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Get Ready For Halloween 2019

stripey clown prop
stripey clown prop

Thinking about your Halloween Décor for 2019?

Halloween comes each year and many of us follow the same décor rituals each year. What’s the fun in that? Why choose the same décor whenever you can create something different.

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time that you start planning what this year’s Halloween party will look like and try to make it different from anything that you’ve already done before.

With that said, finding new ideas and Halloween décor items can be a daunting task. After all, all the shops are filled with the same old decoration stuff that you have used too many times before. However, if you wish to do something different this year, then we’ve got you covered.

Table Art is one of a kind when it comes to providing unique, creative and exclusive Halloween decor items, props and furniture. We have arranged some amazing Halloween parties for our clients and they loved our creativity and brilliant ideas.

If you want to do something different for this year’s Halloween, then you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list of some of the most unique and interesting Halloween decor items you can choose from. These are perfect to make your Halloween party the best in town. Your guests will remember it as one of the best Halloween parties they have attended.

Without further ado, let’s get started and give you some brilliant Halloween decor ideas.

table art halloween
table art halloween

Halloween Table Centrepieces

Table centrepieces are an important part of your Halloween decor. You need to pick the spookiest of the centrepieces if you want to create the perfect Halloween ambiance for your Halloween-themed event. Here are some spooky Halloween table centrepieces that are perfect for your event.

halloween centrepiece hire
halloween centrepiece hire

1.     Windsor Candelabra

While this stunning table centrepieces oozes elegance, it can be transformed into a spooky one easily with just some additions. Windsor Candelabra consist of a narrow silhouette and tapered candles. The candles flicker hyper-realistically creating the perfect haunted house atmosphere. When you choose it for a Halloween party, we add a cobweb to each of these stands. This makes them perfect for a Halloween party and your guests will love the attention to detail on each of your table centres.

windsor candelabra centre
windsor candelabra centre

2.     Acrylic Candelabra

Just like the Windsor Candelabra, our Acrylic Candelabra is also very popular for Halloween parties. It will spellbind your guests as it creates an illusion of floating candles. It looks amazing and spooky at the same time. Pair it up with cobwebs and LED lighting and you will have the perfect table centrepiece for your Halloween party. It is one of our most popular table centrepieces for Halloween as it creates the perfect feel for the event.

Traditional Candelabra
traditional candelabra

3.     Skull Connect

 Made with acrylic, our Skull Connect table centrepiece can be customised for Halloween-themed events. With the addition of a skull and spooky lighting, it looks like it’s been taken straight out of a scary movie. It is a popular choice for Halloween parties as it gives the perfect spooky atmosphere to your event.


Halloween Decor

A Halloween party without some scary props is plain boring. You should create an ambiance that gives the right feels to the guests. After all, it’s Halloween. At Table Art, we have some amazing Halloween props for your event. These are mighty and scary and your guests will love them.

Here are some of our best props you can pick from for your Halloween party or any Halloween-themed event.

1.     Halloween Hell’s Angel

Want some extra cool scares for your guests this Halloween eve? We have a collection of Ghouls you will love. The best part, they come with sound effects and animations. What else does one need for such events?

Halloween Hell’s Angel is rested on a bike and you can place them at any corner of the venue. We will create the perfect lighting to make these look even scarier. Your guest will love it and your Halloween party will be an event to remember.

skeleton halloween events
skeleton halloween events

2.     Halloween Giant Clown

Halloween and scary clowns go hand in hand. If you want to add some Hollywood horror to your Halloween party, then opt for our Halloween Giant Clowns. These will creep your guest out with their amazing 3m height. You can place them at the entrance of your venue or anywhere else inside the venue. They also have an outreached claw which makes them a great prop for photos and your guests will love it. Add them to your Halloween decor and scare the wits out of your guests.

table art stripey clown
table art stripey clown

3.     Halloween Creepy Clown

Another of our Halloween props, the Halloween Creepy Clown is very popular among our clients. These clowns come with flame-red hair and a hellish gaze. It is sure to scare your guests as soon as they enter the venue of the event. Our Halloween Creepy Clowns are fully animated and also come with sound effects. This makes them really scary and creepy and your guests will love them. With these props, your guests will remember your Halloween bash as one of the best ones they have ever attended.

table art yellow clown
table art yellow clown

Halloween is fun and exciting. It may come each year but the level of excitement never fades away. If you are also one of those people who love to through Halloween parties, then Table Art can help you.

We have the best Halloween decor ideas, props and furniture. These are not only high-quality but also look extremely scary and creepy, which is just perfect for a Halloween party. After all, it is all about arranging the spookiest and scariest party of the town.

The experts at Table Art have arranged many successful events before. Whether you need assistance with a Halloween party or any other event, our decor experts have you covered. We will not only give you great ideas you can pick from but also amazing props, decor items and furniture that will make your party an affair to remember.

If you want help designing and creating your garden themed party, then get in touch with Table Art for a consultation. We can build, transport, and install custom centrepieces and furniture so that you are free to relax.

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