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Table Art Staff Picks: Props

Table Art Staff Picks: Props

Highlighting staff favourites from our prop collection 2020, chosen by the people that know them best…

Table Art boasts its own unique aesthetic when it comes to props. In a world filled with well worn, run of the mill props, Table Art offers a fresh approach that will blow guests away. Vitally, our design studio thinks outside of the box and draws inspiration from the flat-packable nature of our centrepieces. Mirroring this in our prop collection, every design can be simply packed down into a flight case. An important feature, our props aren’t restricted by transport issues or hindered by the number of crew that can install it. Importantly, everything here at Table Art is designed with efficiency and aesthetic at its heart. Booking with us and you can guarantee a seamless service from start to finish.

Our design studio is a create lab that never stops. As a result, it produces an ever-evolving range of props. So, this blog focusses on a selection of designs from the 2019-2020 collection. Choosing our favourite props has not been easy for the team, but they have narrowed it down to this collection.

Now onto the Staff Picks!

clare prop

Pixel Trees

“I was team lead on the development of these so it’s nice to see the hard work pay off and see them light up events!” ~ Andy Rawlings | Tech Development Manager

These are brand spanking new to our prop collection. Following a year of development in the studio, we have released these DMX controlled LED Trees. Each light shown is individually addressed, allowing an AV Tech to pinpoint down to the very leaf. Consequently, this kind of attention to detail means you can create a truly immersive experience for the guests, transforming the illumination of the tree to match with the changing atmosphere of the event.

andy prop

Organic Balloon Display

“My absolute favourite prop is the Organic Balloon Displays; they are so pretty and I love how customisable they are.” ~ Clare Martin | Office Manager

Our Organic Balloon Displays exploded onto the scene last summer, debuting at a private garden party. It has gone onto become of our most popular prop bookings. The real strength of these displays is the customisation available. Moreover, a client can pull through their brand colours and really make the display work for the event. Our designers are ready and waiting to bring your colour combinations to life!

clare props

Branded Arc Panel

“These branded panels are a great way to set the tone for a company event. Great at an entrance, they lead the guests into the room.” ~ Connor Jeffries | Social Media Strategist

When it comes to a making an entrance, sometimes simple is what works best. So, with these branded arc panels, the sleek and contemporary design allows the brand logos to sing. They bring a sophisticated and professional tone to the proceedings, all before guests have even stepped into the main event!

connor props

Inflatable DJ Booth

“The Booth always reminds me of my DJ days, only I wish I would have had something this cool for my deck.” ~ Gary Martin | Managing Director

It is little wonder Gary chose the Inflatable DJ booth. Once a DJ, always a DJ! This booth comes equipped with Pixel Posts to frame the inflatable backdrop. Importantly, with the help of some strategically placed uplighters, the DJ Booth is vibrantly lit- drawing delegates to the dancefloor! Secondly, the booth is particularly effective when paired with other elements from our ‘Futuristic’ styling range.

gary props

Event Bunting

“I’m obsessed with bunting, so I love getting orders through for our bunting and customising them for our clients.” ~ Helen Morgan | Client Liaison Manager

A key feature to any summer party, Bunting is a fabulously fun detail to add to your event. Table Art offers an unending range of bunting styles for you to choose from. So, all with the added bonus of being able to choose the colours, no wonder these prove so popular on brand summer parties.

helen prop

String Curtain Space Display

“The String Display with the addition of the planets always makes an impression. The neon rings on the planets really capture light well.” ~ Jake Rheams | CNC Machinist

Used almost exclusively on Space themed events, the String Curtain Space Display is a breath-taking prop. Working brilliantly as an entrance feature or framing a stage, these displays capture the light beautifully and really accentuate the theme. Something we have had enquires for recently is a Space Disco Theme. This hybrid event theme could be perfectly styled with the help of these String Curtain Space Displays.

jake prop

Steampunk Globe

“This is a great prop! As it spins you get to see all the details, the illustrations of sea monsters and ships jump out at you.” ~ Joe Martin | Artistic Engineer

Since it’s launch in 2016, the Steampunk Theme continues to grow in popularity. The design studio could be described as Steampunk Obsessives, all reflected in their dedication to bring new steampunk props to the table every year. Above all, the Steampunk Globe Inflatable is their star creation and is often the chosen focal point on an industrial styled event.

joe props

Palm Tree

“The palm trees are one of my favourites. Love the eighties styling of them and being white they look really chic.” ~Julie Whitehouse | Company Secretary

When you think eighties, there are two distinct approaches. To clarify, the theme falls into two categories, cool or tacky. To avoid the tacky pit-fall- come to Table Art and our Sales team will provide you with a chic Eighties proposal that will blow your socks off! Featured on said proposal is these elegant white Palm Trees. Standing tall and up lit with our state of the art lighting, they will work oh so brilliantly in framing the room.

julie props

Halloween Prop

“Love a bit of Halloween, I would have it every day of the year if I could! The Halloween props are my favourites, especially this giant fella. “ ~ Kevin Cooper | Warehouse Operative

Halloween is always a fun couple of weeks for us here at Table Art. The warehouse is filled with ghoulish statues and spooky centrepieces all being loaded onto vans ready to decorate events across the country. The Halloween Statues were the latest addition to the Hallows theme, three distinct characters that never fail to bring the scares to a party!

kevin props

Light Tunnel

“I just think this is such a stylish choice for an event. The white tunnel takes on colour beautifully and frames an entrance effortlessly.” ~ Milly Rowley | Event Consultant

This tunnel is the perfect example of Table Art style. A sleek stretch white tunnel designed with lighting technology at its heart. Certainly, everything here oozes table art, from the pack-flat pack frame to the choice in materials to make the most of our lighting. Importanly, popular on corporate events big and small, the tunnel works as an effective draw from drinks reception to the main gala dinner.

milly style

Film Reel Prop

“This was one of the first props I put together for the studio. The rotating reels are just a great touch for film themed party.” ~ Gary Seeney | Engineer

An oldie but a goodie… the Film Reel prop is one of the first key props we created. Again designed to be flat-pack, they have proven exceptionally popular on hollywood themed parties for well over a decade. The reason it features on this years list is the recent development of the custom print. Moreover, Bar Mitzvahs love this feature especially, being able to use images of the child. That is to say, its a great way to inject some fun, some parents even do movie posters featuring the child!

mos props

Circus Elephant Prop

“This has got to be hands down one of the best props we have every made. I love how realistic this beast is!” ~ Rob Adams | Logistics Team Lead

Table Art loves an inflatable beastie and this year we made the queen of them all! The Circus Elephant prop is a hand painted sculpture that looks eerily realistic. So, popular at the debut, we have gone onto make a veritable family of them. Two large and one small, we cannot wait to get the family on tour!

rob props

The Wrap Up

We know there is no such thing as too much choice, but we do accept that the wealth of choice can be overwhelming. So, that is why we felt it was important to do a highlighting of our Staff Picks for the 2020 props. As you saw from the collection, it was a dynamic range that covered everything from the classic to the contemporary. To sum up, this perfectly illustrates the subject of taste and how it varies wildly from person to person. The beauty of that is there is something here for everybody, no matter what their taste. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our Staff Picks for 2020. We hope we will be hearing from you shortly with a favourite prop booking of your own!


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