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Bring the Circus to your Event with our Amazing Herd of Elephants

Roll Up, Roll Up – The Elephants are in Town!

The Greatest Showman continues to weave his magic and the cutest little elephant in the world appears to an adoring movie-going public. We at Table Art think this is an excellent opportunity for a big unveiling of our own. Bring the circus to your event with our amazing herd of elephants.

Bring the circus to your event with our amazing herd of elephants

Inspiration: The cutest elephant in town

We took the cue from Dumbo, the little elephant with the most enormous ears who discovers he can fly. Sweet, adorable little Dumbo first took flight in the imagination of author Helen Aberson and illustrator Harold Pearl. The story became a movie by the Walt Disney studios and was released in 1941. Disney initially made the film in an effort to save the studio from impending disaster. Who could predict that despite it being one of the shortest animated movies by a major studio, Dumbo would still be pulling heartstrings almost 80 years later?

Of course the story of Dumbo, the flying elephant links inextricably with that of the circus. While most modern-day circuses no longer feature performing animals people still flock to marvel at the fantastic spectacle and the funny clowns.  Our inflatable replicas, hand painted by skilled artists, stand at 2 x 3m high for our larger 2 elephants, and 2.4 for their younger sibling. We can offer the charm of this beautiful creature to your event, without any harm to the animals themselves! Not only that, but storage and transport requirements are a lot smaller and much simpler than transporting the real thing!

An Ancient, but ever-popular tradition

The history of the circus stretches all the way back to ancient Egypt. Conquering armies would bring back the spoils of battle including exotic animals to parade before the public. The Romans perfected the art of spectacle at Circus Maximus as citizens began to demand ever more exciting entertainment. Under force, condemned prisoners fought not only each other but also wild beasts like lions, tigers and bears. Gladiatorial contests were the highlights of any display alongside the popular sports of chariot racing and bareback horse riding.

We believe that the first recording of a circus event in the UK relates to one at Ha’Penny Hatch, Lambeth in London way back in 1768. Then the emphasis was on horse riding exhibitions. But organisers soon realised that the public loved to see feats of comedy and daring, so they added clowns, tumblers and high wire performers 

Bring the circus to your event with our herd of amazing elephants

Bring the Circus to your Event with our amazing herd of elephants

To perfectly compliment our amazing herd of elephants take a look at our Elephant Table Centres. The circus continues to evolve for new audiences, and circus performers push themselves to ever more spectacular feats of showmanship. We at Table Art are happy that live animals are no longer exploited for our entertainment.

Bring the circus to your event with our herd of our elephants

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