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Lockdown Latest End of July

Lockdown Latest End of July

Welcome to the latest edition of Table Art’s Lockdown Latest end of July. Can you believe it has now been 4 months since the government announced lockdown in the UK. Partly it seems so long ago but it is also hard to believe that it has been such a long time since we last supplied an event.

So little has happened and yet so much has changed. Most kids have not been to school for half the academic year. Hairdressers, beauty salons, gyms have closed and re-opened. Supermarkets have remained open but remember the toilet roll shortages. We now find it normal to queue outside and patiently wait our turn. 6 months ago if we saw someone in the street wearing a mask we thought they were odd. Now we look at people without a mask a think they are odd! Who would have thought plastic visors would be the norm?

The travel industry collapsed. Then just as it was resurfacing, Boris announced Spain was off the safe list. Many holidaymakers are now unsure if their holidays will happen.

Outdoor cinemas have become popular.

Pubs and restaurants are slowly re-opening. You have to wear a mask when not sitting down but can take it off when you are.

The rules are endless and confusing. But we are becoming very accustomed to not knowing what each day will bring. When we entered 2020, if someone had told us any of this would happen, we would have thought they were bonkers! It just shows how adaptable we can all be.

Adapt and Diversify

And this is what we are all having to do within the events industry at the moment. It’s so sad that January and February were so busy yet since then our table centres are gathering dust in the warehouse. But we can’t give up. When events eventually return, we will be celebrating big time. And hopefully so will all our clients and will be looking to book parties! In the meantime, adaptable is the way forward.

With our screens flying out the door and the emergence of our salon hubs, we, at Table Art are not sitting still. Did you hear my interview on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire last week? They were interested in how companies are diversifying during this challenging time. Our wonderful accountants Burgis and Bullock suggested us to them. It’s what we all need to do to try and survive the pandemic financially. There are so many of us in this situation, that we need to stay positive and find ways to get through.

PPE Screens Lockdown Latest

Let me know if you have diversified and what you are doing to get through. We can give you a mention in the Lockdown Latest blogs. If we can all help each other, hopefully we will all meet up on the other side.

I hope you have enjoyed the Lockdown Latest end of July. Let me know if you have anything you want to include in the next one in August.

Stay Safe!

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