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Save money on your event with pallet delivery

Save Money on your Event with Pallet Delivery for your LED Table Centres

This blog will give you tips on how to save money on your event with pallet delivery for your LED Table Centres. it will also tell you what to watch out for. 

So you have virtually everything organised for your office party or award ceremony. However, you want to make the venue look and feel different to last year. Without a huge budget left you may be struggling. The answer for many is lit centrepieces delivered to your venue on a pallet. In the right circumstances with suitable centrepieces this can be a great money saver. Of course it isn’t always possible. I would always recommend for larger events and when using DMX lighting control that you book trained crew from your supplier. 

Ideal for Smaller Events

When the table numbers are smaller for example 20 table or less, a pallet can be an ideal solution. Sent straight to your venue a pallet can cost only £70 each way with our suppliers Full Force Logisitcs. Much cheaper than paying for 2 crew and a van. Obviously the table centres need to fit on one pallet for this cost. if you need 2 then the saving is not so remarkable.

International Events

One of the best ways to save money on your event with pallet delivery is for an international event. The costs involved sending vehicles and staff abroad can be huge. It is important to remember though that you need to plan well. Make sure you arrange delivery at least a day in advance. This avoids problems with ferry, delays, road congestion or even strikes. Even if the  event is large or requires DMX, it can still make sense to send the table centres by pallet. Then crew members can fly over to manage the event.

Top Tips to Consider when using pallet delivery for your LED Table Centres –

  1. Make sure your venue has a loading bay and facilities to move and store the pallet.
  2. Choose a table centre that suits your event but isn’t too complicated to assemble or pack away at the end.
  3. Ensure you have enough staff allocated to unloading the pallet and putting the centrepieces in place. Make sure crew put the pallet and ratchet straps away safely for use after the event when packing away.
  4. Gloves are provided. Ensure crew wear them when setting up the table centres. Fingerprints can show up later on when the venue lights dim and the table lights go money on your event with pallet delivery for LED Table Centres
  5. Test all the lights once they are in place. But make sure you turn the off again until just before guests arrive. Batteries will last at least 8 hours on all colours but sometimes events can run over this.
  6. Set the lights on the table centres to your choice of colour with the infra red remote controlled provided. You can go round and have the colours changing later at the event for when the party kicks in by going to each table centre individually and pressing a program button.
  7. Take pictures of your event even if only on your phone. If we are sending staff to do the event we always take pictures of it while we are there but you would be surprised at how many busy event organisers don’t get time to get a picture of their event before all the guests arrive in the room.
  8. Have someone responsible for packing the table centres away at the end, preferably the same team member that unpacked them so that they know where everything money on your event with pallet delivery fr your LED Table Centres
  9. Have a couple of people to load the pallet back up and ratchet strap everything back on to the pallet ready for collection. Don’t load pallet to a height greater than 2.2m or it won’t fit on to the truck.
  10. Make sure that the loaded pallet is left in a place in the loading bay that delivery company can find it and the venue knows that it is going to be collected.

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