Blog / Tiffany Lamp Centrepieces – Exploring Table Art’s Range of Table Centres

Tiffany Lamp Centrepieces – Exploring Table Art’s Range of Table Centres

Tiffany Lamp Centrepieces – Exploring Table Art’s Range of Table Centres

If you’re planning an Art Deco themed event, or maybe a Great Gatsby bash, Table Art’s lamp centrepieces are the perfect addition to every table.

We are always pushing the boundaries and coming up with new ideas to bolster our selection.

In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at our current range. Hopefully this will give you some ideas for your upcoming show.

Manhattan Lamp

The Manhattan Skyline is filled with beautiful Art Deco architecture. This was a huge inspiration for us when it came to designing these lamp centrepieces. The Manhattan Lamp simply personifies the twenties era.

We can’t take all the credit though. This stunning product was the result of a careful collaboration with our partners all around the world. The Manhattan Lamp is crafted and produced in our eco-friendly workshop. Here, every care is taken to ensure every table centre is a work of art.

lamp table centres
manhattan lamp

Tall Ritz Lamp

The Ritz are the most recent additions to Table Art’s collection of lamp centrepieces. The tall version has been a massive favourite since it was introduced. Thanks to 2 (yes, two!) powerful LED plates, the Ritz Lamp glows all night long in the centre of every table.

Not only does it catch the light brilliantly, it allows for jaw-dropping lighting effects. Why not have each plate set to a different colour to really wow your guests? Better yet, add DMX for pure drama. From flashing and strobing to sudden or slow colour changes, your delegates will be blown away.

lamp table centres
silver ritz lamp

Botanical Lamp

A gorgeous table centrepiece with an eye catching floral motif. The Botanical Lamp is a brand new favourite amongst the Table Art range. Thanks to its colourful, easy to match design, the Botanical Lamp suits a wide variety of themes. Lamp centrepieces will never been the same again!

Having made its debut at the Natural History Museum, these LED table centres have since been all over the country, impressing guests far and wide. The Botanical Lamp was out on an event as recently as last week at Hilton St. George’s Park. A fantastic show enjoyed by all!

lamp table centres
botanical lamp natural history museum

Cabaret Lamp

Another personification of the hedonistic twenties, the Cabaret Lamps are a seductive, immersive lit table centres which inject a sense of luxury onto every table. The carefully crafted red lampshade, accompanied by the black drop trim will be the key to your delegates’ hearts.

It only feels like yesterday that we added the Cabaret Lamp to our collection. It is now a massive favourite amongst our clients. A stunning spike in popularity saw these lamp centrepieces transform events all over the UK.

lamp table centres
cabaret centre

Low Ritz Lamp

Whilst remaining a great choice for an Art Deco themed event, the Ritz Lamp is of our modern lamp centrepieces. Capable of mixing with any theme you can imagine, it never looks out of place in any venue.

We offer two different shade colours. If you’re planning an awards ceremony, choose gold for its warm tones. Perhaps you’re looking for a festive style – in this case, we recommend silver. Either way, you’ll be just as impressed as those sat around your tables.

lamp table centres
ritz lamp low

Now you’ve read this blog, perhaps you have some more ideas for your upcoming show. Now is the time to get in touch. Our hard-working team are waiting for your call.

Still not sure? Head to our amazing Trustpilot page to see what others thought of our service. 5 stars every single time!

Give us a call or drop us an email – we’re always happy to help.

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