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Bar Mitzvah with Style

Throw a Bar Mitzvah with Style

star themed awards show
star themed awards show

A Bar Mitzvah is an incredibly special occasion for both you and your child. The coming-of-age ceremony is a huge celebration, not just for the child but the whole family. As parents, you’re probably racing against the clock to sort out all the arrangements for the event.

There’s definitely a lot to plan. Finding a tutor, planning the party, and buying gifts are major tasks out of thirty-something tasks that you need to tick off. The bottom line is, planning and hosting a Bar Mitzvah comprises hefty tasks. And, in order to throw a spectacular event – one that your child never forgets – everything needs to be on point.

It’s going to be a big day full of meaning, love, and festivity. Hence, when it comes to the after party, the success is in the details. Planning an exciting theme, arranging the décor and party props are things that need your attention.

If you’re not following a specific theme, getting the décor and centrepieces right can be a challenge. Whether your child loves superheroes, a football team, or a glow-in-the-dark party – we’ve got some super-creative ideas for you. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

floral led centrepieces
floral led centrepieces

1.    Deciding a Theme

A Bar Mitzvah is an occasion where the entire family gathers. From little kids and teenagers to the eldest in the family, everyone will be present for the celebration. Therefore, you need to pick a theme that welcomes people of all ages.

A Lion King-themed event with majestic animal safari as centrepieces and circus props would be a great idea. The melodic Disney themes playing in the back with lit wildlife on each table will mesmerise the young and old alike.

You can also plan a “Frozen” theme and turn the entire venue into an icy fortress. Add these striking lit shards, snow trees, and dramatic Ice melts to the venue. As statement decorations, arrange them around the entire arena to turn the place into a Winter Wonderland.

If your child wants a super-hero themed party, dress up the venue with Marvel heroes, spooky spiders, and villains. Pair that up with this out-of-this-world rotating cake that mysteriously lights up from the top. Keep your guests on their toes with these super-cool décor and props for an extraordinary party! 

bar mitzvah cake
cake design table art

2.    Beautiful Centrepieces

Your party needs to have centrepieces that signify the importance of the event. Lit centrepieces like a Candelabra really set the tone of the event. With their beautiful glow, these décor pieces will instantly catch your guests’ attention. Place them at the centre of each table and watch how they light up the Bar Mitzvah party. As they create a wonderful, iridescent effect, the kids will totally love it.

bar mitzvah table centres

3.    A Fancy Display of Balloons

Since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for your child, you definitely have to go all in with the decorations. No party is ever complete without a display of balloons. You can get them arranged around the main stage, over a wall, or at the main entrance.

Get the balloons printed with your child’s initials or picture. The more symbolic and heartfelt the décor is, the more memorable the event will be. Check out this exclusive display of Organic Balloons that seem to be springing from the ground. Get them in different colours and prints to coordinate with the theme of the event.

birthday event theming

4.    Colourful and Blazing Pyrotechnics

 Take the décor up a notch and introduce dramatic pyrotechnic centrepieces. Available in unique shapes and colours, these centrepieces burst into magical crackles at the touch of a button. Enjoy the show as the radiant centrepieces blaze in brightness on every table. Here to steal the spotlight— the Pyrotechnics will be a spectacle your guests will not forget.

exploding balloons bar mitzvah
exploding confetti balloon

5.    A Touch of Fantasy

If you’re looking for out-of-the-box, whimsical ideas, then the Exploding Confetti Balloon is what you need. These confetti-filled balloons suspended in the air will quickly captivate your audience. For the end surprise, make sure the balloons pop, resulting in a gorgeous shower of rainbow-coloured confetti.

With the soft, flurry of confetti floating everywhere, your guests will be mesmerized. Marking an unforgettable moment, leave the best for the end.

Another unique table centrepiece is this space rocket in the middle of taking off. For a futuristic theme, add this iconic piece to your party décor. Complement it with inflatable planets and dazzling star globes for an out-of-this-world event.

space museum leicester rocket
space museum leicester rocket

6.    Sports Décor  

By now, we’ve covered super-heroes, balloon displays, and futuristic centrepieces. A Sports-themed event would be just as electrifying and exciting. There are many sports-inspired décor pieces to spruce up the event. Whether your child is a fan of a football team or loves watching rugby, nothing beats a festive sports party.

Use these stunning football centrepieces for a passionate display. Get them branded with your child’s favourite team and fix them on each table. Supported by a beautiful and slender stand, the balls will light up with the team’s colours. You can also prop up rugby and basketball stands, football boots, and tennis rackets. Use these centrepieces for the Bar Mitzvah to create a memorable, lasting event for your child.

bar mitzvah football décor
football event

Plan Your Child’s Bar Mitzvah with Us

At Table Art we provide expert event styling to help you plan a superb Bar Mitzvah. From theme-specific décor and centrepieces to fancy furniture props, we have it all. Work with our team and consultants to assist you in pulling off an unforgettable event.  

Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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