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Event Décor Done Right: Led Event Table Centres

Be smart with your choices of décor and opt for Led Event Table Centres


The Event Industry is one that prides itself on creativity, ingenuity, and forward thinking. Table Art follow those same practices into every facet of our work. We want to be anything other than ordinary. We push boundaries to further our creativity, the results of which are shown in our vast collection of centrepieces, props, and furniture. Table Art continually invest in our team, materials, and technologies to make sure we are at the cutting edge of our field. Consequently, we are market leaders in led event table centres.

What we want to explore today is how to make the most of your event décor. With clever use of Led Event Table Centres, you will be able to inject your event with style and technology. We show you how to avoid the usual pitfalls of booking décor. How to make the most of your event AV and how that can strengthen engagement with clients. Finally, we cover the importance of event photography, especially when it comes to capturing your led event table centres.

Say goodbye to the traditional

When hosting a corporate event or Wedding, it can be so tempting to go for the traditional. The cookie cutter approach certainly has its benefits. You know what you are getting I suppose but is that really what you want? We want to encourage you to go into the unknown. If you haven’t booked with us before, we will take you by the hand and walk you through every step. It is our guarantee that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises, only WOW moments. We want you to be excited for the event, to be rushing to the table as we put the first centrepiece out. To be jumping with excitement as we run you through the colours on your led event table centres. There is no greater pleasure for our crew when the client is full of enthusiasm, desperate to see the centres in action!

Avoid the venue supplied centrepieces or the same old floral arrangements. It can be both tired and dated, something you don’t want to present to your guests. Take the leap and book with Table Art, you won’t be disappointed. Just explore our 150 Google Reviews and 80 plus Trustpilot recommendations. The fabulous client feedback speaks for itself.

low level silver lamp table art

Make the most of your AV

For the bigger events that have invested in an AV company for their event – this is for you. Did you know that our led event table centres can be synced direct to the lighting desk? AV Companies are increasingly becoming aware of what we can offer. We have no end of AV crew greeting us on events, excitedly asking if we have brought the DMX system for them to use.

So as standard we provide the E Glow 3 light that simply allows you to set your led event table centres to a single colour. If however you upgrade to DMX at just £10.00 extra a unit, you can sync your lights direct to the AV desk. Your investment into the AV will instantly become more valuable as you now have your led event table centres working in unison with the lighting design. The overall effect can be truly stunning. Picture this, Awards show is in full flow and as the nominees are read out, the room is blacked out. Tension builds and then suddenly as the winner is announced, the winners table is lit solely – an explosion of clapping and excitement! The AV Lighting pairs in with flashing and lasers, guests will be truly enthralled. We cannot recommend DMX highly enough for your led event table centres.

dmx desk

Engage your clients

One of the biggest benefits of selecting led event table centres is the engagement with clients. Bring the décor right to the heart of every guest by opting for table centres. The one place you can guarantee a guest’s attention is at the table. This is where you can really bring your style, theme, or brief to life. With a 150 strong catalogue of led event table centres, there is a design to suit every event.

Additionally, when you upgrade to DMX, you can really blow their minds with a light show at the heart of every table. Whether it’s awards show where you build the tension by announcing winners through the lights. Or at a wedding where you can set a subtle light for dinner and then declaring the start of the disco with a rainbow strobe effect. When selecting DMX, the creativity available to you for lighting is truly endless.

event table centre hire

Invest in photography

One of the most important factors for any event is photography. In the age of social media, guests are looking to get that perfect ‘profile shot’. The choice of led event table centres encourages that. Each guest has the perfect backdrop to their selfie when they have a Table Art creation with touching distance. All of this ‘Selfie’ taking encourages event promotion across social platforms. All of which will boost sales for repeat events. Fear of missing out means guests that didn’t make it this year will be desperate for next years ticket, seeing all their colleagues have so much fun.

You also want to invest in a professional photographer. Make sure you book them to arrive before guests arrive. It can be vital to any good event planner to have clear shots of a room dressed and ready. Get your photographer in early and get them photographing the led event table centres alongside your set and bar area. You want to be able to show future clients how brilliantly you can put everything together. It all builds confidence in your service and ultimately will get you the sale.


Time to be Smart

So, have we convinced you to be smart and book led event table centres? We have a dedicated team ready and waiting to introduce you to the world of Table Art. Contact us today for more information on 0845 521 1234 or email


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