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The Ultimate Guide To Styling A 40th Birthday Party

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The Ultimate Guide To Styling A 40th Birthday Party

For many people, their 40th is their first truly big birthday. It’s time to really celebrate who they’ve become as they reach middle age. It’s also a chance to share that with everyone they’ve connected with over the years.

You want to create an event that tastefully celebrates all of that but also gives guests a chance to let loose and have fun.

It’s a balance that can be hard to get right. We’ve created this guide to help you decide on the theme, the style, and how to make a party that people won’t soon forget.

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What Type Of Party Should It Be?

Birthday parties have a license to be almost anything – a disco, a dinner party, or a fancy dress shindig. As this is a 40th birthday party you want something that feels grand but also relaxed. Perhaps consider combining a sit-down meal with space for a dance floor and bringing it all together with a unique theme.

A 40th birthday party can draw a diverse guest-list ranging from children to elderly grandparents. That’s why it is important to make sure that you’ve got an evening that will appeal to everyone. But as was said earlier, a 40th birthday party can be almost anything. Don’t be afraid to make it a more adult-oriented party with a well-stocked bar at hand.  

Once you know your requirements in terms of dining, dancing, and decorations you can begin really planning what your event will look like.

Choosing A Theme And Venue

Knowing what your venue can accommodate and the theme you want to choose will help you bring everything together.

With a 40th birthday party, you might want to have a more relaxed approach when it comes to the venue. You might rent a large holiday let with enough space for a garden dinner party. Or a hotel or football club venue if you are anticipating a larger crowd.

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You can also allow your theme to help decide which venue you want to use. For example, if you are looking for an outdoor-friendly party theme, then you know you need some outdoor space with enough shelter and facilities to keep your guests comfortable. You can check out 20 of our recommended outdoor themes to get you started. Also, be sure to take a look at our recommended 150 event themes for even more ideas.

When choosing a theme, think about what suits the personality of the party and your guests. As it is a 40th birthday party you can also have fun with an ‘over the hill’ theme. Or you might want to have an 80s or 90s theme as a call back to their youth.

A theme is important even if it’s not going to be a fancy dress party. For example, choosing a Hawaiian beach party theme night lets you know the type of decorations you need. Also of course the atmosphere you want to create.

More importantly, it will give your event a strong sense of coherence. This can be difficult to get if there’s nothing to tie your choices together.

Picking A Table Centrepiece, Lighting, And Decorations

No matter your theme or venue, you want to make sure it’s a party that has true style.

At Table Art, we specialise in designing fantastical centrepieces and we think they’re the perfect way to make your party stand out.

You can choose an item that is special to the birthday boy or girl. For example, if you chose an 80s theme and they are music aficionados, then you might choose a cassette tape for your centrepiece. You can frame your party around this decoration and have your centrepiece lit  providing a colourful atmosphere..

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You can explore some of our other centrepiece creations in our gallery. They can do most of the heavy lifting at a small venue or work to be the focal point of a massive banquet hall.

The lighting from a centrepiece can be used to make for a smooth transition from your meal to a party atmosphere. What is more you won’t need to rely on your venue’s lighting too much.

You can compliment your centrepiece with a variety of furnishings and decorations. Consider balloons, table runners, and coloured tableware. If you want to truly transform your venue, then consider using a stylish archway or a video backdrop.

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A Night To Remember

You only have one 40th birthday and you should begin this part of your life as you mean to go on with it. It’s not just an opportunity to celebrate your birthday but also the people around you that make it worth celebrating.  

Take some time to really consider the best theme for your party so that it will all come together and make for an unforgettable night. There is no such thing as too out there for a 40th birthday.

If you want help planning or styling your 40th birthday party, then get in contact with Table Art today for a consultation.


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