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Best Branding Opportunities

Best Branding Opportunities in the Centre of The Table

branded table centre
bespoke branded table centre

Planning a corporate event is never easy. In addition to many other things, it is a good idea to think about the different branding opportunities you can make use of. While there are some basic branding ideas that you can try, you should do something unique if you really want to make an impression on your guests.

Table Art brings a unique way of banding in the form of table centrepieces. Our experts have worked hard to create the perfect table centrepieces for you that not only look stunning but are also great for branding. Whether it is a new product launch or an annual corporate event, branding is very important for your business. It not only instils a sense of pride in your employees but also give the guests an idea about how serious you are about your brand.

Looking for branding opportunities in the centre of the table?

We have plenty to choose from.

Here are some of the best branding opportunities in the centre of the table from Table Art. 

1.     Logo Cone

Our Logo Cone is a modern branding choice for your corporate event. It adds a contemporary touch with perfect laser-cut patterns made from sculpted metal. The metal is finished in a crisp white shade. We can position your logo within the cone to shine through the circular spaces. The logo is also lit from the back which creates a stunning look.

branded table centrepieces
logo cone table centre

2.     Logo Sphere

Our Logo Sphere range offers a perfect opportunity to incorporate banding into your event decor. It consists of an elegant plinth with a clear sphere where you can place your company’s logo. This slick table centrepiece looks extremely professional and is perfect for formal corporate events. It sets the tone for the event and your guests will love this stunning table centrepiece.

Logo Sphere

3.     Branded Display Case

If you are looking for a unique branding opportunity for your corporate event, then opt for our Branded Display Case. You can wrap your brand logo around the case which helps increase your brand awareness. It not only looks unique but also gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand.

branded table centres
table art display case

4.     Ice Melt

Unique, stunning and striking, our Ice Melt table centrepiece is in a league of its own. This masterpiece consists of an ice sphere sitting on top of a glass vase. The ice from the sphere slowly melts during the course of the event. Water droplets trickle down the hand-carved icicles into a pool of water present at the bottom. The glass vase is perfect for branding. Together with stunning LED lights, the table centrepiece looks spectacular and is perfect for your branding.

ice melt event hire
ice melt event hire

5.     Branded Martini

If you are looking for a unique but timeless table centrepiece for your corporate branding, then opt for our Branded Martinis. You can bring a classic Martini glass to life with your corporate branding. It is the ideal choice for companies who want to keep things simple. We just place your logo on the Martini Glass and you are good to go. This LED table centrepiece will make your event an event to remember.

christmas martini glass
christmas martini glass

6.     Logo Disc Stack

Logo Disc Stack gives you the perfect way of branding. It consists of a clear and simple disc stack , ideal for showing off your brand. Four acrylic ovals are elegantly displayed within a vase, giving plenty of branding opportunities. The disc can also be lit using LED lights which creates a stunning look. 

logo disc table centre
logo disc table centre

7.     Ice Cube

Ice Cube table centrepiece is truly a masterpiece. It consists of a block of ice in the centre of the table. The ice melts slowly throughout the course of the event. Inside the cube is your logo, or a new product that you are launching. The Ice Cube table centrepiece is a unique and elegant branding opportunity for your business. Your guests will be in awe of the stunning table centrepiece and the attention to detail you have put into the event decor. Corporate events call for unique but professional looking table centrepieces and our Ice Cube LED table centrepiece ticks all the boxes.

ice table centres
table art ice cube

8.     Silhouette Vase

Whether you want to add a sponsor’s logo to the table or your own brand, our Silhouette Vase is a great choice. It is one of our most adaptable designs. A tall glass vase has a custom print inside it which makes for a stunning yet cost-effective table centrepiece, perfect for branding. You can display your brand at the centre of the table with LEDs lighting up the centrepiece.

table art football silhouette vase
table art football silhouette vase

9.     Light Wrap

Want to make the most of the branding opportunities for your corporate event? Opt for our Light Wrap table centrepiece. It is placed within a meter’s distance from every guest which gives your brand maximum visibility. We can wrap your branding around the light base, put it on top of the props or anywhere you want. The possibilities are endless. You can also choose any theme or colour for your Light Wrap table centrepiece.

table art light wrap
table art light wrap

These are just some options of the branding opportunities in the centre of the table. Choose any of these stunning table centrepieces and you will make a great impression on your guests. Customised table centrepieces options are also available from Table Art. Just get in touch with our design experts and discuss your requirements. We will create custom table centrepieces or will simply customize our centrepieces as per your specific needs.

If you want help designing and creating your branding opportunity, then get in touch with Table Art for a consultation. We can build, transport, and install custom centrepieces and furniture so that you are free to relax.

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