Blog / Exploding Confetti Balloons: An Award Show Staple

Exploding Confetti Balloons: An Award Show Staple

Exploding Confetti Balloons: An Award Show Staple

Choose our popular Exploding Confetti Balloons for your awards show and inject anticipation and excitement into your event.

Annual corporate award shows can be dull affairs, cookie cutter ceremonies with well-worn event décor can often just be a practice in repeat performances. This is a nightmare scenario for any event planner. We want to excite our clients, keep them entertained and blow away the previous years’ experience. All of this drives up the much-needed ticket sales and cements you as the go-to event planner for next years booking.

Exploding Confetti Balloon

Here at Table Art we have a secret ingredient that will guarantee those aims. The Exploding Confetti Balloon is a much-loved design that has wowed at award ceremonies across the country. This blog takes a closer look at this table centre phenomenon and shows you how best to utilize them at your own event. We take you from the initial concept through to the technicalities of how they work on an event. Knowledge is power and so by reading this, you will have a clear understanding of what the Exploding Confetti Balloon entails and how it can blow your event away.


The Concept

The Design Studio was seeing a resurgence in balloon décor. Events had started to move towards organic balloon displays and even balloon centrepieces. In an effort to address the trend, we developed our own Organic Balloon Style and Centrepieces which proved more than popular. However, we felt that rather than follow the trend, we needed to set it.

Halo FX

We have the pleasure of working closely with MD Ben of Halo FX. As a pyrotechnic specialist, his work is predominantly made up of Firework displays. However back in 2015 we combined the two-company skill sets and came up with the Pyro Table Centres. Featuring a roman candle style firework, we mounted the effect to our Pixel Tubes and they worked a dream for the corporate awards market. When balloons started to grow in popularity, the two MD’s from the partner companies put their heads together.

The result of their idea exchange was the Exploding Confetti Balloon. Taking a clear balloon filled with confetti, it was wired up to a hidden pyro pack within the light base. Synced with an existing pyro system, the guys were able to ‘pop’ the balloons by command. Excited by the concept, the prototype videos debuted on our Instagram Account. This simple test of the water resulted in numerous enquiries from clients, all looking to use the Exploding Confetti Balloon at their next event.

exploding confetti balloons

How they work:

The concept is rather simple, but the execution is a rather more complex affair. Firstly, they are our most time-consuming centrepiece to set up, each unit taking an average of 4-5 minutes to assemble. When you book the Exploding Confetti Balloon, you will be booking our pyrotechnician as standard. His skills are needed to wire up each balloon safely and effectively. We have developed a patented pyro pack that fits perfectly inside our light bases. By concealing the pyro pack, we leave no unsightly trace of the wiring. Plus, with the added bonus of giving no hint to guests as to what the centrepiece can and will do. 

Choose your moment…

You have two distinct options when it comes to the ‘Explosion’. The first and most popular approach is to explode all the balloons at a single stroke. This works most effectively when you have a big announcement, or you want to finish the evening with a bang. The pros of going for a single explosion is firstly the element of surprise, with one big pop- the room will be showered in confetti. Another positive to this is that once exploded, our team can discreetly remove the centrepieces from the table, removing the debris in one swoop. A single explosion also works brilliantly if you are looking to capture a moment. As you can see from the various videos featured on this blog, the most dramatic and excited reactions come from the single explosion.

exploding confetti balloon

Colourful Table Centres

A second option for the Exploding Confetti Balloon is setting off individual explosions. Working brilliantly for award shows, you can effectively ‘pop’ the winners table when their name is announced. This really does build anticipation as guests look to their table centre when the announcement is made, excitedly preparing for a shower of confetti. This option does have its restrictions, the first being that we can only set of 10 individual explosions. We also need to know the winners in advance of the event so we can program the system accordingly. With all that in mind, this option certainly works best on the smaller award shows.

How they can work for your event:

One of the best features on the Exploding Confetti Balloon is how customisable they are. No matter what the theme or colour, we can create a Confetti Balloon to match. Every element is customisable. Starting with the balloon, they come clear as standard but the world is your oyster- we have a spectrum of coloured balloons for you to choose from. The nice thing about choosing a coloured balloon is the fact that you can draw in brand colours from the get go. You can also print a logo direct to the balloon and that is most effective when it has a coloured backdrop to contrast against.


There is also the confetti filling to consider. All the balloons are made to order so confetti is where you can have some real fun. Award ceremonies often go for a rainbow of colours, really delivering a sense of celebration. However there is a growing trend for brand colour confetti. For instance, if Table Art were to create their own Exploding Confetti Balloon, we would fill it with a mix of blue and pink confetti to suit our brand.

balloon table centres

We have also started introducing a ‘tail’ to the balloon. As standard you have the simple wire connecting the balloon to the base light but as of late, a confetti tail is proving a fun alternative. Yet another opportunity to customise, we work with tissue paper to create fan like tails to drape underneath the balloon. For more information and imagery on this please contact our team.

DMX Lighting

Arguably one of the most important features of the Exploding Confetti Balloon is the DMX Lighting system. Each balloon features our light box base and within that we provide the DMX light as standard. A fabulous addition, this allows you to change the up light colour at the touch of a button. This is a vital tool for an awards ceremony, allowing you to set the tone with colour. Transition effortlessly from dinner to awards with a change in colour for your centrepiece. Our technicians are always on hand to run this for the lesser experienced planner.

Making a booking:

Onto the important bit, how to make a booking… Well the first step is to contact our team. We just need three simple bits of information: the venue, date and number of tables. From there our sales team will work their magic and produce a proposal that details all your options when booking an Exploding Confetti Balloon. If you have dreams of a customised piece, then please don’t hesitate to detail that with our team and we can cost accordingly.


exploding confetti balloons leonardo

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