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Top 5 LED Table Centres for Corporate Events

Top 5 LED Table Centres for Corporate Events

Here at Table Art, we are masters of concepting, designing and creating stunning LED table centres for corporate events. Our centrepieces have travelled far and wide across not only the UK, but the world.

But we don’t stop there. Our hard-working team are constantly coming up with new ideas, drafting new designs and producing jaw-dropping pieces.

In this blog, we’ll explore Table Art’s best LED table centres for corporate events. Hopefully you’ll get some ideas for your next big show.

led table centres
ice led table centres grosvenor

1. Exploding Confetti Balloon

Make your event one to remember with our Exploding Confetti Balloon LED table centres. With limitless customisation options available, you have full control over every centrepiece. Let us know what colours you’d like or if you want any branding – we’ll make it happen!

How does it work? We have partnered up with our friends at Halo FX. These guys are geniuses when it comes to pyrotechnics. Mixing their technology with our super clever DMX system, we can produce spectacular results. 

We can sync the explosion up to a particular moment during the event. Perhaps a big announcement or the end of an awards ceremony? Either way, your guests will be ‘blown away’.

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papa john gala

2. Logo Sphere

Branding always goes down a treat at corporate events, whether it’s for the business hosting the show or for sponsors. Branded LED table centres aren’t just good for easy promo. They also add a more personal touch to every table. Guests will feel valued and familiar with the logo just a meter before their eyes.

You are in full control with the Logo Sphere centrepieces. You can have the same logo on every table or a different one on each. Just provide us with the information and a table plan. This will allow for easy crafting and seamless installation. 

Speaking of which, check out our Trustpilot reviews. You can read our clients’ opinions on the service we provide. Everything we do at Table Art is 5 stars.

led table centres
logo sphere table centrepiece

3. Ice Point

Now this one is genius. The Ice Point is the result of a father-son collaboration between MD Gary Martin and Sculptor & Artist Joe Martin. A stunning pyramid of ice, lit by our powerful LED boxes, will glimmer all night long in the middle of every table.

These real ice LED table centres made their debut at the infamous Grosvenor House Hotel in London for the RAD Awards, during January 2020. Our team provided over 100 Ice Point centrepieces, powered by DMX technology to make it a night to remember.

Want to take things a step further? Add branding to the acrylic tray at the bottom of the Ice Point for a personal touch on each table.

led table centres
ice sculpture centrepiece grosvenor

4. Windsor Candelabra

This is a favourite amongst clients, guests and our crew as well! The Windsor Candelabra was designed in 2019 as a slimline alternative to our classic Acrylic Candelabra. We knew it’d be well liked, but didn’t quite expect the incredible popularity surge as soon as it was released.

We’ve never before seen LED table centres go down so well. Following the Windsor Candelabras first appearance in Monaco in 2019, it has been a hit at venues across the UK. Thanks to its slim, tall design with hyper realistic flickering candles, it’s obvious why guests and clients love it so much. 

Why is it a favourite with our crew? Ease of setup! Our installations are always discreet, but with these beautiful centrepieces, our team’s jobs are made even easier.

led table centres
close up windsor candelabra

5. Pixel Tube

We’ve shown you some of our newer LED table centres for corporate events, now it’s time for an old time Table Art favourite. The Pixel Tube is a gorgeous design and another which gives you the say over the vibe of your event. Thanks to our brilliant DMX technology, your AV team can control the colours and lighting effects on every table.

Running an awards ceremony? Dim all the Pixel Tubes and have your winner’s table flash for extra drama. Transitioning to an after awards disco? Use strobing effects to help everyone feel involved. That’s not everything. Check out our animation by clicking here for more information.

There are always additions and changes available with Table Art. You can even add a sparkler to the Pixel Tubes for even more dramatic effects.

led table centres
pixel tube table centrepieces

Now you’ve read this blog, feel free to get in touch with our team to make an enquiry for your next event. If this list doesn’t contain an option you like, feel free to visit our centrepieces page to explore our full range.

Still not sure? Head to our Trustpilot page to read our glamorous reviews. 

We’d be delighted to assist with your show.

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