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LEDs and Themed Parties

Themed Parties with LEDs

themed parties centrepieces
circus table centrepiece

Themed parties are inarguably better than regualar parties. Halloween and Easter shouldn’t be the only celebrations where people dress up. A themed-party offers plenty of room for creativity and self-expression, which makes it even more fun. Plus, you can have it at any time of the year!

Whether it’s a Hollywood themed party, a on extra-terrestrial universe, or a vintage party, planning for them is an exciting affair. People use all kinds of props and lighting, decoration pieces, and funky furniture to dress up the venue.

Fancy hats, dazzling photo booths, masquerade eye masks, and confetti are some commonly used props. While these are fun, a great way to dazzle up your themed party is by adding LED light decoration pieces. Their glow-in-the-dark magic and lustre will instantly turn heads. They’re artistic and give your themed party a whole new meaning.

A Savannah themed party, for example, would instantly look better with LED-lit wildlife props on each table. A circus-themed party with “performance centrepieces” and vibrant dragonfly lamps is a great idea too. No matter what the theme is, using LED light props is the answer to a killer party.

Although powered by electricity, the moment these props light up, their glow becomes magical and other-worldly. So, with that, here’s a list of some of the best LED light products that you can use for your themed party!

20s themed parties
twenties party decor

1.    A Romantic Candelabra

A candelabra centrepiece can be used for a wide range of themes. Whether it’s an oceanic underworld party, a Disney-themed event, or a classical Roman party, candelabras give a romantic and beautiful look. They’re tall, radiant, and gently glisten inside the party venue, creating a luscious ambience.

You can place them on every table as decorative centrepieces to delight your guests. Or, station them at the reception to welcome the guests with their striking luminosity. With tapered candles that beautifully light up, candelabras exude a dramatic effect suited for any party.

candelabra vintage themed parties
acrylic candelabra table art

2.    Cabaret Lamps for a Lustrous Charm

Cabaret lamps are known for their uniquely dressed lamp shades. This one, for example, truly stands-out for its scarlet-red shade with soft fabric dangling at the ends. These lamps are gorgeous and sultry.  

These lamps are perfect for formal events, wedding dinners, and jazz-themed parties. They have an enchantingly vintage look that sets them apart from other table-top decorations. You can place a bunch of these at the “bar’s corner” or “relaxing lounge” at your party. The lamps instantly draw attention. So you can place them in different areas of the venue. You can also feature them around a vintage photo booth or a 90s retro karaoke corner to lure your guests in.

cabaret themed parties
cabaret lamp table centre

3.    African Safari for an Adventurous Theme

Any party with colourful animal props will evoke excitement and adventure. If you are throwing a “Lion-King” themed party or “tropical night” themed party, opt for wildlife decoration. Imagine majestic lions, enchanting rhinos and elephants, and beautifully slender giraffes on each table… sounds amazing, right? 

You can have that and more by using these wonderfully lit safari animals in your event. If you have kids coming over, these decoration pieces will certainly delight the little ones. Your guests will rave in awe when every table comes to life with the spellbinding wildlife.

These centrepieces can change their luminous hues from a cool, calming blue to warm golden. Make your party stand out by enchanting your guests with the shifting colours of wildlife!   

safari themed parties
safari table centres

4.    Satiny Feather Palm Trees

An Arabic night, a tropical festival, a Brazilian Carnival, or a summer fiesta celebration – all have one thing in common. Tall and elegant palm trees! These shapely, slender lamps have pixel feather sticking out from the ends that resemble palm trees. 

With cooling tropical vibes, these illuminated palm trees will transfer your guests to a gorgeous, Brazilian beach or a night at an Arabic desert with sweet-sounding, melodic music. Place these pixel feather centrepieces on each table or around the performance stage.

Their gorgeous feathers sprouting out like a blooming flower will beautify the atmosphere.

feather themed parties
pixel feather centrepiece

5.    An Icy Christmas Celebration

Christmas parties are the best. Therefore, anything that resembles snow or ice makes for an on-point decoration. Turn your party venue into a winter wonderland with a “melting ice” centrepiece. This centrepiece is beautifully carved into an icy ball that slowly melts into a vessel, and is therefore perfect for a winter event.

With stunning, edgy shards of ice sticking out from the bottom, it almost looks like a crystal ball. Enchanted and mysteriously beautiful – the Ice Melt is a real keeper for themed parties!

christmas themed parties
ice melt table centre

6.    A Whimsical, Rotating Cake

Here’s an out-of-this-world centrepiece – A rotating cake centrepiece that lights up from the top! If you’re celebrating a wedding or a birthday, the rotating cake can hold all your special messages. The cake has three sparkling tiers that are beautifully placed on top of one another. From the top, the cake is lit by swirling light making for a “show-stopper” centrepiece!

birthday themed centrepieces
cake centrepieces table art

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