Blog / How We Install Our LED Centrepieces – The Table Art Experience

How We Install Our LED Centrepieces – The Table Art Experience

How We Install Our LED Centrepieces – The Table Art Experience

Here at Table Art, we pride ourselves on delivering professional, discreet installations.

Whatever LED centrepieces you’ve chosen to hire, our team are always prepared to install as quickly and professionally as possible.

Every one of our LED centrepieces are designed to allow for easy transport and set up.

In today’s blog, we’ll take you through what happens on the day of your event and what you can expect from the Table Art crew.

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Cleaning & Final Checks

Your order will have been cleaned, tested and prepared in the days leading up to your show, but we like to go that bit further here at Table Art. All of your LED centrepieces get cleaned one more time before loading to ensure there are no issues at the venue.

Our warehouse crew also triple check every flight case to ensure that all the quantities are correct. We even throw in a few spares just to be extra safe.

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Loading & Transport

Your crew for the day, who’s details you’ll already have received, are then tasked with loading their van prior to leaving. It’s important that this is done as effectively as possible so that the LED centrepieces are secure and to reduce our fuel emissions

The team (usually 2 members) then set off for your venue. We always set departure times to allow for plenty of traffic. We understand that lateness can be a massive issue for event planners. This is why we put steps in place to ensure we’re on time or early.

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Arrival At The Venue

When our crew arrive at the venue, they’ll call you to let you know they’re there. Once given clearance, they’ll begin to unload the van and wheel the flight cases containing your LED centrepieces into the event space.

Once in the room, we organise the cases around the sides or outside of the room. This means we stay out of the way of the catering team and any other crews working at the venue.

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The Installation Process

Now the LED centrepieces are ready to be set up, our team get to work. All of our crew are trained to be as discreet and quick as possible on site. Above all else, we’d never want to get in the way or stick out like a sore thumb.

Table Art crew members wear all black. This helps us to be discreet and we feel it offers a professional look in and around the venue.

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Getting Client Approval

Now the setup is done, our crew will come and find you to check you’re happy. They’ll ask you what colour(s) you’d like the LED centrepieces illuminated in and can give you demonstrations to give you a better idea.

Once you’ve signed off on the installation, the team will give you their contact details and leave the venue to find somewhere close by to park the van. The party begins! Meanwhile, they’ll remain here (bar a break for a meal) for the duration of the proceedings. This means that in the super rare event of anything going wrong, you can contact them to come back.

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Event Finish & Derig

At your agreed finish time, our crew will return to the venue ready to pack down. We always wait until all guests have left the event space for health & safety and professionalism reasons.

Again, we promise that this will be done discreetly so we’re not in anyone’s way. All our flight cases are kept to the edge or outside of the room. After that, as soon as we’re finished, the crew will load up the van and head back to our unit in Leamington Spa.

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If you’re looking to add LED centrepieces to your upcoming event, Table Art is your one stop shop. Our massive range is not to be missed, click here to see it for yourself.

Table Art’s clients are all in agreement – our service is phenomenal. Don’t believe us? Check out our Trustpilot reviews for instance.

If you’re ready to make an enquiry, get in touch with our helpful team today. We’re getting really busy for the remainder of the year, so contact us now to avoid missing out!

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