Table Centrepieces / Swirl Medium Centrepiece

Swirl Medium Centrepiece

Table Art Collection: Swirl Medium Centrepiece

The Swirl Medium Centrepiece, part of the successful Swirl Trilogy of Centrepieces.

Just like Goldilocks and the three little bears, we want a Swirl that’s “just right” for you. So we have crafted a Micro, Medium and Tall Swirl to suit any brief! If you are looking for something that isn’t towering above guests, and something that sits above the table menus, then the Medium Swirl is just right for you.

As they are all hand sculpted, the height varies from between 50cm- 60cm. Designed by Joseph Martin, the designer that also brought you the Blaze and Rocket.

Dimensions: H:56cm |  W:18cm | D:18cm


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