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Eco-Friendly Event Decorations – Our Gorgeous Collection

Eco-Friendly Event Decorations – Our Gorgeous Collection

Here at Table Art, we pride ourselves on creating eco-friendly event decorations which look stunning but remain sustainable.

Design is key to achieving this and our team are experts in the field. Everything we create is done with re-use and ease of transport and storage in mind.

This includes all of our table centrepieces and props. Let’s delve deeper into the subject and take a look at exactly how we create our eco-friendly event decorations.

eco-friendly event decorations
acrylic candelabra table art

It all starts in the mind of MD Gary Martin, who drafts designs using sketching software. His initial aim is to come up with spectacular visuals which guests will never forget.

Then, Gary works closely with our design team to fine tune each new product. This process involves CAD designs, CNC machine cutting and often lots of trial and error!

The idea is to make everything as easy as possible. Every one of our eco-friendly event decorations needs to be easy to set up and be able to be flat packed.

eco-friendly event decorations
table art gherkin london venue

There are a number of benefits to this. The main one being that each flight case takes up less space, meaning we can transport more goods in one go. In turn, this reduces our emissions during travel to and from event venues.

Easy set up means that it’ll take less staff to set up our eco-friendly event decorations. Again, this means we can send less vehicles to corporate events. It also makes our team’s lives a lot easier both on site and in the warehouse!

eco-friendly event decorations
star globe table art

Eco-friendly event decorations are a big deal to us. That’s why we use sustainable, re-usable materials like acrylic when manufacturing our LED table centres.

The end product is always spectacular – just ask our clients! Table Art’s gorgeous collection of props and lit centrepieces can transform any event venue.

eco-friendly event decorations
ritz lamp low

If you’re looking for eco-friendly event decorations, look no further. Our range is unbeatable. We’re constantly coming up with new designs, so stay tuned to our social media platforms to keep up to date.

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