at length about the brief. Looking to pack the shop floor with striking props and centrepieces. Gary was confident he could deliver everything Alex was looking for.

Fifteen minutes after the telephone consultation, Alex received our initial Steampunk proposal. It wasn’t long after that we heard back from Alex, excitingly looking to book the package!

The Centres & Event Styling

This event illustrates the Table Art Full Package. Action packed props partnered with complimentary table centres. It is an all-encompassing package that means the event is styled to absolute perfection. No space is left unconsidered and a layout is carefully considered to deliver maximum impact on the event. 

Inflatable and Animated Props

With this particular event, the inflatable and animated props took centre stage. The Inflatable Blimp playing the staring role, it was important for Isuzu to include their branding. Perfectly capturing both the theme and company. Following discussions with the design studio, a low-tac sticker was devised that could be applied to the two sides of the blimp. With a clear background, the impact of the logo was amplified tenfold. The red print of the logo worked perfectly with the predominantly gold backdrop of the blimp and made for THE ideal focal point to the event.

In addition to the Blimp was the Steampunk Time Machine. Always a popular choice for a Steampunk theme, this prop is action packed! With a timed smoke machine effect, we pair this with our SONOS surround sound for a chilling effect. The sounds of gears and whistles and the smoke billows delivers a highly immersive experience for guests. This event was unique in that it was the first opportunity we had to add additional styling elements to the time machine. As you can see from the images, we included our Cabaret Lamps. However, with the distinctive Copper lamps that go onto to perfectly compliment the choice of table centre.

Onto the Table Centres…

So, onto the table centres! Unmistakably the most popular choice of Steampunk Table Centre, the Steampunk Copper Lampshade perfectly encapsulates the aesthetic. Alex and his team choice this centrepiece with full DMX programming so it could be patched directly to the AV desk. This meant that throughout the evening, the AV team were in control.  

boiler shop newcastle steampunk styling

The Event

Owing to the complicated production set up here planned by the AV Team, we were asked to arrive the day before the event. The production team were keen to get everything in situ so they could start testing of the various elements well in advance of the event. This is rather unusual for our Table Art Team as they tend to arrive a couple of hours prior to an event. Why you ask? With everything being flatpack- it’s unusual for us to take longer than an hour to do a full install. Therefore, an early arrival is not always required or advisable. However, all of that was not the case here as the company was keen to get everything up and tested well before the event.

Father & Son Team…

A Sunday evening saw MD Gary and Tech Joe heading north to Newcastle. Upon arrival they got everything set up within their time slot. Then took to task getting some photos/video of the various props and centres. While they got ‘artsy’ with the camera, the AV Tech worked their magic in syncing everything together. Before long, the event was paired and ready for action! With a final sign off from the client, the event was readied for this prestigious event.

The following day, with anticipation at a fever pitch. The guests stepped into the Boiler Shop. Gasps filled the room as guests rushed to grab their cameras and capture the décor. The AV production here was seamless with our own event styling. As you can imagine, the event went on until the early hours and will be one that the Isuzu team will not forget in a hurry!

boiler shop newcastle steampunk parties

The Wrap Up

As one of our largest Steampunk events, this was a fantastic experience for the team. We are always filled with excitement when these large-scale events come in. They present both an opportunity and a challenge that the crew truly relish. Excitement was ten-fold for this particular event because it was a new client at a venue favourite. As you can imagine, the crew were clamouring to be involved but Gary and Joe were the chosen two for this. As leaders in the design studio, it was a natural choice for them to work an event that was primarily made up of props. On hand to add some extra artistic flair, Gary added in additional elements such as the printed poseurs and centrepiece toppers which I think we can agree, was a nice detail.

Planning a Steampunk Party?

If you have your own Steampunk gathering planned, then get in touch with our team today. We can deliver THE best in event styling.


boiler shop newcastle steampunk style

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