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Dream Circus Styling: The Ultimate Guide To Styling A Dream Circus Event

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Dream Circus Styling: The Ultimate Guide To Styling A Dream Circus Event

The line between an event and its theme can be hard to see and with a dream circus, this is very much intentional. It’s an event that invites guests into a waking dream where the delightful oddities and wonders of the circus are turned into an art form.

At Table Art, the dream circus is one of our specialties. This guide is going to provide the ultimate insight into designing and styling a dream circus event. We’ll look at lighting and decoration choices, as well as the best way to create a palpable dreamy atmosphere for guests.

If you are interested in learning more about the dream circus, then you can look at our website dedicated to them.

What Is A Dream Circus?

the ultimate guide to dream circus styling - what is a dream circus

A dream circus has an unanswerable mystery to it but in short, it’s a classic circus-themed event with a surreal twist.

For both children and adults, there is something thrilling about the circus coming to town. In the middle of the night a giant tent, like a landmark from a different era, pops up in a nearby field and performers from all over the globe appear to perform daring feats of skill and illusion. Then as soon as it appeared it’s gone without a trace – like a dream.

A dream circus embraces everything about this experience. It uses icons of the circus such as candy-striped tents and wild beasts from foreign lands and celebrates their weirdness. It might be an elephant suspended from a hot air balloon or a silent clown wandering by on stilts.

These elements all come together with otherworldly sounds and an alien monochrome colour scheme to transport guests to the dream circus.

Getting Started With Dream Circus Styling

A dream circus style will suit a variety of events. It has a sophisticated but relaxed vibe and it puts guests in a state of curiosity, while providing them with plenty of ice breakers and shared memories of the night.

It works well to get guests excited in advanced as they try to discover exactly what a dream circus is and it provides ample branding opportunities. It’s also a theme that compliments keynote speakers well and gives entertainers a chance truly respond to their environment.

Whether it’s an end of year party, product launch, seminar, or a business dinner – it’s a theme that will appeal to a wide audience and makes for a night which guests won’t soon forget.

Lighting And Colour

Your lighting choices are very important when it comes to creating a dream circus. If your lighting is too bright and colourful, then you can dampen the dreamy vibrations but you don’t want the event to be so dark and twisted that it feels like a nightmare.

A good choice is to start with a basic monochrome colour scheme for your decorations. Then you can cut it through with deep blues, purples, and greens. You can enhance this further with circus-style spotlights and light panels which fill the venue with dream circus imagery.

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At Table Art, we think centrepieces are central to pulling off an excellent design. They are also a cost-effective way to light a venue. You might choose mini hot air balloons, crystal balls, or carousels which come with lighting. These can also synch-up with a speaker or performance.

Decorations And Design

A dream circus theme takes a mix of subtle design choices and giant statement pieces. Begin with an entrance that lets guests know they’re entering a different world to the one they are used to. One effective way to achieve this is with a lit walkway tunnel.

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To create the feel of being at the circus, some candy stripe drapes can be used to create a tent-style dome on the ceiling.  A good model for general style and furniture choice is 1920s art deco and vaudeville. It instantly takes guests to the circus while having an eerie feeling of being lost in time.

When it comes to decorations your inspiration should be circuses, funfairs, cabaret, steam punk, and surrealist art. Good source material to get ideas from includes films and shows such as Big Fish, Dumbo, and Twin Peaks.

You might want to experiment with images and icons such as clowns, elephants, giraffes, and more. Considering putting them in unusual colours, placing them in strange locations, or altering their design so they have an uncanny feel.

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Putting It All Together: The Perfect Dream Circus Styling

Making your dream circus is more than just putting around appropriate decorations and making sure the lighting is on. You need to be sure it all works to tell a story and leads guests through the different spaces.

Plot out how guests will approach and walk through the venue. Make sure every room has a focal point or piece that will delight your guests. Then bring them into your world slowly using lighting, music, and the placement of your furniture.

Guests shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by your design but nor should they should feel uncomfortable interacting with the space.

At Table Art, we’ve styled and organised several dream circus events and know how effective they can be. If you want help planning your own dream circus, then contact us for a consultation.


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