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Blackpool Winter Gardens: Red Rose Awards

Blackpool Winter Warehouse: The Red Rose Awards

An Event Case Study:

Venue: Blackpool Winter Gardens

Client: Lancashire Business View

Date: March 12th, 2020

The strength of a business can often be measured in its returning customers. Here at Table Art it will be no surprise to read that the majority of our clients are repeat bookings. Annual awards shows that rely on our services to deliver exceptional service year on year. This is one such event, having worked at for the Lancashire Business View Red Rose Awards 2020 since 2016. Here we look at the 2020 event at Blackpool Winter Gardens.


The Venue

‘Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside. I do like to be beside the sea!’ An Old Music Hall Classic by John A. Glover-Kind.

Immediately thoughts of Blackpool promenade come to mind when hearing this old tune. Candy floss and arcade games illuminated by the bright lights of the Blackpool. Here, nestled in the heart of the nostalgia is Blackpool Winter Gardens. An historic gem of old- world Blackpool. This has been the home of the Red Rose Awards since its beginnings. That comes as no surprise, as you could ask for no finer venue to host the Lancashire business community.

red rose awards performances

Blackpool Winter Gardens

The Blackpool Winter Gardens is so much more than its history. It’s a modern-day wonder, standing strong against its conference centre contemporaries. From the uniquely beautiful Baronial Hall, through to the historic Empress Ballroom, they have a space to suit any event. In addition to the famed halls of old, the Gardens have developed a state-of-the-art Conference and Exhibition Centre.

From large conferences, exhibitions, and awards nights- this venue delivers it all! With an incredible atmosphere guaranteed, an event planner can be set an ease when selecting this venue. Atmosphere in abundance, all backed up with 5-star service and catering!

summit centrepiece design

The Client

We have the pleasure of working directly with the team at Lancashire Business View. This year was organised by Rachael Norris, Head of marketing and events. This event celebrates the heroes of the Lancashire Business Community, paying homage to those that keep the economy strong! Since its launch in 2011, it has grown into a must attend event for the business community. With the sell-out ceremony taking place at the magnificent Winter Gardens Blackpool annually, the mission is to blow out the expectations of the year before!

Well Established Relationship

With a well-established relationship, Rachael contacted our sales team in January to get the ball rolling. A common thread with this awards show is a ‘Theme’. However, this year is unique in that they wanted to avoid a theme and go for something more contemporary and on brand. A delight to hear, the Sales team put together a range of modern styled Table Art centres for Rachael and her team to consider.


The Design

What stuck the team this year was the Summit design. Sleek and modern, made up of rectangular shapes in frosted acrylic. Resembling the Shard Building in London, it casts a dynamic light across the table. The design has proven popular over the past year, specifically on awards shows. We think that is partly down to the tall silhouette, making it clear across a vast space. Highlighting winners tables is a breeze with this design!

Table Number:

The only thing missing was a table number. Rachael and her team wanted to kill two birds with one stone as it were. They wanted to the centrepiece to have the additional practical purpose of getting people to their correct table. So, a simple solution presented itself. In the same way we add branding to these Summit designs, we can add a table number. The studio put together several visuals for Rachael and her team. Once they chose their favourite font/ size and layout- the warehouse began the epic task of adding table numbers to the 110 plus units. Simple yet time consuming, vinyl stickers were printed and applied to two sides of the Summit. The result was a slick alternative to the usual freestanding table number you see on events.

winter gardens blackpool

The Event

The 2020 Red Rose Awards was truly on another level to the years prior. With a stylish black carpet down the centre of the room, winners got the VIP treatment as they cat walked their way up the carpet to receive their awards. The AV Team were exceptional, the room came alive the moment a winner was announced! To support that, our Summit table centres flashed wildly with every Winners reveal.  

Incredible musical performances by a Beatles Tribute band kept the guests entertained as they took their seats. Our Summit Table Centres helped delegates locate their seats, making the transition from drinks reception to dinner seamless. Once the evening was underway, performances and speeches kept everyone in high spirits.

red rose awards performance

The Photography

On occasion, we get lucky. We get to see the professional images taken on an event. This event is always well covered, and this year was no exception. Photography by Nick Dagger Photography and Clive Lawrence, the photographs for 2020 have been exceptional. The combination of the two photographers is a real winner. They really capture the atmosphere of the event, expressing the lively delegates as Winners were announced. The beauty of all these images for us is the Summits. Getting to see our centrepieces in ‘action’ is a real thrill.

red rose awards 2020

It is also a gift to have such exceptional ‘before’ photos. The room looks immaculate. With the AV lighting on point, the tables dressed beautifully and the staging popping, the pictures are rich with atmosphere.

For those of us who work in sales, we all know the vital importance of a good photograph. It can make or break a booking. For a client to have absolute faith in a table centre or prop, they need to see it on an event. Without a showroom, our pictures and footage is our strongest communicator. With the help of these images, we are sure that the Summit will continue to be a popular choice for table centre hire.

winter gardens venues

The Wrap Up

What a fantastic event! Another brilliant experience working with the team at Lancashire Business View. Arguably the strongest event so far for the awards thanks to the combination of staging, services and performances. We are sure that 2021 will break all previous records and be their biggest event yet! We cannot wait to be back at Blackpool Winter Gardens.

Bittersweet Note

The event comes with a bittersweet feeling. March 12th was our last event before the Covid Lockdown. Always good to finish on a bang, it was certainly a high point to take a break on. However, it’s left us itching for more! We cannot wait for the industry to get back on its feet so we can get back to doing what we do best!

If you have an event this Autumn/ Winter, get in touch today for a free no obligation.


summit centrepiece design

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