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Disco Event Theme Ideas – Table Art

Disco Event Theme Ideas – Table Art

Studio 54: Where the Music Never Stops…

Take guests back to where Disco was born and open the doors to Studio 54 Disco Event Theme Ideas.

Throwing a corporate event? It can be tempting to drift into a cookie cutter approach and look for a clean cut style that reflects a brand. However for some clients, they want something fresh and fun to draw their delegates to attend. One such approach that never fails is a Disco theme. Setting a Disco brief from the off can be the making of an event!

A Disco themed event is the perfect antidote to a boring corporate gala.  Guest won’t feel they are being dragged to a formal dinner, forced to clap and smile while speakers take to the stage. Opting for a disco theme and you are promising your guests a party! Keeping your guests happy will only be a good thing, as it all flows back into the productiveness of a company. From the moment the guest receives the invitation, expectations will be rising. Attendees will be excited for glittery exploits, colourful performances and riotous dance floor moves…

Let Table Art deliver Studio 54 Disco theming to your next event and get ready to party!

disco party decor

Studio 54: The Perfect Disco Motif

What is this Studio 54?! Well in short, is was the birthplace of Disco. Launched in 1977, this New York Nightclub was the centre of the universe for influencers of the time. Noted for its celebrity guest list, the garish costumes and open drug use-  it remains the Disco beacon that all aspire to.

The Studio drew in a bohemian crowd of creatives, everyone from Warhol to Valentino was present. The result of which was a nightclub that oozed style. former TV and theatrical sets were incorporated into the club, with mirrors being a prevailing feature. Performers wore everything from epic lame capes to mirrored masks. There was a distinctive style at Studio 54, one that we all hope to emulate when throwing a disco soiree.

mirror ball display disco

For those of you too young to remember the tabloid goings on of Studio 54, now is the time to educate yourself. Grab a coffee and google image search Studio 54. You will not believe how quickly the time goes as you find yourself looking through endless galleries showing the heyday of Studio 54. From Bianca Jagger riding onto the dance floor on a white stallion, to Jerry Hall downing a bottle of champagne with Andy Warhol. These galleries are worth their weight in gold when considering a disco theme for your own event.

A Passion for Music

The importance of music at an event cannot be underestimated, especially when you have a disco motif. Studio 54 was not only the birthplace of Disco Dancing but it was also the home of Disco music. No track made it into the Billboard if it wasn’t played here first. When looking at a Disco Theme, do your musical research! Pick out the disco classics that will get guests dancing in their seats. It sets the theme from the moment the guest steps into the room and shows your attention to detail. Once people find themselves singing along to the classics, they will be eager to take up the dancefloor.

event room space

To match with the musical support of a disco theme, here at Table Art we have our Musical Themed light panels. Great at emphasising the theme. These beauties can be installed at an entrance way, bar area of staging backdrop. All are fantastic options when looking to inject the theme into those darker spots within the room. These fully illuminated panels also make for a great photo backdrop! Not only then is your theme clear to those in the room, its now available to see in all its glory on social media.

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Creating a Disco Themed Event

What you need for a disco themed event

For various disco theme event ideas, you could use some or all of the following from Table Art.

♦ Mirror Ball Tall

♦ Mirror Ball Low

♦ Vinyl Record Rotating

♦ Mirror Ball Display

♦ Mirror Ball String Display

♦ Rubik Cube Seats

disco themed centre

A Fresh Approach to disco theme event ideas

All of the fun with none of the tack…

As an event planner, you haven’t got time for us to be indirect. Let us be blunt, a disco theme has the potential to look tacky. There are hundred of Pinterest Boards illustrating this very issue. There are event theming suppliers out there offering the same worn out props they debuted over two decades ago. Avoid these and come straight to us here at Table Art.

Table Art approaches every event theme with a fresh perspective. We have our own distinct sense of style which lends itself to a modern and sophisticated palette. 

mirror disco theming

The Wrap Up

An Event planner is only as strong as their organisation skills. Organisational skills fed by a passion for creativity. Here at Table Art we share in that passion and we want to help you deliver an event that is as innovative and energizing. Opting for our services will guarantee an immersive experience for your guests, something they won’t forget in a hurry!

Contact the team now and we can happily put a quote together for you!


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